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December 30, 2015

Thousands Report This 'Terror' Event In Washington DC Area You May Have Never Heard Of - As Economy Enters 'Terminal Phase', Events Such As This May Begin Unfolding All Around Us!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

“I absolutely expected to see all manner of police coming out from the woodwork...There are citizens sitting on the Beltway trying to go about about their business being terrorized by a group of thugs.”

According to the editor's note on the story at SHTFPlan, most everyone who follows economic news, especially on alternative news websites, already know that the signs of collapse are all over the wall. The story over at SGTReport tells us that 2016 will be the 'terminal phase of the most destructive ponzi scheme in history' and it will be 'economically devastating for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, the American people and people all across the world are at the bottom level of said ponzi scheme and if experts are correct, 2016 will be the year the rest of the pyramid crashes down upon us.

In a clearly related story though most may not yet see how so, WTOP in the Washington DC area told us about a 'terror event' on the highways surrounding the nations capital that many may have never heard of because it clearly doesn't fit the mainstream medias continuing narrative that 'terrorists' are white, Christian males who embrace the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution.

Nevertheless, this 'terror event' ties in perfectly to the 'terminal phase' of the economy we're watching unfold and left one victim claiming “It was really frightening....People were sitting in their cars terrorized" while another witness claimed “It was bizarre and horrible....It adds to the unsettledness and fear of our times, it seems like nobody is in charge anymore.

Are we about to witness total lawlessness on the streets of America as the massive economic ponzi scheme comes falling down? This incident of literally hundreds of bikers taking over the Washington DC beltway as their own, stopping traffic, approaching and terrorizing drivers and completely ignoring traffic laws is just another sign and symptom of the insanity that is now America. "Traffic cameras caught the bikers weaving in and out of traffic on Sunday, antagonizing drivers and riding in the opposite direction. Plumes of bluish-gray smoke could be seen rising from the pavement as bikers burned tire rubber."

We also take a look below videos at a new SQAlert about another recent incident, that of thousands of young people who allegedly forced a mall to shut down in Kentucky recently. Is there more to that incident than meets the eye?

In the 2nd video below, Bill Holter joins Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog and tells us why 2016 could likely be the year for economic collapse in America. With civil unrest and a breakdown of society a very real possibility in an America where 'nobody is in charge anymore', will scenes such as this begin to play out nationwide?


While the 'terror event' that terrorized Washington DC area drivers reminded some of Mad Max, we're grateful it didn't end up the way San Bernardino terror patsy Enrique Marquez envisioned a terror scenario back in 2012 when he and Farook Malik planned on stopping traffic on a Los Angeles area freeway by dropping pipe bombs from an overpass and then moving amongst the stopped cars shooting them up one by one and potentially creating mass carnage on US soil.

According to some commenters on the YouTube video and the Washington Post story, the video you'll see below was tied to a 'black lives matter' protest in Washington DC. ANP has, at the moment, been unable to prove that claim. However, whether 'black lives matter' or any other group, such terrorizing of citizens on highways surrounding our nations capital is but one more sign that nobody is in charge anymore as this gang was permitted to get away with their actions, at least for now.


While law enforcement in the DC area and specifically Prince Georges County, Maryland is looking over this video and traffic cameras in an attempt to identify any of these hoodlums, no action was taken to capture the perpetrators while this was going on as it likely would have led to an even more dangerous situation with high speed chases on our highways.

Maryland State Police officials say such occurrences are not unusual in warm weather, but that the number of motorcycles participating on Sunday was particularly high. L. Young, a Maryland State Police dispatcher, said the department fielded “thousands” of calls from motorists about it, with some callers reporting about 200 motorcycles on the roadway.

“It was overwhelming,” Young said.

Maryland State Police dispatched troopers from the Forestville and College Parks barracks to the Beltway, but say the bikers had dispersed by the time troopers arrived.

“I absolutely expected to see all manner of police coming out from the woodwork,” said the unnamed motorist. “There are citizens sitting on the Beltway trying to go about about their business being terrorized by a group of thugs.”

“They’re quicker, they’re faster, they turn faster. The faster we go, the faster they go,” said Elena Russo, a spokeswoman for the Maryland State Police.


Because of the bikers abilities to elude police and the safety risks of high speed chases, some police are hesitant to pursue dirt bikers. D.C. Police have a no chase policy.

Apparel available on the Internet associated with the organization BikeLife includes sweatshirts and T-shirts with the slogan “No Chase.”

There’s evidence that the traffic-snarling, lawless rides are well-organized.

Would a financial collapse in America lead to more scenes such as the one seen in the video above? Obviously, a total financial breakdown of our system would lead to much worse than thisand as Bill Holter tells us in the video below, the collapse could happen at any time and we should all be prepared for what is likely coming.

Financial writer Bill Holter says all the talk of the so-called “recovery” and reaching “escape velocity is imminent” have been total lies. Holter explains, “We have heard the word ‘recovery’ for seven years . . . we’ve never gotten to the expansion phase.

One of Holter’s 2016 predictions is for a market crash—a big one. “Holter contends, “I think you are going to see a closure of the system. Walmart shelves will be cleared out in a couple of days. This is like a hurricane, and it will last for a while. This is not going to be something that will last a few days and be done and gone. . . This is going to take a fair amount of time to clean up. . . . If you live in the cities, well, good luck. It’s going to be complete mayhem. I can’t imagine living in a city with what’s coming. It could come for a big reason or a small reason. The background behind it is there is too much debt in a fraudulent system. It’s going to collapse.”

Holter’s business partner, renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair, has written a long article called “Be Prepared.” Long articles from Mr. Sinclair are rare. Why post this now? Holter says, “Sinclair said it was ‘necessary.’ He believes it could be any day. The unwind could be any day, and once this thing begins to unwind, it will take such a short period to unwind into closure of banks, closure of ATM’s and your credit cards, that you need to be prepared ahead of time.”

Louisville mall fraud? Supposedly 2 thousand teenagers and not one of them snapped a picture or recorded anything? I doubt it.

I read the articles that you post everyday. I just wanted to respond to
the report about the mall incident.I live just outside of Louisville. I was
on the phone with a friend discussing the incident at the St Matthews Mall
and we were disconnected several times. The local media has been told they
are not allowed in the mall AND they are not reporting anything about it.
On top of that we are living in an age that people are lovers of
themselves( selfies every two minutes snap chat stories ect) Supposedly 2
thousand teenagers and not one of them snapped a picture or recorded
anything? I doubt it. It’s being said that parents told the teenagers not to
post anything due to possible law suites but again...2thousand teenagers
are just magically listening to their parents? Nope! There is definitely
more to it. What did "they" really do inside the mall? Why can't the media
come in? Why were all the people who were inside the mall moved to back
rooms? And why is there no video surveillance from the stores? Something is
getting ready to happen not just in my town but in towns all across America
and as christians we had better be ready to pray move act whatever it is
the Lord calls us to do when the time comes. God Bless Christy

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