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December 10, 2019

 Behind The Façade Is Proof America's 'Would-Be Masters' Are Pathetic, Feeble Varmints With Mysterious Pasts, Long-Standing Ties To Sociopaths & Black Magic & Phony To The Core 


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

We are told that the movers and shakers in our society are, for the most part, extremely intelligent, competent, well-informed people who have mostly good intentions. But, gradually, we are learning of the depths of corruption and sheer evil that infect the deep state and the New World Order (NWO) elite who control the state. Collectively our elites resemble the Wizard of Oz, who, seemingly so formidable, turned out to be a weak little man hiding behind a façade.

No less a figure than Tucker Carlson has pointed out that our would-be masters, underneath their arrogance and pretentiousness, are not the brilliant intellectuals they imagine themselves to be, but, for the most part, are mediocre intellects or worse. Sure, they have impressive sounding degrees, possessing scraps of paper from “prestigious universities” like Hahvahd and Yale and Stanford, the places where the children of the rich go to have their tickets punched so as to be admitted to the club. These institutions were probably never quite as good as they were hyped to be, and standards in all our former schools and universities have declined drastically over the last few decades.

Many of our beloved historical figures are not what we have been led to believe. The sainted Abraham Lincoln was a corporate lawyer working for the railroads before entering politics. He supported a constitutional amendment to keep slavery legal. He waged an illegal and bloody war against the Confederate states and only “freed” the slaves in those states, which he did not yet control. He advocated shipping all the Blacks out of the country, preferably back to Africa…which is how the nation of Liberia was born.

He suspended habeas corpus, dissolved the Maryland legislature, and imprisoned his political opponents. With his Civil War he killed more Americans than any other President…so far. FDR pretty much hid the fact that he was mostly confined to a wheel chair. His New Deal measures actually prolonged and worsened the Great Depression. He waged an illegal secret naval war on Germany before Pearl Harbor, and knowingly left us vulnerable to attack at Pearl Harbor.

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We are told that the Witch Hillary is a brilliant intellectual, because, after all, she is of the female gender and she is a Demoncrap. She was graduated from law school; even if she actually earned her degree, this mainly just requires the talent and discipline to memorize reams of information. She failed the Illinoying bar exam, and passed the bar exam in Arkansas…after Slick Willy became a powerful and influential figure in that state. Leftists pretended that George (Bush) II was an idiot, meaning that they considered him a conservative (he was not) and believe that all conservatives are fools (wrong again). They hinted that he did not earn his degrees, and they may have been right…but this applies equally to many prominent figures on the left.

And we have all seen videos of the Witch and others of the elite at book signings, surrounded by their adoring fans, who are there to see and be seen by the right people. Yet most of us know that few who buy the books will ever read them (or much of anything else for that matter). We also know that creatures like the Witch do not write the books themselves; that would require self-discipline and some mastery of the English language. They are produced by ghost writers and are mostly lies. The elites are phonies to the core.

The best example of this is Hussein Obama (or whatever his name is). We are told that he graduated from an exclusive private high school in Hawaii, passed numerous courses at Occidental College, graduated from suitably leftist Columbia University, got a law degree at Hahvahd, and edited the Hahvahd Law Review. We are told that he was an adjunct professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago, another den of leftist termites.

The problem is that there is no proof that he ever even graduated from high school. At least one former student at Occidental remembers him sitting in on classes, but no transcripts have been revealed. No one remembers him at Columbia and Hahvahd. No one has come forward to write a book about being Hussein’s roommate, lover, teacher, student, or classmate at any of those institutions. Such a book would have been a best seller, and the writer could appear on talk shows…who could resist such wealth and fame? It appears that, almost certainly, Hussein never even attended any of these institutions, let alone graduated.


And then there is the matter of his birth certificate. Early in his campaign for the Presidency, patriots demanded to see his birth certificate, since there was, from the start, some doubt that he was a “natural born citizen,” or a citizen at all. Finally, grudgingly, he released his short form birth certificate, but the Hawaiian short form certificate is issued with no verification of the birth required. This raised even greater suspicions, and, finally, he released his long form certificate, but there were problems with the document, including the fact that it was out of sequence and Hussein’s father’s race was listed as “African,” but that term, for race, was not in use at the time of his alleged birth; Black people were officially referred to as “Negroes.”

While the controversy was still raging, Loretta Fuddy, Hawaii Health Director (the department in charge of birth records) was the only fatal victim of a mysterious plane crash. Stranger still, she and Stanley Ann Dunham (Hussein’s alleged mother) both belonged to the Indonesian Subud cult. And Hussein’s social security number (or, rather, the number he alleged was his) was issued in Connecticut, a state where he never lived or worked.

