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June 9, 2016

Preparation Accelerates Rapidly For A 'Grand-Scale' Event With Terrorists Acquiring Technology To Bring Entire Cities To A Standstill With The Click Of A Button 

More Signs They're Prepping For All-Out Breakdown Of Society


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan is called "Continuity Preppers: FEMA, DHS In 'Secret Orgy Of Preparedness' at Secret Underground Mountain Bunker" and is just the latest sign that we're getting that massive preparation is taking place at the very highest levels within government for a still unnamed event that those in high places obviously look at as a momentous event for our future. 

On Wednesday, Susan Duclos told us about a series of very strange events that were ongoing across America and parts of the world including "Weird Events and Planned Chaos" seemingly coming at us from all directions. Between problems with EBT cards, communications issues and electronic banking problems all increasing dramatically to an 'Arizona asteroid situation' that has turned strangely into a 'no-fly zone' to government issuing bizarre warnings while conducting drills all across the country (and as we see in the 1st two videos below, this preparation extends to much of the world), are we getting ready to watch the fall of US borders, as Hillary Clinton promised within her 1st 100 days, and the beginning of a 'new world order'? 

Over at Prophezine, Ray Gano told us all about "Day 8 of No Money on EBT Cards" while asking us if riots were coming next over food and reminding us to get prepared. While some have commented that you can only prepare so much, we'll remind you here that only 9 meals stand between civilization and anarchy and if you don't believe that, just take a look at what's happening in Venezuela where the poor (most of the population) are taking to the streets to find food in trash while the '1%' in Venezuela still eat like kings and queens as shared in this ANP story. Meanwhile, another economic expert recently warned us the entire system is at risk


We also reported on ANP that the White House had recently unveiled a 'FEMA camp app' to 'lead the sheep to slaughter' should a massive disaster happen here and while we've always reported that being prepared for anything could easily be the difference between life and death, those still living in the cities and other mass population hubs are needlessly putting themselves and their families in great danger. The Telegraph recently published a story that tells us that terrorist groups are now acquiring the cyber capabilities to bring entire cities to a standstill with the click of a button

Speaking at the Cheltenham Science festival, the intelligence chief warned that nation states were currently developing the kind of cyber programmes that could attack the UK, but that terrorist groups were also looking to take advantage of the technology.

“At some stage they will get the capability,” he said.

“There are certainly states and groups with the intent to do it, terrorist groups, for example, who have no threshold when it comes to the loss of life.

“We’re not quite there yet, but as the world becomes ever more connected that will become a greater risk.”

Only days ago when reporting on the Cascadia Rising 2016 exercises, we asked if what we were watching was simply 'government as the ultimate preppers' and as anyone who has been paying attention knows, the actual purpose of the 'continuity of government' aspect of government is to be the ultimate we're told in this SHTFPlan story, 'continuity of government' is preparing to carry government onwards when all else collapses. Why such massive preparation now? Does 'continuity of government' know something that we don't know as 'ordinary Americans'? 

While a growing community of individuals is set out to prepare for a collapse of society, and become known sometimes dismissively as “preppers,” the real preppers are in the highest levels of government, and they are ready to evacuate and continue the government even in the event of an all-out breakdown of society.

Not only is this secret continuity of government activity happening but it is accelerating rapidly. “They” are absolutely getting ready for something on a grand scale, and have invested billions of dollars allotted in secret to agencies for national security to create a hidden infrastructure for survival and subtlety.

The elite are increasingly investing in prepping contingencies – at both a personal and institutional level.

As Paul Joseph Watson reported:

Panicked members of the elite are buying luxury bomb-proof underground survival bunkers because they fear mass civil unrest might be on the horizon.

The company behind the construction of the sprawling complexes, Vivos, says the facilities are for the “protection of high net worth individuals” in the event of apocalyptic-style scenarios during which “millions will perish or worse yet, struggle to survive as victims”.


Is the 'continuity of government' arm of the government now preparing for the end of the system in America and for anew system to be brought in? At ANP, we've long believed that much of the current systemis broken and needs to be replaced by something much better. It's become clear to many Americans that the privately owned 'Federal Reserve Bank' doesn't have the best interest of Americans in mind as they continuously print worthless money with no backing while govt spends it all around the world on the American taxpayers back. Is all of this more proof they're preparing to bring in a 'gold backed' monetary system or is this preparation for something else entirely, WW3?  

As we have also reported on ANP, massive NATO military drills are going on right now across much of the European Union and other parts of the world and right on the doorstep of Russia. Russia, for their part, has warned that further hostilities that break out in war could very easily be brought to US soil. While acts of terrorism carried out by ISIS and other terrorists here in America might be considered 'acts of war' on US soil, we haven't been attacked outright by another sovereign nation in many, many years while the masses of Americans continue to be 'dumbed down'.

Meanwhile, as we see in the videos below, government has issued travel warnings for those traveling throughout Europe as preparation continues to take place at the very highest levels for a still unnamed event that could lead us to the end of America and much of Western society. The fact that our own Department of Homeland Security has been caught quietly capturing, then moving and releasing, illegal aliens on US soil as shared in this story from Zero Hedge and in the final video below tells us what we'll never hear from the mainstream media: America is clearly being set up for a fall. 

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