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September 24, 2016

Hip-Hop Artist Drops 'Revolution Bombshell' As 'Riot Zombies' In Charlotte Fan Flames Of George Soros Race War Upon Americans


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this new story from Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog, if rioting can happen in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, it can happen anywhere in America. Joining Baltimore, Ferguson, Milwaukee and Baton Rouge, Snyder tells us that Charlotte was supposed to be 'different', a place where Americans could move if they wanted to get away from a crumbling ghetto, to buy a shiny new house in a sparkling new subdivision.

Once celebrated by the US News and World Reports as one of the best places to live in America, and heralded as one of the best places in the state of North Carolina to raise a family, the fact that Charlotte is now in the world's spotlight for all the wrong reasons proves to us that something is very, very wrong in America. As this new story linked to by the Drudge Report tells us, many black families in Charlotte see the city almost like a fake, sparkling city from the Wizard of Oz.

Much like the city of Baltimore, which saw a huge rebuilding of the 'tourist' area of the Inner Harbor that most Americans see while much of the remainder of the city fell even more into poverty and disrepair, places where tourists refuse to go, Charlotte also suffers from a huge disparity between what the world sees and the dark pockets of poverty woven throughout parts of the city.

According to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in this recent CNSNews story, "how can America lead the world when we cannot even control our own cities?" Trump made some very interesting remarks in this story, telling us that "We all have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and see things through their eyes, and then get to work fixing our very wounded country." As we hear directly from Trump in the last video below, America has never been so divided as we are now after 8 years of the presidency of Barack Obama.

However, this story isn't about division but recognizing how we arrived at this point and what we must do to fix what has gone so terribly wrong for so many people in America. As Snyder wisely tells us, there haven't been a whole lot of calls for love and forgiveness in Charlotte with most discussion focused on anger, hate, strife and discord. 

A house divided cannot stand, and America is more divided today than I have ever seen it in my entire lifetime.

As I stated yesterday, a lot more chaos and violence are coming. As a society we have been going down the wrong road for decades, and now we are reaping a very bitter harvest.


Trump makes even more good points, stating that he respects everyone's rights to peacefully protest, even though as we hear in the 1st video below from the Doctor Of Common Sense, a black man himself, the large majority of these protesters have no idea at all what they're protesting for and many are simply walking around like mindless zombies, threatening violence on others just because of the color of their skin and certainly NOT protesting peacefully.

As Trump tells us, once protest crosses the line and becomes violent, it becomes an attack upon the peaceful and the poor and America shouldn't stand for any such actions. As Snyder tells us, it's time for healing in America, not more bloodshed.

Trump said he honors and respects the right to protest peacefully: "But there is no right to engage in violent disruption or to threaten the public safety and peace of others.

"Every single American in our country is entitled to live in a safe community. The violence against our citizens and our law enforcement must be brought to a very rapid end."

Trump said law-abiding African Americans are the ones who suffer most, because many of them live in communities where "the crime is so rampant."

"And the first duty of government is to protect their well-being and safety. We have to do that," Trump said. "There is no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct. Crime and violence is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a Trump administration.

"Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the violent disrupter, but to make life more comfortable for the African-American parent trying to raise their kids in peace, to walk their children to school and get their children great educations. We have to cherish and protect those people."


While many in the mainstream media claimed that what was happening in Charlotte was merely 'peaceful protest', we see once again why the MSM is losing credibility quickly as Americans are more apt to believe their own eyes than what they're being told by George Soros' mouthpieces as this story from Heat Street that the Drudge Report recently linked to tells us, internet outrage is exploding after very clear hate crimes where committed in black against white violence in Charlotte.

Why would blacks blame whites for the fact that a black cop shot a black man, setting off these riots and violence and calls for more violence against whites? Quite obviously we're witnessing a clearcut plan to destabilize if not misplaced anger and aggression that must be worked through before its acted out again and again and again in cities large and small across America.

In the very eye-opening 2nd video below from the All Black National Convention that recently took place, hip-hop artist 'Killer Mike' drops a bombshell upon other black Americans who are calling for revolution in America, claiming correctly that most black Americans can't even feed themselves via growing their own food, hunting, or fishing and are completely dependent upon the same system they're talking about revolting against. While we absolutely don't agree with everything that he says in this video, he also speaks some truths that many of those in attendance don't want to hear.:

"As for me, I'm going to raise a warrior to know how to use his hands, know how to use his mind, and loves the people with his heart."


As we recently learned in this story from Breitbart, the head of a Dallas area police organization is now suing a collection of Black Lives Matter leaders as well as other 'prominent individuals' including George Soros for inciting a race war in America. As we've reported all along on ANP, we have very clear evidence of BLM leaders working with members of the Obama administration to get martial law declared and the upcoming election postponed or canceled all-together if it appears their candidate won't win. 

With the National Guard now on the streets of Charlotte and the Camp Lejeune Marines Corps Infantry Battalion ordered onto an 'Alert Status' with all leave canceled, we hear in the 3rd video below from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network that riots in America have become the 'new normal' under the 1st black president as we approach the election for his replacement. Might Obama and the globalists be using these riots to their advantage? What rabbit might they soon pull out of their hats?


In the 4th video below, Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars shares with us what the mainstream media isn't telling us about the riots in Charlotte, including massive and unacceptable violence against others that does nothing but make the majority of peaceful, law-abiding American citizens turn against them and their cause.

As Milwaukee, Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke tells us in the 5th video below, the real problem that American cities are facing is rampant black on black crime within our inner cities and suburbs that has ended up with a huge number of dead blacks that dwarfs the number of blacks killed by police in the line of duty.  While at ANP we agree with Donald Trump's assessment that we must rebuild inner city America, we also strongly believe in self-responsibility.

The black community must begin to police themselves better, starting within each individual family, so that young black men and women know how to properly interact within their communities and with law enforcement officers - in constructive, peaceful ways rather than destructive, violent ways. Attacking cops and whites is not 'peaceful protest'.

Back on July 10th, Susan Duclos put out a story on ANP in which she warned we had almost reached the point of no return in America with what many of us can clearly see is a well-funded 'color revolution' going on in our country. Largely funded by George Soros, we're not surprised to learn from Charlotte police that 70% of the 'arrested protesters' were from out of the state, proving to us once again that what we're witnessing in Charlotte isn't just outrage at some perceived injustice.

Will America be able to turn the page past the hugely divisive Obama presidency and move on towards 2020 in a united manner, Americans working together despite the many differences that separate us? As Snyder previously warned, a house divided cannot stand - it's clearly time for America to get way beyond where we are now, for the future of free humanity is dependent upon us.  



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