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February 1, 2016

'Playing With Fire': Washington Post Exposes How False Flags Are Set Up! Massive Disinfo Campaign May Be In The Works!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Only days after the CIA sent Americans scurrying like mice to the woodwork digging into the unveiling of the 'top secret' CIA X-Files as shared in the 1st video below, we learn from the Washington Post how false flag attacks are set up with the help of 'eyewashing' and see a potentially massive disinformation attempt by the govt unfolding before our very eyes.

'Eyewashing' sounds a lot like 'brainwashing' and we learn in this new story from the Post that the CIA has a long-standing habit of sending out communications to their staff members full of false information only to later send out vastly different communications containing 'truthful' information to a select few. As we're told, entire stations of 500 people or more could read FALSE INFORMATION while only 5 or so get the REAL INFORMATION, leading up to or more than 95% of the CIA staff astray of what was really going on in the world. 

Calling it further 'compartmentalization', we see that this is the stuff of how false flag attacks are created. Quite often we've been asked, how can a group get away with committing a false flag attack, way too many people would have to know? We see here absolute proof that only a few people have to know what is really going on in any secretive operation and in fact, the fewer that know, the better for those who are carrying out the actions.

With the recent release of the CIA X-Files and now knowing that they intentionally release disinformation, even to their own staff to mislead, we have to ask, how much of these 'CIA X-Files' are true and how much of it is really just an attempt to mislead Americans or distract us from other events that are going on in our real world daily? 

The story from Russia Today tells us that the CIA is playing with fire with this 'compartmentalization' as agents could take action based upon false information. How might this false information be used? Certainly distracting an entire field office with bad info while 3 or 4 people who are 'in the loop' could be used to carry out nearly any kind of nefarious operation in which the people perpetrating the actions wish not to be caught. How often have Americans fallen victim to such ploys? Can we think of any specific examples where 'eyewashing' may have been used? 


From the Washingon Post story "Eyewash: How The CIA Deceives Its Own Workforce About Operations".:

Senior CIA officials have for years intentionally deceived parts of the agency workforce by transmitting internal memos that contain false information about operations and sources overseas, according to current and former U.S. officials who said the practice is known by the term “eyewash.”

Agency veterans described the tactic as an infrequent but important security measure, a means of protecting vital secrets by inserting fake communications into routine cable traffic while using separate channels to convey accurate information to cleared recipients.

But others cited a significant potential for abuse. Beyond the internal distrust implied by the practice, officials said there is no clear mechanism for labeling eyewash cables or distinguishing them from legitimate records being examined by the CIA’s inspector general, turned over to Congress or declassified for historians.


Imagine receiving a communication cable in which you're told the absolute worst of information only to find out later that it wasn't true. Imagine how the 95% who received the bad information must feel. If 99% of an office is filled with 'good apples' but the other 1%, the people who control the flow of info, are 'bad apples', we have a serious problem. Is all of this part of what is 'wrong with America'? More from the Washington Post.: 

Normal cable traffic is read by almost everyone in a station,” said a former CIA official who held senior positions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. “I don’t want hundreds of people to be in the loop.”

By issuing an eyewash cable and moving subsequent communications into “restricted handling” channels, the former official said, “I can take the distribution from 500 down to five.

In some cases, the ensuing confusion is almost immediate. The former U.S. intelligence official said he had “seen instances where an eyewash cable goes out and people who need to be in the new-and-smaller compartment come rushing in in a panic and say, ‘This terrible thing has happened.’ And you say, ‘Hang on’ ” and reveal the truth.

Is the information shared in the 1st video below, the CIA's 'top secret X Files', even true? Why should we believe what we're being told here when we know that the CIA has been lying to their own people? What else have they been lying to us about? From Russia Today.:

A former CIA inspector general, Fred Hitz, said that the organization was “playing with fire” by intentionally misinforming its employees.

Somebody who is not clued in could take action on the basis of false information, Hitz said. “That's really playing with fire.”

"The people in the outer levels who didn't have insider access were being lied to," a US official familiar with the report told the Washington Post. "They were being intentionally deceived."

"When you introduce falsehoods into the communications stream then you can destabilize the whole system of intelligence oversight and compliance with the law," said Steven Aftergood, a government secrecy expert at the Federation of American Scientists, according to the Washington Post.

If those who want to carry out a 'false flag operation' that they want to keep covert use 'eyewashing' to ensure that only those who are 'in the loop' find out about what is really going on as we're told above, and those who are carrying out such actions have bad intentions, who will even know better with most employees distracted and deceived? As we're told in the Washington Post story and the 2nd video below, this clearly is quite ripe for abuse and if 'eyewashing' has been used for 'good' over the years, we're certain it has also been used for very nefarious purposes. 

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