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July 15, 2017

Retired US General Warns: 'This Could Be Tragic On An Unbelievable Scale' - 64,000 People Could Die In The First Hours Of A War Unlike Anything The World Has Ever Seen Before

- And Millions More Could Perish Soon After - A Look At Our World At 'The Breaking Point'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult and Politico from July 7-9, more Americans now regard North Korea as a greater threat to America than ISIS. While 16% of Americans consider Russia the greatest threat we face, 30% believe our biggest threat is ISIS while 40% of those polled consider that North Korea is now the most dangerous to us after their recent ICBM launch.

While most Americans agree that it's time that we solve the 'North Korean problem', available options are severely limited as even Department of Defense Head General James "Maddog" Mattis has warned, any war with North Korea could quickly devolve into the worst kind of fighting imaginable with conservative estimates that 64,000 people could die in the first 3 hours alone of a "war unlike any seen in generations, perhaps ever".  

In the capital area of Seoul, South Korea alone live an estimated 24 million, with over 100,000 Americans living in a city that Kim Jong Un has continually threatened to turn into a 'sea of flames' should war break out. As General Mattis recently stated, "if this goes to a military solution, it's going to be tragic on an unbelievable scale". And while South Korea and Japan would be in immediate regional danger should war break out, in this new story from The Sun that the Drudge Report linked to Friday morning they report Kim Jong Un has issued a new threat to America: "to ‘annihilate the US in a single blow’ if the United Nations imposes sanctions over its nuke test".


Anyone who's been paying attention understands that there is only one way that North Korea could take down the entire US in a single blow and that is if there were an EMP strike upon us that took down the electrical grid across the nation. While a nuclear strike or series of nuclear strikes upon major US cities would be absolutely catastrophic, with massive losses of life, such attacks wouldn't annihilate our entire country in one shot as North Korea now threatens to do.

Is their new statement proof they have the weapons necessary to take down the grid?

NORTH Korea’s nuke-obsessed leader Kim Jong-un has warned the US is “inviting its ultimate doom” if it continues to push for UN sanctions over his ballistic missile tests. The threatening response came as new sanctions have been proposed after the hermit state’s test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile last week. It comes as Mr Trump has launched a global campaign to tackle the North Korean threat and last week urged Kim’s ally China to apply pressure over his nuclear program.

Kim’s mouthpiece, the Korean Central News Agency, quoted North Korea’s foreign minister as saying his nation would respond to any new UN sanction “resolution” with its “act of justice”. The TV broadcast said: “The successful launch of Hwasong-14 “has fully demonstrated the will and capability of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) to annihilate the US in a single blow to the very heart of its mainland in case it fails to act with discretion.

“It is time for the US to renew its perspective on the DPRK’s strategic position which has reached dazzling heights. “However, it is inviting its ultimate doom by resorting to the sanctions and pressure campaign against the DPRK. “It will be a fatal mistake to consider any chance that the DPRK which rose to a dignified nuclear power and an ICBM state would tolerate the reckless ‘sanctions’ racket of the US and other hostile forces.”


While it's now been widely reported that North Korea could now strike Alaska, as we reported on ANP back on April 19th of 2017, many experts now believe that their KN-14 and KN-08 missiles would put most of the US and the world within range as seen in the next graphic below as was originally reported on Zero Hedge.

Yet even a nuclear strike upon New York or Chicago wouldn't take down the entire US in one blow as North Korea now threatens to do. Is all of this just more talk and 'fluff' coming from the mouth of the North Korean dictator? We remind you of this January 13th of 2016 story from Breitbart called "North Korea: Scientists ‘in High Spirits’ to Destroy U.S. ‘All at Once’ with H-Bombs". The same threats have been made by North Korea over and over and over again.


However, as we've previously reported on ANP, two North Korean satellites that fly over the US several times every day that could carry miniaturized nuclear weapons and possibly deliver the 'knockout blow' that North Korea is now apparently warning of could bring down the US in one blow if experts warnings are correct.

Flying directly over the US again and again as can be tracked here and here, we remind that Dr. Peter Vincent Pry previously warned KMS 3-2 and KMS-4 were capable of delivering an attack upon America far more devastating than any single nuclear weapon could ever be capable of. From this previously published ANP story.

According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, the H-bomb recently detonated in a test by North Korea fits well within the requirements of a 'Super EMP', a device that could nearly instantly send America back hundreds of years and wipe out our electrical grid over a huge portion of the country according to the Washington Examiner. In fact, according to Pry, the US is not only totally defenseless against such an attack but North Korea has practiced such EMP attacks against America already.

Dr. Pry previously served on the 'Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack' and his warning to us helps to explain much of the mystery that has surrounded this latest North Korean nuclear test that some experts said was nowhere near powerful enough to have been a hydrogen bomb test. We learn here of a 'different kind' of hydrogen bomb that would indeed have such a 'low yield' as was detected.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened a 'merciless sacred war' against its enemies and as we learn here, a 'Super EMP' weapon would be much more dangerous to the United States than the most powerful H-bomb ever built due to its potential to kill off 90% of the US population - the masses dead through starvation and the collapse of society. Forget a massive bomb that could completely destroy cities; this one could be far more devastating to America.


While many Americans continue to write off the threat that North Korea poses, former Green Beret Jeremiah Johnson's recent story over at SHTFPlan titled  “There Could Be A Nuclear Strike Against The United States Coming Soon” warns we can clearly lay the blame the threat North Korea now poses at the feet of globalist Barack Obama.

Giving us evidence that "the true objective of Obama regarding North Korea was to pursue a laissez-faire policy and allow North Korea to progress, becoming a viable threat, as it is today" and "all of this was deliberately planned by Obama and his handlers", we see what might be a globalist false flag unfolding before our eyes.

However, the preparation taking place is very real as Off Grid News recently reported, the threat of a nuclear war with North Korea is sparking a mad rush to build bomb shelters. While Reuters recently reported that North Korea likely has more nuclear bomb building material than had been originally believed, Fox News recently reported many reasons why a 
'surgical strike' upon North Korea would never work and would be a very bad decision. 

With President Trump, General Mattis and the world left with nothing but very poor options ahead on how to handle this North Korea problem, we understand why Johnson warns a nuclear strike upon America may be coming soon as we also hear in the 2nd video below, patience is running out as more and more threats are made.  

In the first video below our videographer take a very long look at the 'North Korea problem' and the EMP threat, sharing with us many different stories while looking at many different sides of the EMP threat in an attempt to determine if the threat is real or ridiculous. Those who think its 'ridiculous' might be suprised by much of the information uncovered. 

As we hear in the final video below from Mike Adams from Natural News in his Health Ranger Report, so many things are at the breaking point now in our chaotic world in 2017 that the year could officially be nicknamed 'the breaking point'. Between financial chaos and the globalists seemingly still preparing to bring down the economy on President Trump's watch, we understand why Trends Forecast Gerald Celente has long warned, "when all else fails, they bring us to war".  

If you haven't prepared yourselves for whatever life may bring us, there is still time to do so and you can find some great offers on all kinds of different survival gear and food at Mike Adams ANP special deals, including radiation detectors, here.

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