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December 18, 2018

An Orwellian Digital Iron Curtain Is Being Built Up Around Us Before Our Eyes: A.I. And The Takeover Of Humanity Require Widespread Systematic Censorship To Silence All Dissent  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While many stories online such as this new one over at Technocracy  that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Monday morning warn of the dangers of artificial intelligence killing human beings, even those who they 'work' for, several new stories out over the past several days show how A.I. is being used to not only censor 'dissenting views' to globalists policies but even more new programs are being created to continue to do so in ways that human beings are unable to do. 

With A.I. in the news several times over the past week for injuring human beings, first via a robot at Amazon puncturing a can of bear repellent, sending two dozen workers to the hospital, then another robot impaling a man in China numerous times with metal spikes, the greatest immediate danger it may bring to America and the world might be a socialist president in 2020 with liberal scientists and professors creating more and more ways to make sure 2016 isn't repeated again in 2020. 

As the College Fix reports in this new story that the Drudge Report linked to Monday morning, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are developing a tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify “hate speech” on social media, a program that researchers hope will out-perform human beings in identifying bigoted comments on Twitter, Reddit and other online platforms.

Knowing first that this A.I. is being developed at one of the most far-left universities in America should be the first clue that something is terribly wrong about their plan with this 'tool' likely to flag anything 'Conservative' as 'hate speech', with Christmas itself now being targeted by the insane left as hateful, but another recent story showed just how bad this can turn out as we'll examine further below. First, from the College Fix

Scientists at Berkeley’s D-Lab “are working in cooperation with the [Anti-Defamation League] on a ‘scalable detection’ system—the Online Hate Index (OHI)—to identify hate speech,” the Cal Alumni Association reports.

In addition to artificial intelligence, the program will use several different techniques to detect offensive speech online, including “machine learning, natural language processing, and good old human brains.” Researchers aim to have “major social media platforms” one day utilizing the technology to detect “hate speech” and eliminate it, and the users who spread it, from their networks.

One researcher warned against the possibility of inadvertent censorship: “Unless real restraint is exercised, free speech could be compromised by overzealous and self-appointed censors.” The lab is thus “working to minimize bias with proper training and online protocols that prevent operators from discussing codes or comments with each other.”


As this December 5th story pointed out, nearly immediately after it was activated on board the International Space Station, A.I. robot CIMON turned into a snowflake, claiming that one astronaut was 'being mean' to it as heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story. They eventually had to switch CIMON off because it was catching an attitude and claiming astronaut Alexander Gerst 'wasn't being nice' to it. Anyone else see where this is going?

And while google, 'faces of death book', twitter and the rest of the big tech tyrants clearly went all in for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, this new story over at Campus Reform that the Drudge Report linked to on Monday morning reports the mass censorship we've seen in 2018 for Conservatives will likely only get worse as A.I. joins the censorship party.  

Amid backlash to social media platforms being accused of squelching conservative voices, two university professors are promoting a new system designed for "automatically detecting prejudice in social media posts."

The program has the ability to flag certain posts as “having the potential to spread misinformation and ill will,” according to the University of Buffalo. The system is a result of a recent study by University of Buffalo assistant professor in the Department of Management Science and Systems, Haimonti Dutta, and Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication assistant professor, K. Hazel Kwon.

“In social media, users often express prejudice without thinking about how members of the other group would perceive their comments,” Dutta said, according to the university’s website. Dutta further asserted that “this not only alienates the targeted group members, but also encourages the development of dissent and negative behavior toward that group.”


As one commenter on this story at the College Fix pointed out, "1984 is NOW but only it's the snowflake version". As another commenter pointed out, "the left wing radicalized professors and students want to ban words, books, authors, Xmas songs, old movies, people from speaking, prevent people from eating, remove and destroy statues and sterilize history. They are ISIS/Taliban/Nazis all in one." And another commenter also pointed out the similarities between what's happening now with big tech, A.I. and censorship and George Orwell's book "1984" as seen below. 

"Democrats"...Little Marxists by any other name.

They have used our hard fought rights of association and freedoms of speech to gain power, to then in turn, deny us our rights of association and and freedom of speech.

The Life Blood of Liberalism and the Left is the nation wide dissemination of Propaganda. They cannot allow any apposing voices or dissension. 'Freedom of Speech' only exists in an environment of consenting voices in conformity with their official narrative. '1984' is NOW!......

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." -George Orwell

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell


And adding a bit more to the insanity, SFGate reported Sunday  that a food delivery robot had caught fire at the University of California at Berkeley while on a food delivery run. As their story reported, students actually expressed their grief at the loss of the fallen 'KiwiBot', actually calling it a "hero" and a "legend" with some actually holding a candlelight vigil for the fallen machine. Seriously! 

While those paying close attention understand that robots and other artificially intelligent machines could pose a very real existential threat to human beings upon this planet, many on the left are pushing for robot rights. 

And while the left is pushing for robot rights and the censorship of Conservatives, we get more proof of that last point from California Congressman Ted Lieu who claimed he didn't believe that google had a liberal bias and had intentionally muddied search results with Lieu actually saying that he'd like to regulate the speech and content of outlets such as Fox News "but I can't because the 1st Amendment stops me." How many others in Congress feel the same way?

As a reminder, prior to the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton's deputy communications director Christina Reynolds had sent out a fundraising email within which she claimed that websites such as Breitbart had "no right to exist". Imagine what would have happened to the independent news media had Hillary actually succeeded in stealing the election! 

With the globalists using artificial intelligence and big tech as a battering ram to accomplish their dystopian goals, we shouldn't be the least bit surprised with Orwell's book "1984" warning that "a picture of the future would see a boot stamping upon a human face, forever." Yet the "global government terrorists" will never be able to accomplish that fully in America as long as the 1st and 2nd Amendment's are still intact. 

In the 2nd and final video below, videographer "The Red Elephants" talks with us about the dystopian levels of censorship on the internet, going through an astonishingly long list with us of only the last 90 days proving that indeed, the globalists are going after the 1st Amendment. And as we've warned time and time again on ANP, should suddenly and without warning, we wake up one morning and find that all of our favorite websites are no longer online, America will have officially descended into the totalitarian hell that the global elite have long been pushing for where "they and only they" control the flow of information. 

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