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September 3, 2015

'This Time Around It's Going To Be Dark' - X22Report With Rob Kirby - Martial Law And US Constitution Completely Gutted Very Strong Possibilities


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With most of the rest of the world now abandoning the US dollar, Rob Kirby with Kirby Analytics tells Dave from the X22Report in the new video below that the rest of the world likely knows the US dollar is in its' 'end game'. Telling us that America's stewardship and protection of the world's reserve currency has been so extremely corrupt that the rest of the world has had little choice but to make plans to abandon the dollar's use, Kirby also warns us that all of this could lead to global war, depending largely upon what the sociopaths in Washington DC who run our military industrial complex want to do. 

Sharing that the rest of the world isn't about to be bullied and cowed by a group of fraudulent criminal sociopaths who are now occupying the peak of western power in the world, Kirby warns that we should all be taking the measures necessary to protect our own families and loved ones by stocking up on food, ways to protect ourselves and precious metals, which Kirby shares have withstood the test of time. He also warns that OWNING precious metals means having them close by, somewhere that we can put our hands on, rather than stashed away in a bank safe deposit box where we might not be able to get it back once it all comes crashing down. "If you can't touch it, you don't own it."


We also learn that the 'police state' that is going up all around us and being built up all across the world now is likely direct preparation for the 'economic collapse' that is coming and everything else that goes along with it. Kirby also warns that this time around, the economic collapse is going to be very dark. Telling us that the every day lives of Americans will be forced to change once everything crashes down, Kirby also tells us that he clearly sees attempts being made by our 'leaders' to stoke fires of race war in America..."the entrails are unmistakably present" and "this is a very serious development."


"America is being positioned to have a verious serious eruption on the racial front" Kirby warns "and it's being led by those at the highest levels." A very ugly situation is clearly developing in America and as Dave shares, it's clearly being pushed so that martial law can be initiated in America so the US Constitution OFFICIALLY suspended or completely gutted.

With the mainstream media continually fanning the flames of America's destruction, Kirby shares that the only reason that the sociopaths in Washington DC have not succeeded already in completing America's destruction are ALL THE VERY GOOD PEOPLE in America who have awoken and are standing up against this tyranny, and truly free people are very difficult to bring down.


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