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March 10, 2016

Glenn Beck Melts Down, Attacks Matt Drudge And Alex Jones Over Rubio 'Midget' Images - Accuses Drudge Of Colluding With Donald Trump


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

[Update added at the bottom of the article, Alex Jones Youtube channel discusses to Beck's meltdown

For years Glenn Beck fans, many now former fans, have watched a painfully rapid decline in what some believe to be Beck's mental health, which Beck himself referenced in 2014 with the revelation that he had major health issues and after taking a test for people with traumatic brain injury and testing in the bottom 10 percent, he claimed he told he would no longer be able to function in about five to 10 years. After different testing and a supposed diagnosis, he then declared ""My brain is back online in a big way."

Some may beg to differ after his latest meltdown where he attacks Matt Drudge, who has been referred to by The Hill as the "second most influential man in America,' with some making a very good argument that Drudge was actually the most influential man in America.

What set Beck off this time? It appears an image that Drudge Report had at the top of his site of Marco Rubio, shown below, with the headline "THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING CAMPAIGN", which had Rubio looking like what Beck refers to as a "midget."


Beck states in the audio below, "I don't know what the hell has happened to Matt Drudge, but it happened a long.... it happened a few years ago, when he started hanging out with Alex Jones and now he is in this weird conspiritorial place, Alex Jones kind of place, and now he has taken and started photshopping pictures."

Beck also stated, “The small hands bothered Donald Trump so much, I can guarantee you that somebody in the Trump campaign said make him into a midget. Make him look little because I’m going to start calling him ‘’little Marco.'”

After declaring that he won't even use Drudge anymore because Drudge links to *GASP* Alex Jones, you know because of the "conspiritorial" nature of the reports, Beck then decides to jump onto the conspiracy bandwagon by accusing Drudge of conspiring with Trump and "arranging" the Rubio "midget" photos as payback.

Listen below - Article continues below the audio.

I guess conspiracy is fine and dandy if it is a Beck conspiracy theory, with nothing to back it up......

What Beck does not do is accuse the countless others, including The Daily Mail with article dated March 6, 2016, titled "'Little Marco has to go': Memes mocking Rubio for being small go viral as he fails to win any states on super Saturday and both Trump and Cruz tell him to drop out," of conspiring with Trump to push the "little Marco" meme.

In fact, going through Drudge archives we see the image of a shrinking Rubio was not used as his headline until March 9th, while the Daily Mail article with the others images shown below, was dated three days before. Another image shown on Drudge, mentioned by one of the panel members on Beck's show was the one taken in 2015 of Marco Rubio sitting in an over-sized chair while visiting a furniture shop.......that too was highlighted in the DM article a day before Drudge used it on March 7th...... so Beck's implication that Drudge was the main driver of these images is a completely false accusation.

The images at the Daily Mail include some of the ones shown below:




Someone should ask Glenn Beck if the Reddit users are all conspiring with Trump as well! (More images can be found via Reddit thread "PsBattle: Presidential candidate, Marco Rubio sitting in a giant chair")


Presidential election seasons are notoriously ugly where people supposedly on the "same side" often allow the tension of "their" candidate not performing as well as they want to influence their whole emotional state giving way to baseless attacks, but Matt Drudge's success stems from not just the ability predict the next big issue or event, but the sense of humor that can often be observed in the photos he used at the top of his page.... Just go back in his archives and look at some of those Hillary images!!!

Watching Glenn Beck melt down over the last months has been painful to see, whether it is because his preferred candidate Ted Cruz is not performing as well as Beck would like, or whether his medical issues have resurfaced due to his self-inflicted stress, this latest accusation that the Trump campaign has "directed" Drudge, is over-the-top, even for Beck.

Some might suggest he should head back to his questionable doctors and get retested.


UPDATE - March 11, 2016 - Alex Jones YouTube channel discusses to Beck's meltdown below:

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