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July 30, 2019

This Is Why America Is In Much More Trouble Than Most Understand: 'You Cannot Reason With The Criminally Insane Whose Ultimate Goal Is The Destruction Of Western Civilization & The Extermination Of The Human Race'

- America Is Already A Banana Republic, Transitioning Into A Full-Blown Third World Hellhole

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Thanks to the Gang of Four…Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Presley, the left is out of the closet now, revealed for all to see. All three are women, and women “of color,” a catch-all expression used only by leftists. Two are Muslims; one is a typical Black racist who hates all Whites; and all are communist, which really means fascist. Omar is an immigrant, a Somali who may have committed immigration fraud and tax fraud, but don’t expect her to be punished or even deported.

All hope for any justice anywhere in our former Republic died many years ago. Our “justice” system, routinely and at every level, releases vicious criminals and railroads innocent people into prison, often for political reasons. We are already a banana republic, transitioning into a full-blown Third World hellhole. Even without the madness now being demanded, we were already drowning in public and private debt, crime and violence (much of it by Blacks against Whites), and uncontrolled immigration, really a massive invasion by people who despise us and have no intention of assimilating.

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But all of this was not enough for the Gang, or for all the other Demoncraps who worship them. Consider the platform OAC advocates, which includes her “green new deal,” designed to save the planet from the imaginary menace of global warming. AOC wants to phase out fossil fuels and nuclear power, including inherently safe molten salt thorium breeder reactors. We will derive our energy from moonbeams and gentle breezes. This means no cars or planes; perhaps we will still be allowed to ride bicycles and sailboats. The trucking industry that delivers food and other necessities to us peasants will be eliminated; but AOC perhaps imagines that food magically appears in supermarkets. Cows cause global warming with their flatulence, says AOC, so, apparently we must phase out meat for the serfs, and we can eat a vegan diet, like thousands of years ago, when only our aristocratic masters ate meat.

We must refurbish every single building in America (never mind that we cannot even maintain our infrastructure at present) at a truly colossal cost. Crime rates are beginning to climb again, due to immigration and “reforms” to our injustice system that are already taking effect, but that’s not enough, say the leftists. We need to more or less open the prisons and release all those adorable muggers, rapists, and murderers, while disarming the law-abiding citizens (but not the security guards who protect the leftist elite). We must abolish ICE and stop even pretending to control our borders; let the entire America-hating Third World, literally billions of them, stream into what used to be our country.

Meanwhile, college must be “free” for everyone, for our young people have not yet been sufficiently dumbed down, indoctrinated, and morally degraded. And of course; health care will be “free” for everyone, including a couple of billion “undocumented Americans.” Right. And let us not forget the glorification of promiscuity and sexual perversion, and the left’s obsession with child sacrifice, a.k.a abortion, now gradually being extended to children already born and out of the womb. The truly “woke” people support all of this; “woke” is how illiterates spell “awakened,” implying the spiritual awakening the creatures will never, ever experience.

Anyone with even a shred of sanity remaining can see that any one of these measures would rapidly collapse our economy and turn us into a larger version of Somalia. But only a little over half of the American people are even close to being rational. Substantial numbers of voters are degraded leftists, Black racists, and people who want free stuff paid for by us.

There are not enough of them to win most national-level elections, but never underestimate the ability of Trump and the other RINOs to (as the saying goes) snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And there will be massive vote fraud, depend on it, with dead illegal aliens voting ten times apiece, and the RINOs will merely protest feebly, if at all. Never mind that only 27% of Americans support Pocahontas Warren’s plan to decriminalize illegal immigration into our country. Never mind that an 11/18 Rasmussen poll shows that 61% of Americans are in favor of the death penalty and only 23% oppose it. What our elites want, they get.


In fact, even without the rampant vote fraud of the obvious kind, we have not had a truly honest election in many, many decades. There cannot be an honest election when one side controls most of the money for campaign finance, or when the government literally uses our tax money to pay welfare parasites to vote for leftist candidates who promise them more and more “free” stuff. The leftists control the major mass media outlets via some six major corporations, and, in addition, PBS and NPR, funded with our tax dollars, are blatantly leftist.

The internet, no doubt to the consternation of our masters, has turned out to be a truly free alternative media source, but the billionaires who control the major internet companies are all left wing fascists and are gradually censoring more and more conservative sites. There can be no free elections when our public schools and our once great universities are now leftist indoc centers, deliberately dumbing down, morally degrading, and indoctrinating our young people.

And let us not forget the mysterious deaths of Americans who opposed the agenda or who knew too much for their own good about Pearl Harbor, the communist infiltration of our government in the nineteen forties and fifties, or secret government black ops…remember Frank Olsen and James Forrestal. And what was free or honest about the shootings of JFK, RFK, MLK, and George Wallace, events that reshaped our political landscape? What about the Clinton body count and the shooting of Seth Rich? Jeffrey Epstein must sleep with one eye open.

Hard core leftists (and Muslims) are people who long to do acts of violence against helpless victims and still feel good about themselves for serving what they pretend is a noble cause. As for rank and file “moderate” liberals, they are guilty of vanity, Satan’s favorite sin, and are total conformists, eager to be accepted by the “right set,” even though they imagine themselves to be “free thinkers.” All they have to do is swallow and regurgitate the leftist line and they are, by definition, compassionate, free-thinking, progressive intellectuals, not to mention sexy, sophisticated, bold, and daring. Yes, all that, and no effort, thought, or study is required.


Win or lose, the left has becoming increasingly violent, or at least more open about it, despite their long history of pretending to be “frightened” of “violent right wing extremists.” They can always get their favorite thugs, inner city Black welfare parasites, to riot at any real or imagined threat or insult. Antifa, the fascists who label themselves as “anti-fascists,” are mostly White rent-a-mob types, mysteriously funded and allowed by corrupt local officials and police to run rampant, attacking heavily outnumbered victims, and parading about with “assault rifles,” which the left claims to oppose.

Like their Isis Muslim comrades and most Muslim women, they dress in black uniforms and black masks and hoods. Of course they are too cowardly to show their faces, and black just happens to be the color of Nazi SS dress uniforms and the favored clothing style of Satanists. But then leftists and Muslims are rather thinly disguised Satanists. If the left ever attains complete control, Antifa, racist Blacks, and MS-13 types will be the concentration camp guards and we patriots will be the (short-lived) inmates.

Regular police, eager to obey orders in order to protect their careers, will happily round us up. It is better to fight like men, win or lose, than to die like cowardly sheep.

If the left loses the election in 2020, BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa types will openly riot and attempt to murder as many of us as possible. If they win, they will still attack us, and the roundup of dissidents will begin shortly thereafter. Negotiation or compromise between us and them is impossible. As I have said before, regarding their Islamic comrades, you cannot make agreements with someone who always violates every agreement he makes. You cannot compromise with someone whose only goal is your extermination.

And you cannot reason with the criminally insane, whose ultimate goal is the destruction of Western Civilization, and, ultimately, the extermination of the entire human race…including themselves. Yes, they really are that evil and that insane. The Demoncraps are the party of racist Blacks and Hispanics, Muslims who hate everyone, street criminals of every kind, prostitutes and pornographers, and sexual perverts and self-mutilators. Again: very, very soon we must either die like sheep or fight like men.

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