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October 13, 2015

Jeb Bush And Liberal Media Trumped - Radical Femi-Nazi Who Attacked Donald Trump In New Hampshire Exposed As Jeb Bush Plant! 


By All News Pipeline

A liberal Femi-Nazi who has been working for @JebBush in New Hampshire and who recently took on Donald Trump at a Trump speaking event in New Hampshire posing as a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter was thoroughly Trumped as seen in the 1st video below. The Conservative Treehouse also covered this obvious hit job against the one presidential contender who still puts America above the world as he clearly should be doing as a presidential contender IN America. 

Even the Burlington Free Press in Vermont covered the story and while they attempted to show an angry Lauren Batchelder of Chester, NH waiting for Trump to stop talking after he cut her off part way through her question, they didn't dig deeply enough to determine that Batchelder was really a Jeb Bush plant and after being thoroughly exposed on the website, deleted her twitter account I Am The Batman but not before her recent Tweets were captured as a Bush and a RINO supporter for the entire world to see.

Donald Trump is obviously a bright man...he saw right through her and mentioned it on Twitter himself and actually brought this up the fact that Jeb had flip flopped on women's health care. We have to ask, is Trump's intelligence this 'right on'?  Did he know this girl was a plant all along?


This morning, Trump put out the following Tweet.


We see her LinkedIn account proves she also gave over 500 hours of her time to Barack Obama and obviously has a strange love affair with RINO's proving once again, there is no real difference between the RINO's and the liberals - they are one party.


According to Batchelder, her new boss is great! New Hampshire LOVES @JebBush!


Batchelder was SO HAPPY to see that she made the Daily Show at a Bush event!


Now who is it Batchelder, Bush or Bernie Sanders?


Ok, we'll have to agree with Batchelder on this next one... there is a HUGE bias in media...why has not the mainstream media exposed this obvious political plant as what she is?


Batchelder makes her appearance attacking Trump at the 33 minute 30 second mark. If this isn't more proof of a setup attack by the one remaining political party in America upon Donald Trump, we don't know what is. 

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