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June 15, 2016

FBI Head Warns Finding ISIS In America Is Like 'Finding A Needle In A Nationwide Haystack' - Will The Summer Of 2016 Be When 'Everything Changes'? NY Times Warns: A 'New Reality' Coming To America†


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story Matt Drudge linked to this morning over at the New York Times tells us of the 'new reality' coming to America after the recent Orlando attacks by an ISIS sympathizer; dogs, metal detectors and searches at public gatherings become the 'new normal' as the Summer of 2016 in America began in the 'Sunshine State' with the 226th terror attack in the last 30 days by the 'religion of peace', attacks that have killed at least 2,230 people according to this story from Susan Duclos.†

With Black Lives Matter now pushing for martial law with an Obama administration that is seemingly planning under the cover of darkness to make sure that Donald Trump doesn't become president in 2017 and warnings coming out from 'insiders' that 'it's going to get way, way worse' and to prepare for a 'bloody summer'†with 'ISIS' and their 'lone wolves' seemingly any place at all in America, a recent warning from FBI Director James Comey that finding such loose cannons as Omar Mateen is like 'finding a needle in a nationwide haystack' should not only be seen as a dire warning to all Americans of what may be coming but also a call to action to all Muslims across America in this day and age who claim that they want to live here in this country, peacefully co-existing with those of other faiths. And 'a word to the wise' over at the FBI having a difficult time finding these 'needles', how about starting in US mosques?!!!!!†

A new story from NBC New York†informing us that Mateen's current wife Noor Salman knew that he had plans to attack and tried to talk him out of it but didn't contact law enforcement about it shows us that once again, similar to the attack in San Bernardino, California, others knew that 'something wasn't quite right' and Mateen's wife knew that carnage was planned and chose to turn a blind eye. We previously reported on ANP that neighbors chose not to speak out about what they thought were odd meetings of Middle Eastern men due to the fact that they were afraid that they'd be accused of racial profiling in San Bernardino. Isn't 'political correctness' wonderful? (Heavy sarcasm.)

If you're a Muslim living in this country and you know of somebody preparing to launch terror attacks against America, the way 'the winds of change' are now blowing show it's definitely in your best interest to call the FBI or DHS. While we've never been fans of the 'surveillance state' nor 'see something say something', it's obvious to us that if those within Muslim communities know others are preparing for jihad, you must speak out. For not to do so is betraying humanity. That advice goes for others as well, not just Muslims; just think about how many horrible things could have been prevented if only someone who knew others were planning something bad had the courage to speak out to the right people ahead of time. How many very real tragedies could have been prevented?†


We also learned that in Orlando, co-workers complained about the fact that Mateen spoke often of killing others and the company he worked for, which just happens to be tied to the Department of Homeland Security, did nothing about it because he was Muslim. This terrorist was also able to pass numerous background checks; how was it that he was missed? We also have to ask, how many more people following the Islamic faith are out there in America, ready to slaughter Americans 'en masse', that have been missed as well? Should the DHS and the company that Mateen worked for, G4S, also be held responsible for these horrific crimes for missing the signs?

As Susan Duclos tells us in her latest story on ANP, many Americans are now in the bullseye, deaf, dumb and blinded by what seems to us to be willful distraction from the highest office in America in aid of jihad. While Obama and Clinton continue to talk about this carnage being caused by guns, we have to remind them hundreds of millions of peaceful, law-abiding American gun-owners chose NOT TO go into 'jihad-mode' this past Saturday night. One Muslim trained to hate did.†

How much longer will Americans allow 'political correctness' to be deadly? Just think about how much more deadly political correctness could become if Obama and Clinton are successful in disarming the American people, leaving them helpless to be slaughtered by jihadis who'll never hand over their guns, even if ordered to by executive order.

Why are Obama and Clinton seemingly attempting to set up Americans to be taken out by those who could care less about our laws? As we hear in the 2nd video below and learn in this Infowars story, Hillary Clinton's State Department blocked the investigation into the mosque used by the Florida killer, furthering speculation that Hillary has actually fueled the rise of ISIS. Why is Hillary still even permitted to run for President when she clearly has American blood on her evil hands? †

The mere fact that many coming into this country who are Muslims expect Americans to adjust to them in our country and abide by their ways and customs and sharia law is something that should be a great concern to everybody, unless, of course, you think it's ok for gays or adulterers to be stoned to death and for Christians to be slaughtered for their own faith.

In the 1st video below we hear more about the 'summer of chaos' that is being orchestrated by George Soros and the globalists as they seek to disrupt the US elections while in the 3rd video below we hear more about a push now being made by the United Nations to take away the 2nd Amendment in America.

We've seen that since Orlando, that†push is now being made by politicians on both sides of the political aisle (obviously the globalists who hate America) to take away Americans guns and we now see the United Nations getting 'into the action'. We also take a look below these two videos at a very interesting visit that†Milo Yiannopolous from Breitbart recently had with CBS in Philadelphia and a discussion on Islam that anybody who still ignorantly supports it should hear.†


As we learn in the audio below taken from CBS in Philadelphia featuring Milo Yiannopolous from Breitbart, Islam itself is the problem that we are dealing with. Milo makes it clear to us that it's not just extremist groups or terrorists but the entire religion that is responsible for violence against gay men and women (as well as against Christians for that matter). Whenever you have a religion that singles out gays for execution (not to mention the horrific way that Islam treats women), as well as slaughtering Christians, it's clearly not a religion that it is meant to co-exist in a free and open society.†

ďIím not talking about Islamists. Iím not talking about terrorists. Iím not talking about radical Islam. Iím talking about mainstream Muslim culture. There are eleven Muslim countries in which I could be killed for being a homosexual. The state penalty is death. One hundred million people live in country where the penalty for homosexuality is death. This is not radical Islam. This is mainstream Muslim society. Look whatís happening in Sweden. Look whatís happening anywhere in Germany, anywhere there are large influxes of a Muslim population. Things donít end well for women and gays. The left has got to make a decision. Either they want female emancipation and it wants gay rights or it wants Islam. Itís got to pick.Ē

He also claims the dangers that emanate of Muslim countries are quickly spreading around the globe.

ďWomen are treated abominably everywhere in the Muslim world. Gays are treated even worse. It shouldnít be a surprise to us that when we invite these people into western, democratic, capitalist, free societies that bad things start to happen. America is the greatest country in the world. It is a country founded on freedom, freedom of movement, free enterprise, property rights, the rule of law, the First and the Second Amendment. Those principles have created the greatest country in the world. Those things are under threat from an alien culture that respects none of those principles.Ē

Yiannopoulos blames the political left in America and Europe to too openly accepting Muslims into their countries and Islamic culture into their societies.

ďThe left has got to make a decision. Do they want to be regressive? As some commentators are now calling it, and pander to Muslims and suck up to Islam at the expense of women and blacks and gays. Remember, the shooter in Orlando was working at G4S and said he wanted to kill all black people. He didnít get fired. Why? Because heís Muslim. One was scared. Do they want a world in which Muslims get to do and say whatever they want and these tragedies become common place? Because I donít want to see America go that way. Or do we make a stand?Ē


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