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February 24, 2016

Globalists Inducing 'End Game For America' As More Signs Emerge 2016 Is The Year It All Comes Crashing Down - On A Slippery Slope, 'Inch By Inch It's A Cinch'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back in October of 2014, Barack Obama addressed immigration activists, telling them 'no force on Earth can stop us' as shared in this Infowars story from back then. However, we've suddenly reached a point in time where we see a force that could put an end to Obama's 'no force' promise, as soon as January of 2017, in the emergence of Donald Trump as the clear frontrunner in the Republican presidential election and his promises to take a very hard look at immigration and 'build a wall'. What happens when 'no force on Earth can stop us' suddenly meets up with 'the force' that can?†

Across the country and the world we're witnessing signs 2016 will be the year the globalists bring America crashing down. The signs we see of preparation for the 'end game' have been documented many times on ANP and as we learn in the videos and stories referenced below, everything that we've been warning about is now accelerating. The globalists see a rapidly closing window with an 'awakening America' and Donald Trump looming in the background, ready to undo much of what they've 'accomplished' for America.

Between promising to†take on NAFTA to Trump going after 'Obamatrade' to his promise to undue 'Obamacare' to promising to audit the Federal Reserve as shared in this story from Snyder, will Obama, Clinton and the globalists allow any of those things to happen via Trump?†The fact that Trump has also recently stated that if he becomes president, he will prosecute Hillary Clinton as shared in the 1st video below and he will address the federal government land grab that has been going on out West for many years†with the Feds owning a huge percentage of the land leads us to believe that a 'Trump presidency' may never be 'allowed' to happen. The globalists who are watching and allowing the Chinese to just 'buy up' America†while the American middle class is totally dismantled simply have too much too lose with Trump in the White House and an 'America great again'. Remember, according to, America will be merely but a decaying shell of what we are now and what we once were by 2025. †


The signs we're watching they're rapidly inducing the 'end game' for America include economic news, political news and more unfolding news on the WW3 front as we know, when they can no longer hold the economy together, they will bring in war. Could it be upon American soil? The collapsing economy is bringing in more talk of a cashless society and as we learn directly below in the new SQAlert, those who want to get rid of the $100 bill are walking a very slippery slope.:

Some will 'say it's just the $100'. Yup...then the $50, then the $20 etc. Slippery slope....inch by inch it's a cinch....

GM! This topic of a cashless society is very important for us to know and be on top of...understand that this 'cashless' movement has nothing to do with stopping the money flow through terrorists or drug dealers (no more than gun control keeps weapons out of the bad guys hands) or for your has everything to do with controlling your $$ and how you live...right now we can use cash and purchase what ever...when ever we want. In a cashless society, which is talked about in the book of Revelation, tyrannical (satanical) govts powered by the NSA can watch and control your every move. If they think you have bought too much food, clothes, vitamins etc they can and will freeze your acct. If they need $$ to pay national (global) debt, (aka bail-in) they can just take it. The old saying still goes 'if you don't have it in your hand YOU DON'T OWN IT...and can mysteriously disappear. What to do? Try to use cash whenever possible, make it hard to take away cash...will this eventually happen? Yes...but we can do our part to delay it for as long as we can (could be 50 years) at the same time learn how to set yourself up to operate in a cashless society without the system (or taking the Mark).....don't be someone who rolls over and just gives up...Some will say 'Oh that's negative or that's just doom and gloom" No, it's truth!! The truth will make you free...The truth will protect you. let those who have eyes to see...See and let those who have ears to hear...Hear. Some will "say it's just the $100". Yup...then the $50, then the $20 etc. Slippery slope....inch by inch it's a cinch...


Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog joins Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog in the 2nd video below to talk with us about this 'perfect storm of financial collapse' we're watching unfolding before us including the signs we're watching that the beginning of World War 3 could be soon. Snyder tells us that one fifth of the global stock market value is already gone in this 'process' called collapse yet we still have four fifths of the value to go. Telling us that we've already seen junk bonds and oil collapse and are now witnessing the collapse of commodities and now the biggest bank in the biggest and most important economy in Europe is on the verge of coming apart.†

On the unfolding World War 3 front we learn that†the US govt may be about to allow Russia to fly spy planes over the US, using enhanced digital cameras, as shared in the 3rd video below. According to the 'Open Skies Treaty', observation flights are allowed over†the entire territory of all 34 member nations to foster transparency about military activity and help monitor arms control and other agreements. At this point in time, do we really want Russian spy planes over America with everything else that is now going on? Could this be used for advanced scouting of WW3 upon US soil?

With the nomination of Donald Trump nearly sealed and what used to be known as the Republican party completely shattered, the globalists who have been working to transform America into a their own vision of what the world should look like are clearly running out of time to neuter America. With Trump promising to prosecute Hillary Clinton if he wins the presidency in November as shared in the 1st video below, we expect the 2016 political season will be one for the ages and the November election full of surprises...if America makes it to that point. †


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