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February 28, 2017

LIVESTREAM - Trump Address To a Joint Session Of Congress On February 28, 2017


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Tonight President Trump will be giving a speech known as an "Address to a Joint Session" of Congress,  which in subsequent years of his term will be known as the State of the Union address, which are  given annually except the first of a new President in his first term. Same speech, different technical name because Trump has only been in office a little over a month.

The speech will begin at 9 pm ET and the speech is typically anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes long. There are  livestream embeds below, starting at different times. 

According to McClatchy, the president and Democrats will be inviting "guests" to this address to a joint session, with Trump inviting family members of those killed in the U.S. by illegal immigrants, providing a visual representation of why he is toughening up the administrations border security and has ordered that immigration laws start being enforced again. On the opposing side, Democrats plan to invite "Muslim-Americans, immigrants and the undocumented students commonly referred to as Dreamers." Politico describes the Democrats' agenda during the address to a joint session as "trolling" the president.

The White House has said the theme of Trump's speech will be "the renewal of the American spirit," while news outlets wonder if the speech will be marked by "disruption or decorum." 

Bottom line here is that this could be a speech that will detail what Trump has already done and more importantly what he plans to do in the upcoming months, or it could end up being disrupted by Democrats as Obama's was when Joe Wilson yelled out "You Lie" in September 2009, when Obama addressed the joint session of Congress on health care.

Granted that was a specific address dealing with one topic, rather than the traditional yearly address, and events over the past years has shown that much of what was promised about Obamacare was a lie, but it does highlight the possibility of some type of disruption, especially given the rhetoric we have been hearing from Democrats the past few months since November's presidential election.

Feel free to join in discuss the event as it happens tonight, in the comment section.

LIVETREAMS BELOW - (Note - Replacement livestreams will be inserted if any are disabled for playing on external websites.)

Fox News and CBS News livestreams are set to begin at 7 pm:

Donald Trump Press Conferences and Speeches has one set to begin at 8 pm:

CBC News is set to begin at 9 pm 

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