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February 15, 2016

'All Hell Is About To Break Loose' - Massive Russian Wargames Include Over 20 Drills And The Deployment Of 88 Combat Vehicles!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently warning that a foreign offensive in Syria could spark the next world war and Saudi Arabia nevertheless making a 'final and decisive' decision to send their troops in (despite the fact that they'd likely lose 50% of them in the 1st engagement), we can see the entire Middle East may be soon be about to go up in flames. As we learn in the 1st and 2nd videos below, all hell may be about to break loose on the World War 3 front as Russia holds massive recent wargame drills (over 20 of them!) and deploys 88 combat vehicles. What does Russia know that the American people don't know? 

The fact that the large majority of the Muslim world are Sunni Muslims, including Saudi Arabia, while Russia has taken the side of Assad in Syria and the side of the Shia Muslims has absolutely infuriated Sunni's throughout the world. While we've heard some people say that millions of innocent lives around the world could be saved by just allowing the Muslims who hate each other to kill each other off, the fact that Uncle Sam has gotten into the middle of their hatred for each other only spells bad things for the Middle East, America and the entire world. Will their hatred for each other lead to World War 3 and nuclear annihilation for all of the world's populations?


In the quickly maddening political world around us, Bernie Sanders supporters are finding out just how corrupt US politics are after Sanders barely lost to Hitlery Clinton in Iowa and absolutely slaughtered the evil witch in New Hampshire but is still LOSING BY A WHOPPING 350 delegates due to Hitlery's advantage in the 'super delegate' department. Why should Americans even hold elections if our votes don't count?

Any politicians who attempt to abolish the will of the American people and the US Constitution by stealing elections should remember the words of wisdom and warning given by former US President John F. Kennedy who said.: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." Yes, presidential elections SHOULD be 'peaceful revolutions,' held every 4 years. Our 'founding fathers' had great wisdom in allowing the American people the opportunity to legally and peacefully overthrow corrupt government. 


However, many believe we've had the same two-party dictatorship in America for far too many years (since Eisenhower's warning?!) and they don't want to give up their hold on power. How many brave American men and women have died in the endless series of Bush/Clinton/Obama wars? How many years of Clinton's and Bush's have we already had? Is America now a monarchy like England with two families of 'Kings' and 'Queens'? As widespread corruption throughout Washington DC and the banking world is continually being committed and the American people continuously victimized we have to ask, how much longer will the American people take it? We pray that Kennedy's warning never needs to play out in America.

However, could the Clinton's stealing another election in America and installing Hitlery as President of the US be the final straw that pushes the American people over the edge? And what of the 'murder' of Antonin Scalia? Could an Obama administration pushing to install a Supreme Court justice prior to the election be met with the overthrow of the Obama administration via military coup where Mr. Obama is permanently 'removed from office'? Could Scalia's death lead to an Obama 3rd term in office as argued by others? Democrats would be quite wise to remember that back in 1960, they passed a resolution against election year Supreme Court appointments. Politics in America may be about to enter into one of the most tumultuous times in our still-young history. 


In the financial world, we see a world in total tatters and getting worse each day, all around us, despite attempts by the 'plunge protection team' to keep the stock market propped up and the American people 'dumbed down'. King World News tells us that the entire world is collapsing around FED chairman Janet Yellin. As Susan Duclos told us on Saturday, "The Ultimate Endgame Of 'Trap, Bait And Slaughter' Has Begun In America" and there's now a very real possibility that Americans, like other victims of corrupt tyrannical governments, may one day be 'starved into submission'.

We see the people of Venezuela now suffering on a grand scale as the govt declares the country no longer has enough food to feed the people. How long until America experiences the same problems? We saw a nation totally unprepared during January's snowstorm and how quickly the food is gone when an 'emergency' arises. What happens when a REAL emergency happens? We should all be concerned because as the Watchmen continue to remind us, when all else fails, they take us to war

In the videos below we take a look at several of the different signs that all hell may be about to break loose around the world as Russian wargames pick up and they deploy 88 combat vessels as shared in the 1st two videos from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network. In the 3rd video below we hear from TruthUnveiled777 about the ongoing crisis in Venezuela and who warns us right off the bat, if we don't think this is coming to America, think again. 

We pray for the safety of our military and 1st responders in America and across the world. We also pray that cooler heads emerge around the world and that the problems facing humanity will be resolved patiently and peacefully with God's everlasting Grace. In faith, humanity will overcome. 

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