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January 24, 2020

A Word Of Warning To Adam Schiff And All Of The Traitors To America: Nobody Is Above The Law, Especially NOT You! It's Time For Democrats Treason Trials To Begin 

- Impeachment Is A Soviet-Style Show Trial & Dire Warning To America Of Where We're Headed


By John C. Velisek, US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

I have been watching the impeachment show trial that the progressive socialist democrats have been putting forth. Once again, they are forwarding the lies that they have been spoonfeeding to the media over the past few months. The worse of the liars is the treasonous Adam Schiff. (ANP: Final video at the bottom of this story is a live stream of the impeachment sham going on today.)

All of the leftists continue to put forth innuendo and the hearsay from the House impeachment that the partisan career hacks put forth. The only thing missing from these people's testimony is what the progressive socialists do now want the American people to know. Amb. Sondland’s testimony has been extensively used with the exception of Sondland, saying that there was no quid pro quo. That is essential testimony, but pencil neck Schiff and the rest of the socialists did not mention it. When questioned in the House impeachment proceedings, Sondland was forced to admit that he had no direct knowledge of the alleged quid pro quo. Not mentioned is that President Trump had already invited President Zelensky to the White House in a prior call in April 2019. Another fact that pencil neck Schiff conveniently left out.

Selective videos from the House impeachment have been edited for maximum effect. Adam Schiff, along with the rest of the Impeachment managers, has continuously used the footage that they claim President Trump used to state that he can do what he wants under Article 2 of the Constitution. Never once do they tell the truth that it was in the context of firing Special Counsel Mueller. They have to edit it because if they don't, it doesn't fit the narrative that they are making part of their lying agenda.

Schiff talked of the temporary withholding of the military aid without mentioning the funding was for future military equipment and was sent by the end of the fiscal year, which was required. The Ukrainians had military equipment from earlier aid packages and only started any aid at all after Obama left office. Once again this was never mentioned by Schiff. And the Javelin anti-tank missiles that Ukraine had requested had already been delivered. During the infamous phone call, President Zlensky even thanked President Trump for the delivery of the missiles.There was no pressure on Ukraine, as told by President Zelensky and the aides that would know. At the time, they did not even know that there was a temporary hold on the military aide.

Wanting the Ukraine government to announce the investigations of corruption, was done to assure that they would be at the forefront of Ukraine-American discussion. This has been discussed on CNN after the story started. Of course, pencil neck Schiff will not mention this because Schiff has proven in the past that confidential information that Schiff can get a hold of, he will dutifully pass it on to the media.

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Schiff has continually claimed that there is new evidence of President Trump withholding aid from Ukraine as part of a quid pro quo to destroy Joe Biden in his run for the presidency. The emails, which he reports with his high level of superiority and self-esteem, show nothing more than the effort that President Trump has put forth to assure that taxpayer money was being put to good use.

Schiff has also argued that President Trump was not interested in corruption in Ukraine until 2019 and only then was Trump interested because Biden was running for President. Not mentioned is that President Trump did raise corruption in Ukraine in 2017, the first years of his administration. He discussed the corruption with the Ukrainian delegation, Including President Poroshenko. It is informative that Obama not only did not duscuss corruption with Ukraine, possibly because he knew of the Biden shakedown of Burisma, but also because he sent Ukraine blankets instead of lethal aid.

The two Articles of Impeachment rushed through the House do not rise to the level of impeachable offenses. The shoddy procedure implemented by the progressive socialists as created by the partisans at the Lawfare Group, do not meet the criteria needed for impeachable offenses.

Rather than performing the procedures and legal standards needed for a lawful impeachment proceeding, it was easier for the progressive socialists in charge of the House to procure assistance from the Lawfare Group to upend the legislature and to unlawfully circumvent the Constitution and various rules of law. These changes were made 2 or 3 days after the House turned over to the Democrats and was nothing more than a partisan process to assure that the progressive socialists could attempt the Soviet-style show trial that they are working with the media to push on the American people.

Schiff, Schumer, and others are now throwing a temper tantrum over the Senate not doing the required investigative work that was required in the House. The new emails that they are using as a pretext of needing more witnesses are, in a word, a dud. All it proves is that President Trump was withholding aid in conjunction with an investigation of Ukraine's corruption.


Schiff, running from his lies and transgressions, has adamantly opposed the request of testimony from the whistleblower and Joe Biden. He has yet to release the ICIG testimony from the House because it will show Schiffs collusion with the CIA operative who he groomed, along with Lt. Col. Vindman to be the whistleblower for the start of the impeachment. Just like the partisan talking heads that Schiff brought forward in the House impeachment, the whistleblower has zero first-hand experience and was only parroting the talking points given to him.

Schiff has gone even further as to declare himself not a fact witness, also though he lied about meeting with the whistleblower and lied in the opening of the House impeachment. Schiff is definitely a fact witness and should be questioned by the Trump Impeachment managers along with the whistleblower. What Schiff needs to answer to is the revelation that Eric Ciaramella and Sean Misko were discussing the elimination of the Trump presidency in January 2017, days after the Trump inauguration.

Of further note is that Seam Misko joined the Schiff team in July 2019 one day after the President's initial call to President Zelensky and a few days before Ciaramella submitted the hearsay whistleblower account.The entire impeachment is based on hearsay evidence from a partisan holdover from the Obama campaign whose sole purpose is to remove President Trump. Ciaramella talked to Misko and the rest of Schiff’s staff and did not notify the ICIG that they had spoken. This is illegal, and the assistance that Schiff and his staff gave to Ciaramella is not defined. The only truth that can be told is that Schiff lied on national television when he said neither he or his staff even knew who the whistleblower was.

There are lies in plain sight that pencil neck Schiff uses over and over. One is that President Trump is ignoring subpoenas from the House. Not mentioned by Schiff is that there were no subpoenas, Nancy Pelosi never called for a full House vote on impeachment, and therefore, subpoenas could not be issued. The House never established the impeachment and did not have the ability to use subpoenas via "Judicial Enforcement Authority," as stipulated in the laws passed by Congress. There was no authoring vote. This was done by design what they are trying to pass off as subpoenas but was requesting voluntary witnesses and documents. The Pelosi/Schiff/Lawfare group initiated that policy to leave the Executive Branch with no legal recourse, but what did not consider is that it also gives them legal recourse to request witnesses in the Senate proceeding. This process of a non-vote on impeachment means it could not be taken to court where they were concerned about being denied.

So now, they have painted themselves into a corner. The President's impeachment knows everything written here and will make a concerted effort to make the American Public aware as well. As long as the Schiff lies are allowed to be the main narrative in the media, it has changed nothing. Like claiming that President Trump implored Russia to hack Hillary's email when said a joke at a rally, and even the press laughed, it will prove once more that the progressive socialist Democrats will do whatever they can, legally or illegally to remove our President.

I would caution Adam Schiff with the words he continues to spew forth like candy.


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