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October 28, 2015

Little Creature Caught On CCTV?  Tiny 'Ghost-Like' Figure Caught Scampering Away On Bar Camera


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The video below was taken from a FaceBook post that according to The Daily Mail has received over 50,000 views and garnered 1,300 shares on the social media platform.

It shows three men at the Cato bar in Singapore’s Chinatown district, one behind the bar counter and two men sitting at the bar, apparently talking when the bar stool  behind the man closest to the camera starts rocking back and forth before the camera switches to another angle and then falls over.... no one had been touching the chair at the time.

Even stranger than that is what seems to occur after the men rush over to inspect the chair that had mysteriously topped when behind the gentlemen a "ghost-like figure," the Daily Mail reports "appears to emerge from the back of the bar, scampering quickly past them."

Stefan Stanford and I have watched this short video multiple times and he highlighted to me what looks like a shadow on the floor, behind the men, moving around before the chair topples over and the "baby ghost" is seen running through the door.

Is that indicative of somebody's shadow caught while perpetuating a joke by making the chair move and fall? How does that connect with the little creature/ghost/whatever you want to call it, running through the door afterward?

As the DM reports, some found the video chilling while others remained skeptical and wondered if this was a hoax.

For those that watch and think this is indeed real, was this strange little figure one of the  evil spirits that  masquerade as various little creatures described in Steve Quayle's book titled "Little Creatures - The Gates of Hell Are Opening?"

You decide.


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