Hussein claimed to be heterosexual, but he had been something of a regular at a homosexual bathhouse in Chicago, along with Rahm Emmanuel, his WH Chief of Staff and later Mayor of the failed city of Chicago, and more than one person (at least one of whom died mysteriously) claimed to know that Hussein was a homosexual, a member of Chicago’s “down low” subgroup of closeted Black perverts.

Aside from the fact that he is a communist (meaning fascist) and probably a homosexual, we know next to nothing about this creature. He is, incredibly, probably an illegal alien. We don’t know if his alleged father was really his father; we can’t even be certain his alleged mother was really his mother. If he was not legally qualified to be President, all of his executive actions, every law he signed, and all his judicial appointments are invalid, null and void. Yet this scarcely matters in a nation that is no longer a free republic and no longer enjoys the rule of law.

Even more incredibly, there are some very serious questions about Hussein’s alleged wife, “Michelle” Obama, or whatever her(?) real name is. Supposedly she(?) was born Michelle Robinson 1/17/64, and graduated from Princeton with a degree in sociology and a minor in “African American Studies.” It has always been well known that students too stupid and lazy to earn a degree in a real academic subject would go for a degree in sociology or education. But all the various “studies” courses, none of which require any study, are for people too stupid to get a degree even in sociology. Nevertheless, she was given a degree, and then a degree from Hahvahd Law.

She and Hussein were allegedly married by the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright at his “church,” where he preached hatred of Whites and hatred of America. But, all along, people have noticed that “Michelle” appears unusually tall and athletically built and has rather masculine features. All of that proves nothing, but there are videos on the web showing “Michelle” wearing tight pants and displaying an unmistakable bulge in her crotch area. Unless she keeps her spare socks there, “she” is not a she. So Hussein could be a homosexual communist illegal alien “married” to a transvestite, and God only knows where they got their alleged children. We just don’t know, but, clearly, things are not as they seem.


And Hussein is not the first President with a mysterious past. We know who Slick Willy Clinton’s mother was, and his father is presumed to have been her first husband. But Slick was conceived when her husband was in the military in Italy; it would have been extraordinarily difficult for him to have travelled back to Arkansas. And if his biological father was his stepfather as a result of an affair while she was still married to her first husband, why not just admit it and end the controversy?

And Slick was a Rhodes scholar; these scholarships were set up by homosexual elitist Cecil Rhodes to groom American and British Commonwealth young men for positions of power and influence. This was his only scholarship; rest assured that his devoted worshippers in and out of the slimestream media would have let us know if he had won any others. His mother and stepfather were dirt poor gambling addicts and his stepfather was also an alcoholic. Slick never dirtied his hands with anything so common as a job, save for clerking one summer for Senator Fullbright (another Rhodes scholar and a leftist).

So who paid for his four years at Georgetown and his years at Yale Law School? Clearly, someone very rich and powerful had selected Slick for something big while he was still in high school. Perhaps that someone was his real father or someone connected with him. But even if he was the son of, say, one of the Rockefeller clan, why not just admit it? The film The Devil’s Advocate was about a young Southern lawyer whose father turned out to be none other than Satan. Keep repeating: It’s only a movie.

And the Witch Hillary was born at the time Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and L. Ron Hubbard (yes, that L. Ron Hubbard) were performing magical rituals to bring about the birth of the Whore of Babylon, who they said would be named “Hilarion.” Of course, that’s just a meaningless series of coincidences. Of course.

Some of our would-be masters allegedly served heroically in the military. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified for the Demoncraps at their latest impeachment farce, showed up at the hearing wearing his Army dress blues and a Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, and jump wings and a ranger tab. Now it takes a little will power to step out from the door of a plane hundreds of feet up; I know whereof I speak. And the US Army Ranger School is a nightmarish ordeal requiring extreme physical strength and fitness. Graduates have to complete scary confidence courses and endure weeks of food and sleep deprivation.

When I saw the pudgy Vindman on TV with his weak, girly man face, I began to have some doubts. Yes, I know that appearances can be deceiving, and he was probably once more fit than today. I have met some special operators who had a perfectly ordinary appearance. Maybe Vindman really is the man he claims to be. But the Army, a few years ago, began lowering standards and given women extra time and special preparation so that they could “graduate” from Ranger School.

So why should we trust any badges or patches worn by military personnel? The sleazy Robert Mueller was allegedly a USMC infantry officer and Vietnam vet, and an airborne ranger as well. Maybe so. A man can be tough and fearless and also be a sociopath; consider the Japanese soldiers of WWII, or the Waffen SS. But we know that the military brass are denizens of the deep state swamp, and they lie and lie and lie.

The Demoncraps are demanding Trump’s tax returns all the way back to the last ice age. What would we find if we could see Slick Willy’s returns, or Diane Slimestein’s? Given the proven arrogance and politicization and corruption of IRS officials, how do we know that the tax returns of prominent figures mean anything at all? How do we know that Hussein Obama, for example, ever really paid taxes?

Question everything. Save your belief for God.

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