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December 20, 2014

The "End Time Event Is Upon Us" - Quayle, Evensen On Hagmann And Hagmann

By Susan Duclos


Below you will hear an absolutely incredible show where Author and researcher Steve Quayle and former military and law enforcement member Greg Evensen join the Hagmann and Hagmann show, where both of these men offer information they have been given which all points to an "event" that is coming with Quayle stating the "End time event is upon us now."

In the first half hour of the show, both Quayle and Evensen explain what they will be discussing, where Greg talks about the "demonic forces right outside the door," telling listeners that they are trying to offer the "antidote to the poison that has been put out by the Destroyer," as he talks of the forces that are trying to destroy the US.

Steve talks of the "Illuminati script that is playing out to the nth degree" right now, the disappearing food from the poorest of cities which will be the first to be starved out, the underground bases, bunkers and caves that are being prepared for the event that is coming where the "countdown" has begun.

While these two gentlemen are tackling different warning signs, they are both showing that all signs are pointing to the same place and they are offering those in-the-know the information needed to share and help prepare others for what is coming.

Author's note- Greg and Steve have been under the weather and Greg has lost some close friends recently and his mother is deathly ill, so please keep both in your thoughts and prayers.

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