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October 31, 2017

Colossal 'Conspiracy Theory' Now Confirmed May Have Profound Implications For November 4th With Outright Chaos The 'Endgame'

-  Plans To 'Take Down President Trump And America' Reach Upper Echelon Of Democratic Party 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on October 2nd, we asked in this story on ANP if 'democrat-sponsored terrorism' had just exploded in America after the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas had possibly been linked to ISIS with the terrorist group claiming shooter Stephen Paddock had been radicalized by them. As Newsweek recently reported, a terrifying possibility of why that hasn't yet been officially denied or confirmed is ISIS is seeking to further undermine American's confidence in President Trump and his government and stir up a populace already calling for President Trump to be removed from office. 

As we pointed out in that October 2nd story, we have absolute proof that both antifa and ISIS have received funding from the Democratic party and their associates such as George Soros and within that story, we expanded upon antifa's plans for nationwide terror attacks across America on November 4th, threatening to take to the streets until President Trump is removed from office.

While the msm has been calling antifa terror attacks on November 4th a 'right-wing conspiracy theory', as we see in this brand new story over at the Daily Mail that needs to be spread far and wide, we now have proof that members of left wing groups here in the US traveled to Germany for the G-20 meetings last July and actually MET WITH members of al Qaeda and ISIS to plot the destruction of President Trump. How deeply does the 'rabbit hole' go? With a massive 'electric grid down' drill now being held by the DOD all across America, and on the same day as antifa begins their 'reign of terror', possibly as deep as a rabbit hole can go.  


Warning within the DM story that the collusion between American anarchists and ISIS and al-Qaeda is the greatest challenge to law enforcement here in the US since the Weather Underground and the Black Panther Party, it's becoming easier to see that America is being herded full speed ahead towards a potential social cataclysm. A scenario that would be exactly what is needed for the totalitarian globalists who are steering the 'resist' movement to bring in a 'United Nations takeover' and their dictatorial 'new world  order'.

(We should remember the Weather Underground's Bill Ayers ties to Barack Obama and Obama's ties to the Black Panther's while Hillary Clinton's ties to radical Marxist organizer Saul Alinsky are legendary.) 

As the Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, proved to us in her 'Stop Arming Terrorists' bill, the US government under Barack Obama was providing weapons and money to groups that were providing direct and indirect support to groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, groups killing Americans, a practice that President Trump thankfully put a stop to.

And we have much proof of the Democrats and their constituents funding the 'resist movement' that is now threatening to take to the streets of America on November 4th, promising to 'make America ungovernable' until President Trump and VP Mike Pence are driven out of office. While we here at ANP stand strongly with the rights of Americans to protest against injustices as that is part of what makes us a 'free society', we also stand strongly against the violent tactics that antifa has been using and threatening to use against ordinary Americans who might simply be President Trump supporters. 


With antifa issuing death threats to others who they disagree with (compared to standing up for the rights of all to speak freely, even those who they might disagree with), as Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on September 29th, undercover video shot by a producer for comedian Steven Crowder proved that antifa was planning violent attacks upon innocent Americans in November, with the mainstream media ignoring the evidence. From that story.:  

You will also see a discussion where they discuss weapons, guns, as well as seeing illegal knifes being handed over to other group members to attack people with, and one segment where an Antifa member is telling others where to buy "K-Bar" knives, explaining what they are stating that "since this one is like tiny, so you have to really stab them," before talking about where to "lure" the victims.

By the end of video coverage below you will also see that Crowder offered the same video footage that they handed over to law enforcement, which according to him resulted in at least one arrest, to multiple media personalities that were on the scene, and not only did they not accept the evidence to report on, but did not report the existence of the evidence, even after violence did indeed break out at the University of Utah on Wednesday, as a conservative speaker was appearing.


