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March 3, 2019

President Trump Shines A Light On The Year '1913' During CPAC Speech: Launch Of Federal Reserve And Income Tax That Year Began America's 'Century Of Enslavement'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

During President Donald Trump's 2-hour speech at CPAC on Saturday that Nick Gillespie over at Reason wrote a story about titled "Trump Just Might Have Won The 2020 Election Today", Trump sent out a signal flare by calling out the year 1913 as the year that everything began to change for America as heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story.

As Gillespie reported, POTUS bedazzled the crowd with a mix of humor, BS, bravado and a positive vision for America that Gillespie claims no Democrat will be able to match and while we've also embedded the full speech as the 2nd video at the bottom of the story in case you haven't yet seen it, the '1913' remark shows that POTUS knows the importance of that year in US history. 

While POTUS specifically references 'tariffs', as this Wikipedia entry for the Revenue Act of 1913 points out, that 1913 Act lowered tariff rates from 40% to 25%, effectively ending tariffs as the chief source of income for the United States government, only for it to be replaced by the 'federal income tax'. And as those paying attention know, the Federal Reserve Bank was also born that year. 

As this 2015 story titled "1913: The Era Of Tyranny" perfectly points out, 1913 was the year that tyranny was officially born in America with the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution allowing the federal govt to directly tax the people. And as their story points out, taxation of a person’s labor is enslavement in all but name only. The excerpt below is from their story with much more below including an extensive look at the "Century of Enslavement" that the creation of the FED and federal income tax launched in America.:  

The Federal Reserve was also born that year allowing the Federal Government to issue “fiat money.” Money that is valued only so long as confidence can be fabricated and maintained by the Federal Government. The Fed can print money to it’s heart’s content devaluing our currency ever so slowly in the process. This is theft by devaluation. One dollar today is not the same as one dollar a mere ten years ago. Stealth wealth redistribution.

The Federal Reserve is made possible only because of the tax base which is the Citizenry of the United States of America.

We are accounts upon which the Federal Government of the United States can perpetually draw upon for any and every misadventure and insane scheme that the Banks, controlling US Corporations and the Fed can fantasize about in their greedy, beady eyed little heads.

Imperial America was born in 1913 made possible by the creation of the Federal Reserve and a permanent funding source that is US, the United States Citizen.

These acts removed any checks that the individual and sovereign States held over the Federal Government paving the way for the Centralized and all too powerful Federal Government that we have today wherein the Executive can take the Nation to war on whims, lies and propaganda and truth be damned.

The Federal Government is now Supreme and all powerful. What it cannot overcome via coercion and threats of violence, it can overcome with pork via the confiscations of the Income Tax and the tyrannical Internal Revenue Service.

Americans are now wholly owned subsidiaries of the Federal Government of the United States of America. We are slaves in all but name.

Try not paying your Federal Income Taxes and see how free you are.

The monies that are collected via the income tax make possible every evil that has been enacted by the Federal Government since 1913.


According to this August 13th of 2013 story at Freeman Perspective titled "The Blow That Killed America 100 Years Ago", America had taken our fatal blow over 100 years ago, we just haven't hit the ground yet. Warning that it's a slow process but actually fast compared to the Romans who took several centuries to fully collapse, we had reported Saturday on ANP that the collapse of Western civilization was nearly assured until the arrival of President Trump and the nationalist/populist movements of Western Europe. But are they too late? From this Freeman Perspective story.: 

“There is a lot of ruin in a nation,” wrote Adam Smith. His point was that it takes a long time for nations to fall, even when they’re dead on their feet. And he was certainly right.

The confusing thing about our current situation is that America – and by that I mean the noble America that so many of us grew up believing was real – has long been poisoned. Its liver, kidneys, and spleen have all stopped functioning. Its heart beats slowly and irregularly. But it still stands on its feet and presents itself as alive to all those who would let their eyes fool them.

1913: The Horrible Year

For all the problems America had prior to 1913 (including the unnecessary and horrifying Civil War), nothing spelled the death of the nation like the horrors of 1913. Here are the key dates:

February 3rd: The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, authorizing the Federal government to impose income taxes on individuals. An amendment to a tariff act in 1894 had attempted to do this, but since it was clearly unconstitutional, the Supreme Court struck it down.

As a result – and mostly under the banner of bleeding the rich – the 16th amendment was promoted and passed. As a result, the Revenue Act of 1913 was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson in October. Income taxes began in 1914, with the government swearing (as in, “only a crazy person would say otherwise!”) that the rate would never, ever go higher than one or two percent.

April 8th: The 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, taking the powers of the states and transferring them to Washington, by mandating the popular election of senators. Previously, senators were appointed by state legislatures, restraining the power of the national government. This change gave political parties immediate and massive power, nearly all of which was consolidated in the city of Washington.

