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March 5, 2016

As Chaos And Fear Increases, The Debate Over Who Is The Antichrist Intensifies


Submitted to All News PipeLine by A Minute To Midnite

It seems everyday around the world the level of chaos is growing, and  fear and uncertainty is growing with it for many people. With increasing amounts of sabre rattling by various countries around the world, and worries about major war developing in the Middle East people are feeling justifiably concerned. Along with talk of the possibility of EMP attack by North Korea, many people are again talking of war with Russia, or even China. How many people really trust Iran too?

Then there's the obvious decline in the global economy, with topsy-turvy markets, falling commodity prices, and a large scale slow-down in the transportation of goods. Couple these things with talk of bank collapses, bail-ins, negative interest rates, and loud calls among the Elite for the banning of cash these are uncertain times. But in places like Venezuela where the Socialist Utopia is showing it's true ugly side the economic situation has already reached 1930's Great Depression type status. The economies of many countries appear to be teetering on the brink.

Add to these things the constant reminder of terrorist threats in many countries, the over-running of Europe with Muslim refuges. the increasing surveillance of rank and file citizens, and the suspicious deaths of people who expose vaccine anomalies and big pharma companies the picture looks somewhat bleak. Oh yes, and then there's the talk of chemtrails fouling up the atmosphere, increases in volcanic and earthquake frequency and the concerns over potential asteroid strikes, arrival of Planet X, indoctrination of children through government controlled education, the pushing of the gay agenda, racial tension, gun control issues and, and……well I could go on describing things. I've barely scratch the surface here really!

Increasing numbers of us are aware of Government coverups, false flag events  and black swans gathering, to see which one will be the match that lights the powder keg that finally sets everything ablaze.  Many christians see obvious parallels to the warnings in the bible, such as those in Matthew chapter 24. The implementing of policies such as the UN's Agenda 2030, and large scale trade agreements such as TPP, smack of a world moving towards a global government.

So people are already beginning to seek answers. Though most in the western world are still relatively comfortable and haven't yet seen real hardships that threaten their ways of life there is an underlying sense that all is not well on planet earth! Even though there is a sense of foreboding, and a knowing that something just isn't right, it hasn't become life threatening for most of us YET. But the chaos is increasing. And it's by design. Ordo ab chao. Order out of chaos; that is the luciferian plan. Create massive chaos, and then bring their order out of it. Their New World Order, that's their goal. With it will come a global ruler.

In a recent episode, we discussed the death of Justice Scalia, began to look at the increasing rising of the Beast System. We asked some questions about Obama and the current administration. Many Christians are now wondering who the antichrist may be. 

The latest show (Episode 026) of A Minute to Midnite is a continuation of the discussions surrounding the Antichrist, whereTony is joined by Joanie Stahl, Carolyn Hamlett and Matt S. The previous interview on this topic has generated quite a bit of comment and discussion, and it has tended to polarize people into two camps. Camp A says Obama is the Antichrist. Camp B says no he is not. We have looked at this in some depth here. Find out in this interview what the consensus amongst this team is. Find out why they all came to the same basic conclusion,  and what is it likely to mean for us all.

At the website we have now added some great articles written on various topics. Also we have added downloadable audio streams of our shows to go with the youtube videos. The audio-only versions of the show are now also available as a podcast on iTunes.

We are  really are passionate about getting the truth out there, and to wake as many people up as we can before it;s too late. Great articles and videos being added almost daily at the moment to the website. We are also very appreciate when people  take time to  to like and comment on our videos and subscribe to our youtube channel


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