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April 23, 2016

Americans Sell Their Souls To The FED For $75 As Top Insurer Warns 'Pandemic Of Global Civil Unrest Could Go Viral' So The Elite Run Off To The Bunkers


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Every 3rd year, the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank does a national survey in which they ask some pretty invasive questions of willing Americans who answer them for the paltry sum of $75. While we're told that the FED gets the names and social security numbers of the respondents, we learn in the new SQAlert republished below that this extremely private information is later allegedly 'destroyed'. Sharing in the alert a 'word to the wise': "DON'T FALL FOR THIS!", we also get more proof below that the 'elite' are preparing for collapse, chaos and civil unrest while this past week, America may have been issued a 'cryptic warning' that could preview the end of life as many Americans know it.  

The survey is called the "Research Resources Survey Of Consumer Finances," and in it we see more attempts by those who are largely responsible for financial tyranny and the global collapse attempting to once again gather as much information about ordinary, every day Americans as possible. Asking such questions as: credit cards and balances, banks used, housing, mortgages, vehicles and the list goes on, we have to ask if they're gathering all of this information for when Barack Obama puts all of his executive orders to use and confiscates the private property of American citizens for the 'good of the state'? As we learn in this story from Infowars and in the 1st video below, top insurer "Lloyds of London" has warned of a 'pandemic of global civil unrest going viral' as the elite attempt to escape the chaos they've caused by running off to their bunkers. 


Each and every day we're seeing more and more signs that we are closing in on financial collapse as being the reason that the elite are heading off to their bunkers and as we hear more in the 2nd and 3rd videos below, the possibility of social unrest is growing all across the world as the elite are feverishly preparing to ride out the coming storm...a financial storm which many of them helped cause. In the final video below, we get a cryptic warning that was recently issued to America as the FDIC sends a letter to the CEO of JPMorgan Chase about possible "serious, adverse effects to the financial stability of the United States" the bank could pose.

As we're also told, once we understand that the elite PLAN to bring down this financial system so that they can impose their new one upon us, it's much easier to see why all of this preparation nationwide is now taking place. According to this story from Zero Hedge, for the 1st time ever, FEMA is training Texas police on how to deal with riots and conduct mass arrests. What does FEMA know that the majority of the American people don't know? From Zero Hedge:

Last summer the state of Texas was ablaze over concerns surrounding the Jade Helm military drills held across the state prompted some to speculate that the Federal government was preparing for either a local insurrection, secession planning contencies for the Lone Star state or even a "Texas takeover."

Similar confusion returned earlier this week when dozens of McLennan Community College students posed as unruly protesters as part of a Federal Emergency Management Agency training program. This "first of its kind" three day exercise in Waco, Texas was overseen by the Department of Homeland Security, during which police officers from fifteen different departments took part in drills on how to deal with riots and conduct mass arrests."

Would you take part in a Federal Reserve survey for $75? If so, would you answer the survey truthfully? As we learn in the SQAlert below videos, we should probably avoid such surveys. Will the information obtained within the survey be used by government for 'ulterior motives'? With govt, there are always ulterior motives. As our videographer in the final video tells us:

The elites’ plan to collapse the economy worldwide will thusly trigger ATM/bank shutdowns, food and water shortages/store shutdowns, civil unrest, martial law/enforced curfew, and unprecedented military presence like never before. WHEN the economy collapses, expect simultaneous events to unfold — events for the worse.


Hi Steve,

Yesterday I ran into a guy I worked with last year. When I asked him what he was doing now, he said he was doing surveys for the Federal Reserve. He said the surveys are very lengthy and detailed. I questioned him for specifics — this is what he told me:
• The Fed runs these surveys every 3 years
• They pay each participant $75
• They get your name and SS#, but that particular info is “only used for management to verify and is subsequently destroyed” (yeah, right...)
• They ask every personal financial question imaginable, such as:
• Occupation
• Income
• Family members
• Housing
• Vehicles
• Mortgages
• Loans
• Credit cards & balances
• Banks used
• Spending habits
This guy really believes that this information is being used for “noble” purposes by the Fed to “help” the government make policy that will help improve the population’s financial positions (mmhmmm...and how’s that working out so far???).
What’s really amazing is that people will FREELY GIVE all their PERSONAL INFORMATION to a TOTAL STRANGER for $75!!!!
My-oh-my.....what have we come to?

Matthew 10:26 "...for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known."


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