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November 23, 2015

When Whispers Turn To Fire - What Revolution Could Look Like In America


By Godzilla aka Gary - All News PipeLine

[Editors Note] This in no way encourages nor is it meant as a call for a violent revolution in America, but rather a look at what such a revolution would look like during the first days of one, should it occur]

It is a daily event here at All News PipeLine,  the calls for revolution are put forth in the comments section.  It's an event that we can all count on seeing, but has anyone really thought about what a revolution would really mean?  For several years the whispers of revolution have grown more frequent and louder.  One day, those whispers will get a spark.  The spark of a revolution could last for a very long time, maybe several more years.  During these years, our Federal government will find itself the target of small attacks of various forms, from cyber attacks, calling out politicians for the corrupt actions, loud, screaming demands that the political ruling class be held responsible for their illegal and immoral actions and even violent attacks on facilities and possibly even the politicians themselves.


The Federal government will not like this, obviously, and will make a concerted effort to arrest those who violate them.  They will use extreme propaganda methods, using those arrested as public examples of what will happen when you cross the Ruling Political Elite (RPE).  The MSM will cover this like a series of mass murders or terrorist attacks.  Those engaging the RPE will be deemed domestic terrorists.  Their families will also face attacks, tax audits, property and finacial siezures, arrests for crimes where the evidence is planted and many other methods to demonize those who act on a spark of revolution.  The goal of the RPE is to put out the spark and quiet the whispers.  Websites and blogs will be shut down and the owners/authors may even face criminal charges.  It won't be easy to keep that spark lit.  

How this spark is dealt with will be of intense importance.  If the RPE takes it's crackdown to extremes that spark will grow, not flame out.  This is one of the reasons that I stay grounded on what this current regime will attempt to do in the near future.  Any attempt at gun confiscation, today's whispers will be tomorrow's 5 alarm fire.  An attempt at a nationwide Martial Law edict would be impossible due to the current lack of manpower.  It doesn't mean they won't try it, it does mean that the repercussions would hasten their demise.  They know this.  So, let's go there and look at what a full fledged revolt would look like.


It finally happened.  An event has finally started the flames of revolution and millions are marching toward Washington DC, demanding that the RPE be arrested and charged with treason.  This long overdue event (as I see it today) has finally come.  So what happens?  The RPE fly off to their underground facilities.  Washington DC is shut down and Martial Law is declared.  Numerous National Guard units are activated and deployed to DC.  Riots ensue, injuries and even death occur, all communications to the public are blacked out, the rest of the country is now blind to the activities in DC.  The President get's on the TV and the demonization propoganda has begun.


The RPE underestimate the will of the people who have marched on DC and the National Guard units are soundly defeated and sent in retreat.  Over half the National Guard troops simply leave and refuse to continue, the rest are pulled back and sent home, Washington DC is now under the control of the Revolution leaders.  Still, there is no communications to access, but the word is getting out.  The RPE take further actions, all banks and banking activity are suspended until further notice.  The RPE propaganda continues.

Seven days have now passed.  Every major city is experiencing civil unrest.  Grocery stores are empty.  Every States National Guard units are now activated, but they are only manned at 43%, most members refuse to be activated, instead chosing to defend their own families.  Quietly, civilian militias are activating.  The revolution is fixing to go full blast.  While the public was dealing with civil unrest, those in DC are now surrounded by Federal agents, thousands of heavily armed men and women are ready to retake DC. Then, 8 days after the original march on DC, power is completely shut off to the entire country.  Only about 5000 of the original 3 million people who marched on DC remain.  They didn't bring pitchforks, they brought AR-15s, AR-10s and AK 47s.  Ladies and gentleman, the revolution is about to devolve into a full blown war.  


You can use your imagination as to how this story concludes.  As you can see, this ficticious look at what a revolution may look like in the beginning, may not be what many who are calling for one imagine.

Revolution is not going to be easy, it's going to be bloody and it's going to affect every single person in this country.  People will starve to death in our cities, in our towns and noone will be immune from the negative affects of revolution.  There WILL be a second revolution in this country.  Government's, by their very nature always devolve into tyrannicle entities that oppress their citizens.  It has already begun here in the United States and the whispers of revolution are turning into screams.  There will be a spark, then a fire.  I hope you have the stomach for what is coming to the United States, because it is inevitable. 

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