December 23rd: Woodrow Wilson signs the Federal Reserve Act, which had passed Congress just the previous day. This system – called the Aldrich Plan, and promoted by Senator Nelson Aldrich of Rhode Island – gave a monopoly on the creation of dollars to a consortium of large banks. The Act was passed, by the way, in the name of financial stability.

Their story then took a look at how all three of these 1913 laws combined began the death spiral of America, a death spiral that their story warns has been going on for over 100 years now. From the Freeman Perspective.: 

Here is why I say that these three changes of 1913 killed America:

They robbed every producer in America of their money and handed it to politicians.

Until 1913, ordinary people kept their money. Carpenters, grocers, and repair men were able to make business loans and to retire on stock dividends. Once the income tax came in, however, politicians were empowered to skim off more and more of their money, which is precisely what happened. While the modern skim is multi-faceted, the average producer is now stripped of half his or her earnings every year, leaving politicians to spend it. (ANP: Look at how many politicians are among the 1% in 2019!)

They consolidated all power in Washington DC.

This is precisely what James Madison wished to avoid when writing the US Constitution. By depriving the states of their remaining power, the City of Washington had no opposition. Since then, the Washington government has taken over practically everything on the continent and is choking it to death… a lot like the city and empire of Rome before it.

They created a money empire that took over almost everything.

When you start talking about the immense power of central banking, people generally turn away from it, because it’s just too much to take. So, let me say it this way:

How much money could you make, if you knew precisely when interest rates would go up or down?

A lot, right? Well, that’s exactly the power that these bankers have – because they’re the ones who set the rates.

Then, with that money, and with that foreknowledge, how many politicians could you pay off? How many pieces of legislation could you buy? Through all the financial problems of the past few years, which is the one group that has been protected at every step? Ever wonder why?

I could add more, but I think my point is made. America, as we grew up thinking of it, is dead. Whether the carcass hits the ground in days or decades is almost irrelevant; it’s over.

The question that remains is what we’ll do about it.


In this book titled "The Tyranny of the Federal Reserve", the author takes a look at how the creation of the Federal Reserve started America on the long slope downwards towards total tyranny with the Fed nothing less than a leviathan casting its gigantic shadow all the way across the planet. And as this July of 2018 story over at the New American had pointed out, President Trump is well aware of the power of the Federal Reserve and it's a power being used by them against him.

Their story points out that President Trump will be serving himself and America best by drawing attention to their illegitimate power, and sooner rather than later. It also warned that if America continues to remain captive to the Fed, our nation's independence and liberty will forever be vanquished. From the New American story.: 

President Trump could find himself experiencing the effect of the Fed’s manipulative power and could find out that the Fed can sink his chances for reelection in 2020.

It would behoove him to draw attention to the illegitimate Fed power sooner rather than later. In any case, the drive for an impartial audit of the Fed would help, not just him but all who crave freedom.

If our nation remains a captive of the Fed, it will become a captive a United Nations version of the Fed. And both independence for the nation and continued liberty for the people will disappear.

The following excerpt comes to us from the book "The Tyranny of the Federal Reserve.": 

The Federal Reserve is a leviathan that overshadows the world economy, dominating it, controlling the flow of money, affecting all our lives.

The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 in reaction to the bank runs, bankruptcies and financial chaos caused by the Panic of 1907. The stated purpose of the Act was to create a stable monetary system to bring financial stability to the United States and prevent such economic crises as the Panic of 1907 from occurring again. Sixteen years after the passage of the Act, under the Federal Reserve's watch, the nation experienced the worst financial collapse in our history and descended into our deepest and darkest depression--the Great Depression--a crisis far worse than the Panic of 1907 by orders of magnitude.

Since the creation of the Fed, we have lurched from boom to bust time and again as financial crisis has followed financial crisis. By any objective measure, the Fed has failed to achieve the stated objectives of its founding. Today, our economic imbalances are extreme and compounding and approaching a day of reckoning. Another financial collapse looms and casts a dark shadow over our future. Under the stewardship of the Federal Reserve, further hardship for our struggling middle class is certain and inevitable.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Drawing heavily from the writings and ideas of Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Owen Crozier and Carroll Quigley, "The Tyranny of the Federal Reserve" looks back on how we got here and forward to a brighter future through monetary reform.

In the first video below, our videographer has taken a brief 6+ minute excerpt of President Trump CPAC speech, a segment focusing upon his mention of the year 1913 as the year it all began falling apart for America. The 2nd video below is the full 2 hour speech from POTUS Trump at CPAC via the White House's youtube channel. And in the 3rd and final video below, videographer Corbett Report takes a look at the history of the Federal Reserve in a video that went viral with nearly 2 million views titled "Century of Enslavement". 

So will President Trump take the incredibly extraordinary step of really draining the swamp by getting rid of the Federal Reserve Bank, a bank which by all intent and purpose has been printing counterfeit money now for over 100 years while charging Americans interest on their counterfeiting? While we won't hold our breaths waiting, he could nearly ensure his 2020 re-election by doing just that. 

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