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December 25, 2016

'Illuminati' Plan To Destroy The Earth And All Nation States Accelerating As We Move Through One Of The Most Perilous Periods In Human History


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If we are now watching a full-scale takedown and overthrow of America as has been warned, the globalists have just over 25 days to complete the process. With Donald Trump promising to reverse much of the destruction of America accomplished over Barack Obama's 8 years while warning the United Nations that when he gets into office, everything is going to be different, we understand why Steve Quayle says we're now living in 'the most perilous period' in the only video below, Sheila Zilinsky's last show of 2016.

Sheila is joined by Quayle for a look at what the New Year might bring us, judging by what we've witnessed in the last few days as well as what we've all been watching unfolding in America over the last several years, while also looking at all of it through Biblical prophecy and attempting to look at world events happening now from God's perspective. 

With Zilinsky warning us she feels like the 'illuminati' has something coming out of the gates in store for us in 2017,as if 'something is cooking', Quayle tells us we're witnessing an attempt now by 'the has beens' to still control the narrative of the future by seemingly ushering us towards war before Trump gets into office. Leading many to ask, especially with Trump's stance on the United Nations and promises to reverse many of Obama's policies, if Trump will ever ever be allowed to get into office?

REMEMBER! Barack Obama isn't the only globalist who stated that Donald Trump would NEVER be president. Do Obama and the globalists know something that 'we the American people' who voted Trump into office don't know?

Initiating and trying to provoke World War 3 with obvious 'state level' assassinations and terror spreading throughout Europe, we're warned we also have to take the 'golf course factor' into account - every time a major event happens on the world stage, Barack Obama hits the golf course. Why?


As Quayle tells us, it feels like we're witnessing Albert Pike's World War 3 blueprint unfolding before our very eyes with a massive trojan horse of jihadists introduced into Europe and into America during the last 8 years. And while we truly understand that there are many Muslims who want nothing to do with jihad against the West, as long as they aren't turning in those who do, their inactions will likely lead to their own downfall. If Trump gets into office and begins seriously cracking down upon the 'jihad against Christianity' as he has promised to do, much of what the globalists have been working for years and years and years to accomplish will be undone.

Warning us we're witnessing an all-out war against Christianity, Quayle reminds us that most aren't even using our greatest weapon against all of this... God's own Word. While warning us 'war is now full score', Quayle tells we're watching 'Caligulus Destructicus' with God revealing the sins of the leaders to the people while a final attempt to completely destabilize Europe and America through jihad is being made while those who quite obviously support their effort remain in power for only a few more weeks.

Once they are gone, with Trump having vowed to overturn many of the globalists long-worked plans for America and the world, do we expect them to just allow Trump to undo many years of their 'hard work'? And should we really believe they're simply going to let him get into power?

With Trump recently 'putting the world on notice' while vowing to undo all of America's interventionist policies of deposing dictators so we can impose our own dictator in country's all around the world, while allowing countless possible 'trojan horse terrorists' into America, what might the globalists do to prevent Trump from ever taking office?


Quayle reminds us that in order for the antichrist to be brought in, World War 3 and massive destruction is absolutely necessary. Knowing that radical Islamsts believe that for their 'Mahdi' to be brought in, World War 3 must happen helps to explain for us why the globalists are seemingly pushing all out for war, pushing for NATO to take on Russia, while provoking at every turn in Syria and Turkey as the Middle East continues to go up in flames.

Every day we're getting more and more evidence that this 'new world order' global government that many have been warning of is a 'global Islamic state' with Angela Merkel in Germany becoming the 'new Hitler' in the latest attempted crackdown upon the truth as Susan Duclos pointed out in this story while here in America, globalists seemingly are attempting to establish a ministry of truth while using Snopes, yes, the same Snopes busted for embezzling money to pay for prostitutes and run by a dominatrix.

Quayle shares his belief that those orchestrating behind the scenes to take down America, the 'enemies within', are 'fallen angels' as the globalists push for WW3 in order for the 'mahdi' to show up. For the 'mahdi' to arrive, there has to be WW3 and devastation.

With the globalists attempt to destroy the Earth and all that is of 'God' accelerating, Quayle warns us they're still attempting to eliminate all nation states, and as their dreaded fear of 'America becoming great again' proves, they continue to work around the clock and endlessly to complete their 'new world odor'. (No spelling error)

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