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December 12, 2018

More Hints Paradigm Shattering Events Await Us: 'When They Pull The Plug, Everyone's Lives Change At That Moment'

- America At The Brink As Globalists Push For Western Civilization's Extinction


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the past several years ANP has been documenting the fall of America through what many have described as an all-out attack upon Western civilization via many different avenues including the well-coordinated censorship of Conservatives, Christians and the independent media by an increasingly totalitarian 'big tech' and now as Christmas approaches, we're reminded once again of the globalists war upon Christmas, Christians and anything tied to Jesus as Susan Duclos recently reported in this ANP story.

And while the mainstream media and political left will never admit to the 'new world order conspiracy' and such attacks upon America as such a 'conspiracy' to take down our nation could be seen as acts of treason that they themselves had been participating in, as we hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story featuring Steve Quayle on the Ted and Austin Broer show, when those who've long conspired to take down America finally 'pull the plug', everything will instantly change in everybody's lives at that moment. 

Nearly 20 years ago on his radio show, Quayle had said the epithet on the tombstone of America will be 'died of political correctness' and as we hear from him in the video, America has clearly been undergoing a full-scale Communist takeover. Seen perfectly in the Soviet Union-style persecution being carried out by Robert Mueller in his witchhunt upon President Trump and his close associates, what reporter Jerome Corsi has labeled 'stasi-like', we had reported back on July 6th that it was none other than Mueller himself as head of the FBI from 2001 to 2013 in which the 'boiling frogs police state' in America was constructed and began to flourish.


With Mueller's witchhunt upon President Trump nothing less than an attempted globalist coup of America, even President Trump recently warned that should the Democrats move to impeach him, his supporters could 'revolt'. Yet this war upon President Trump is so much bigger than just a war upon him, it's an all-out war upon America and Western Civilization and POTUS's plans of putting America's needs ahead of the globalists agenda. Had President Trump bought into globalism the way that other US politicians have, does anybody really believe that the 'war upon Trump' would be continuing unabated?  

And with populism surging around the world as hundreds of millions awaken to the globalists sinister agenda, (we see in France and throughout Europe people saying 'no' to what has been delivered to them), the globalists response, especially to Brexit in Great Britain and POTUS Trump in America, PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt their 'globalism at all costs' agenda. The globalists have quite literally said "to hell with what 'nation states' and the populists want, we'll do whatever we want, anyways". 

With Steve Quayle also w
arning us that the intentional destruction of the Western world to bring on the 'new world order' has been ongoing now for many decades, he also warns that globalism, the 'new world order' that George H.W. Bush spoke of hundreds of times, is nothing less than the rule of lucifer, the fallen one. But for their 'new world order' to rise, Western civilization must be destroyed. 


And while those attempting to complete the destruction of America and Western civilization and values had gained major footholds during the '8-year reign of terror over America' by Barack Obama, President Trump in office immediately brought a screeching halt to what they had viewed for America in our future. A borderless country where anybody could come in who wanted to, ensuring endless elections won by Democrats with their illegal alien voters, and a total loss of national sovereignty similar to what most European countries are going through now under the EU and other globalist countries under the United Nations. 

So why is someone who has potentially committed treason against the United States due to his role in the Uranium One scandal and cover-up that saw Hillary Clinton allowing the sale of US uranium to Russia permitted to investigate President Trump based upon what amounts to 'fruit of the poisonous tree'? 
And knowing Mueller's role in the creation of the 'American-stasi' here in this country should be enough to make any sane person realize that Mueller is the very enemy of freedom and liberty.  

As William B. Stoecker recently reported of Mueller on ANP, Mueller also had a long history of covering up the very worst of crimes against America. Yet this corrupt cop is investigating POTUS while Hillary and her laundry list of crimes against America including treason walks free. From his story.:

"Mueller was FBI Director from 2001-2013, taking over just in time to ignore the pleas of lower ranking (and apparently honorable) FBI agents to do something about Arab immigrants learning to fly airliners but not land them. In other words, Mueller let 9/11 happen. Then he orchestrated the cover up of what was most certainly an inside job. For this monstrous crime alone he deserves a speedy ticket to the land down under…and I’m not talking about Australia."

So we can see how all of these attacks upon President Trump and 'Western civilization' are all  tied together to the globalists agenda to complete their castration of American sovereignty and bring the strongest nation still standing to its knees.

Yet as we've reported previously on ANP, as long as the 1st and 2nd Amendment's remain intact, the globalists will never be able to complete their destruction of America without a paradigm-shattering event, an event such as a nuclear war, a country-wide biological terror attack or one of numerous other events that finally brings America crashing down. 


So how might the luciferian globalists 'pull the plug' upon America? While many have long believed they'd do so via engineering another catastrophic economic collapse, we're getting more and more indications that they might take it another route and initiate a false flag EMP or cyber attack that takes down the electrical grid here, sending 325+ million back to the dark ages. 

As Susan Duclos reported today in this ANP story, for the 2nd time in just a few weeks, a United States government agency has released an official report warning of a potential catastrophe to America should we get struck by either a natural or man-made EMP, with the reports quite literally warning such an event could lead to the end of America. 

The reports hold back no punches, warning of "carnage, death and mayhem" in this country should suddenly and without warning, 325+ million people have no power. And as the United States EMP Commission has warned Congress over and over again, an EMP that took down our electrical grid could lead to the deaths of 90% of Americans within the following year to 18 months. 

So if the globalists are looking for a quick though incredibly painful way to complete their destruction of America, an attack that took down our electrical grid for 6 months or more would absolutely do the trick. And while Congress has been told that 90% of Americans would likely die from starvation or the physical chaos that would be unleashed following such a paradigm changing event, the globalist-linked website Deagel is still forecasting a mass die-off for America by 2025. As we've reported previously on ANP, deep-state linked Deagel is forecasting the population of America in 2025 to be approximately 100 million, 227 million less than were living here in 2017. 

And with a potential war between Russia and the Ukraine looking more and more likely every day, a war that could see NATO defending the Ukraine thus the US and Russia more close to war than ever, Steve Quayle tells us in this video that he truly believes that the most important thing that Americans can do right now is to prepare for what appears to be coming. As the CATO Institute reported back in September, Washington DC was moving more and more lethal weaponry to the Ukraine, angering Russia and now these recent events have pushed the situation from simmering to explosive. Is war now inevitable within days or weeks? 

And anyone who thinks that what is happening now between Russia and the Ukraine isn't tied to the globalists war upon President Trump hasn't been paying attention. As ABC News reported back in November, of the list of questions that Robert Mueller submitted to President Trump, one of them was "a query about a controversial change to the Republican party’s convention platform in July 2016 regarding the U.S. providing arms to Ukraine." Yet we continue shipping weaponry to them. 

With the war upon President Trump also amounting to the globalists proving that they'll stop at absolutely nothing to impose their totalitarian agenda, even going so far as taking their war to the President of the United States of America, imagine what they might do to the rest of us should they succeed and run Trump out of office or worse. 

In the 2nd video below we hear an eye-opening poem by Randy Conway who also warns us we're living within times where America and freedom are precariously on the edge, quite literally one catastrophic event away from turning this country into something that we wouldn't wish upon our worst of enemies with nothing that can stop the chaos and insanity that would follow it.

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