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December 23, 2015

'Organic Food And Murdering Americans' - Will An Obama-Backed ISIS Rule America In 2016?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In an eye-opening story from Daniel Greenfield on Front Page Mag from October 2nd we were told that the IMAM of Oregon's biggest mosque told Muslims to kill Americans. The subtitle, 'Organic food... and murdering Americans', appears to not only fit perfectly into the breakdown of the latest mass-murder in America but also may help to tell a story not yet being told by our mainstream media.

With police in Las Vegas officially telling the public they are 'uncomfortable' revealing the motive of the Las Vegas strip killer, who happened to recently move from Portland, Oregon, we're learning of more and more of the reasons why the police may feel so uncomfortable revealing said motive and also getting the latest signs that this was clearly a terrorist attack upon American soil as is any act when so many innocent human lives are taken. Were her actions influenced by outside sources? Was the killer radicalized?

Back on April 5th, 2012, The Skanner News in Portland, Oregon, ran a story that featured on the top of it a picture of now infamous mass-murderer Lakeisha Holloway. Holloway had just won a CARE role model award and was being honored along with others as a graduate of a program to help disadvantaged youth and young adults.


In the 1st video below, we can hear Lakeisha Holloway speak in a motivational video; she calls herself a 'mature young women' who had overcome all odds against her. What happened that would cause Lakeisha Holloway to want to murder a large number of people that she didn't even know and reportedly feel happy about doing so? Was Lakeisha Holloway radicalized in America? Is she who the Department of Homeland Security is warning about when they talk about homegrown radicals? Is it just a coincidence that the FBI and DHS recently warned these 'extremists' could seek to replicate Paris and then this happens near Las Vegas' 'eiffel tower'?

-9fb50156794a7122.JPG paris-hotel-on-the-strip-las-vegas-boulevard-at-night-las-vegas-nevada-b585fe.jpg

Had Lakeisha Holloway visited the mosque where an IMAM preached of the virtues of murdering Americans or was she a member of 'black lives matters' as suggested by some? Reports of the murderer yelling 'allah akhbar' fill the internet though currently unconfirmed officially. You can see a screenshot of one such report at the bottom of this story.

We certainly know that not all Muslims are radical Islamists as seen in the 2nd video below, a video which breaks down the heroic story of a group of Muslims in Kenya who recently jumped in to protect Christians during a terrorist attack. Our hearts go out to those Muslims who put their own lives on the line to protect Christians from terrorists. God Bless you All!

The Skanner News considers themselves to have advanced the cause of the 'Black Press' in the North Western United States and sometimes runs stories about 'moderate Islam' as seen in the screenshot below. You can also see Skanner News congratulating killer Holloway in the 2nd screenshot below.

While we still have not received any official answers, we are hopeful that there will be those with such information who will release this to the American public. How many more 'Lakeisha Holloway's' are there in America; homegrown extremists just ready to explode? Whether its 'radical Islamists' acting with knives, guns or cars, 'black lives matters' activists threatening to harm police officers or 'white supremacists' shooting up America, terror is terror.

Screenshot_from_2015-12-23_031835.jpg Screenshot_from_2015-12-21_214908.jpg

Several more videos below including David Knight from Infowars who asks what might seem a ridiculous question to some but to many others is a very legitimate question; will a Barack Obama-led ISIS rule America in 2016? Is some kind of ISIS (or false flag) attack upon the horizon as warned by videographer Spiro in the 3rd video below? With potentially hundreds of thousands of refugees 'missing in America', we feel that we should all be paying very close attention to the warning shared in that final video that some kind of a terrorist attack could happen in any city in the US.

With New York city now police on 'heightened alert' after what was originally being called a 'credible terror threat' (now denied) as shared in the 3rd video below, we could be entering a dangerous new age where war comes home to America as long ago warned by Barack Obama himself, back on March 10, 1983, in a story allegedly done out of Columbia University linked here so you can read it in it's entirety. What exactly did Barack Obama mean when he wrote these words in a story called "Breaking the War Mentality" when speaking of groups such as 'students against militarism' and 'arms race alternatives'?

"By adding their energy and effort in order to enchance the possibility of a decent world, they may help deprive us of a spectacular experience - that of war. But then, there are some things we shouldn't have to live through in order to want to avoid the experience."

Screenshot_from_2015-12-23_042819.jpg Screenshot_from_2015-12-23_042224.jpg

Since when has war been a 'spectacular experience'? Was Barack Obama chosen for this very moment long ago?

We also have to ask why the mainstream media is now covering up any possibility that this latest incident in Las Vegas was Islamic terrorism? Is this more proof that our own msm is setting the American people up for a fall with only only the few good men within government warning that something huge is coming to our country with possible widespread attacks across different locations on the same day? Mike Adams took a look at the mainstream media cover-up we're now watching from Las Vegas. Was Lakeisha Holloway 'radicalized' to cause her to carry out such a despicable act?

The mainstream media has utterly blacked out any mention of "Allahu Akbar" or terrorism links to this attack. This is what makes this story so difficult to research: we know that the media will deliberately bury any audio, video or posts from eyewitnesses who mention this apparent detail. So even if this is exactly what the driver of the vehicle shouted, we would not expect to find this reported anywhere in the mainstream media.

We also know that the mainstream media deliberately blacked out the Muslim-sounding names of the recent San Bernardino shooters for nearly two days, refusing to air those names because everyone would have immediately recognized them as Muslim names. At the same time, President Obama ridiculously asserted that the San Bernardino attacks were merely "workplace violence" and not acts of terrorism. Thus, the mainstream media has a track record of deliberately lying to us all about Muslim terrorists attacking American civilians. It is reasonable to recognize they are continuing to use that same news blackout tactic with subsequent breaking news events.

Make no mistake that if the driver had been a WHITE person screaming a racial slur, the media would have headline that fact everywhere. Or if the driver had been a tea party member, a constitutionalist or a patriot of any kind, all the reports would have heavily emphasized that person's political beliefs and possible religious affiliations. But because the driver reportedly screamed "Allah Akbar" and also happens to look African-American, she apparently gets a total free pass by the entire leftist media.

Mass murder committed by a person who appears to be a radical Islamic terrorist using a vehicle as a weapon is totally okay with the state-run media, in other words. This is the same leftist media that also says the mass murder of black babies is perfectly okay as long as they are only partially born.

If being a fan of organic food alone was cause for one to be considered a possible terrorist, myself and countless millions of other Americans would have to be put on the terrorist watchlist. Lakeisha Holloway shared that with the Oregon IMAM calling for the murder of Americans as seen in her facebook screenshot below right. 

Below left is the facebook posting of an alleged eyewitness to the massacre.

Screenshot_from_2015-12-21_215255.jpg Screenshot_from_2015-12-21_220740.jpg

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