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December 7, 2015

What Will Happen In 2016? The Signs Are All Here - A Dire Warning For Americans - No Nation Lasts Forever!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With less than 4 weeks now remaining in 2015, 2016 is setting up to be a year for the ages and as YouTube videographer Jason A clearly shows us in the new video below, a warning for America - the signs are all here - are we ready? From a story Drudge linked to on the Washington Free Beacon telling us that 72 Department of Homeland Security employees are on the terrorist watchlist to JPMorgan recently warning of a 76% probability of an upcoming recession we see the writing on the wall - America's in very deep trouble and by design.

Between worldwide war and global financial collapse on the horizon, we take a look in this story at some of the unfolding signs that show us 2016 likely won't be just any 'ordinary year' and as Trends Research Institute's Gerald Celente tells us in the 2nd video below with USA Watchdog's Greg Hunter, calamity is coming.

With the only thing now standing in between the 'end of America' and a tyrannical 'new world order' being the awakened and aware American people and the 1st and 2nd Amendments, we expect that 2016 will likely begin much as 2015 is coming to an end - with ISIS threatening an apocalypse on the Western world while 'false flags fly' around the world and things quickly come unraveled.

As Gerald Celente tells us: "When all else fails, they take us to war. Look, go back to 1929 and the market crash. You had market crashes, Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, world war.  Voila, here we are again. Panic of ‘08, Great Recession, currency wars world war. . . . When the market collapses, the war talk will heat up.


On the international 'World War 3' front we see that Iraq may ask Russia for direct intervention to deal with their 'Turkey' problem. Turkey has been sending their military into parts of Iraq near Mosul, allegedly to help protect the ISIS oil transport route through the country and back to Turkey, without the permission of the Iraqi government. We see that this could quickly get out of hand if Russia decides to bomb the Turkish military while they're in Iraq protecting ISIS' oil. From Zero Hedge.:

The point is this: Iran is not going to stand idly by and let America and Turkey put more boots on the ground in Iraq which is why just hours after Ash Carter announced that The Pentagon is set to send in more US SpecOps, Kataib Hezbollah threatened to hunt them down and kill them. Not coincidentally, PM Haider al-Abadi rejected a larger US troop presence just moments later. 

Now, Abadi has given Turkey 48 hours to get its troops out of Iraq or else.

Or else what?, you might ask. Well, or else Baghdad will appeal to the UN Security Council where Russia and China would likely support the Iraqi cause.

But that’s a little too meek of a solution for some Iraqi politicians including Hakim al-Zamili, the head of Iraq's parliamentary committee on security and defense who said on Sunday that Iraq “may soon ask Russia for direct military intervention in response to the Turkish invasion and the violation of Iraqi sovereignty.”

"Iraq has the ability to repel these forces and drive them out of Iraqi territory. We could also request Russia to intervene militarily in Iraq in response to Turkish violation of Iraqi sovereignty," he told Al-Araby al-Jadeed.

 Also on the global WW3 front we see the Syrian government has called the recent US-led coalition air strike upon Assad regime forces 'an act of aggression' and with Russia recently promising the US that any further 'acts of aggression' around the world on their part might lead to a World War 3 fought upon American soil we have to wonder how much longer it will be until American acts of aggression around the world lead to war in America.


In this first video our videographer begins with Barack Obama's 'war on Christmas' and quickly moves into the events of the past week in San Bernardino, California. Using videos from the mainstream media our videographer breaks down all of the late 2015 events that lead him to believe that 2016 will be a year to remember.  

Gerald Celente has been forecasting future trends for over 20 years now and according to him, war and financial calamity are coming with a much bigger bust than 2008. He's asked if we're now watching a precursor to the next crash in a gold and silver demand spike to which Celente replies: “I totally believe so. It’s definitely worse now. Look at the bubble they created.  If there is a terror strike, they will use this as the excuse to rob us to try to mitigate the disaster that they have caused. I believe they will declare a bank holiday and devalue the currency. That’s the way they are going to get us out of this.

We also learned today from King World News and Egon von Greyerz that the 'elite' plan to send global markets into a full-blown panic in their latest attempt to dominate the world as shared in this new story.

With recently released documents outlining in great detail the goal of the Islamic State to dominate the entire world including plans for education and industry as shared in this Mirror story we see a very real threat to not only the lives of Americans and westerners across the world as 2016 but we also see a very clear enemy defined before us.

With the inability of our commander-in-chief to either clearly define and see the same enemy that seeks to dominate the world or his obvious support of that enemy as he seeks to disarm Americans while bringing possible terrorists into the country 'en masse', we see that 2016 could easily bring America and the world massive destruction. As former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul previously warned, no nation goes on forever. 


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