Why does 'the left' hate America so and why is the mainstream media continually whitewashing violence being carried out and threatened to by antifa? While we here at ANP will be among the first to admit that we stand strongly against state sponsored terrorism and we well understand the anger many feel about injustices, we also know injustice crosses racial lines. Yet we are so incredibly fortunate to live here in America where we are still allowed to speak our minds truthfully and freely with our freedoms evidenced by the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and the very existence of alternative media outlets such as the Drudge Report, Natural News, Steve Quayle, Infowars, Zero Hedge, SHTFPlan and ANP. If we lived under total tyranny, we'd ALL be silenced. 

While many on the left disrespect and burn the very flag of the nation that allows some of them to accumulate millions in riches and live like kings and allows others to peacefully protest against injustices and perceived injustices, in many other parts of the world people are living in squalid poverty and slaughtered for their political beliefs or lifestyle choices. Rather than making millions for playing a kids game while running with a ball, in other parts of the world, people are running away to escape ISIS or Boko Haram or the tyranny of the Saudi Arabian or Iranian governments or the many other tyrannical governments all around the world.  

With many gays in Europe now turning Conservative as they realize most Muslims and certainly not ISIS have any love for them and would rather chop off their heads than embrace their rights, will we soon see a 'mass awakening' here in America as liberals realize they're simply being used as clueless tools by the same totalitarians they think they're protesting against? The story we share below from a Hollywood Conservative should be a 'must read' at all college campuses across America. 


In closing, we take this extended look at an excellent story over at Fox News by a very rare commodity in 2017, a conservative in Hollywood, in a story titled "Why the #Resist movement has it completely wrong". Actress Julienne Davis gives us a look at the 'resist movement' that makes way too much sense but if everybody who thinks they are 'resisting' in America would read it, and learn from it, America would be in a much different place as we move into November of 2017 and antifa's threats of making President Trump's America 'ungovernable'. 

Everywhere we look on social media we see the #Resist banner. From millionaire Hollywood celebrities, to radical university professors, to liberal pundits hyperventilating as they spout off on TV, we see members of “the Resistance.” It’s oh-so fashionable, enlightened and politically correct. And frankly, nonsensical.

But what is this Resistance of our self-proclaimed saviors? What does it stand for?

The reality is that the #Resist movement is not the revolutionary force that it pretends to be. Rather than battling the Establishment, the Resistance is the Establishment and is extraordinarily powerful. It must be the first resistance movement in history that actually runs most of the nation and makes up most of the political and cultural elite.

The pillars of the Establishment masquerading as the Resistance are:

The Indoctrinators. This is made up of academia and the education industry. Members range from K-12 teachers to tenured university professors and administrators. They are more concerned with social justice activism than teaching. They are the most insidious, because they are shaping the minds of our children and future generations.

The Enforcers. These include social media giants Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, pushing a leftist agenda and trying to stifle conservative ideas and speech. Add high-tech conglomerates such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. Then throw in the left-leaning CEOs of many huge multinational corporations – billionaires like George Soros, Ted Turner and Richard Branson. On top of that, add thousands of liberal nongovernmental organizations. Collectively they spend millions of dollars promoting left-wing causes.

The Propagandists. This consists of nearly everyone in the media-entertainment complex, including most TV news channels, broadcast networks, newspapers, websites and the film industry.

The Democratic Party. The wealthy and powerful party of the left has minions throughout the American civil service and the Deep State.


As Davis asks us, does this sound like a struggling, oppressed and poorly financed resistance? Or does it sound more like a vast, controlling, obscenely wealthy progressive network that uses all the tools at its disposal to oppose a democratic election result? What we're watching from Hillary and the left is straight out of a re-education camp with tools being used including indoctrination, propaganda, the suppression of free speech and even violence practiced by Antifa – the well-funded and armed wing of the Resistance.

Bizarrely, members of the Resistance are the very thing they say they are fighting against. They say they are fighting fascism, but they use fascistic methods to bully, demonize and silence all who disagree with them.

From Hillary Clinton calling Trump voters “deplorables” to the armed thugs of Antifa calling anyone with a conservative or libertarian viewpoint “Nazis,” the aim is to dehumanize their opposition. This is not what a real resistance to fascism would be doing.

Of course, many of those who unthinkingly support #Resist are tragically ignorant of what the movement stands for. They don’t realize they are supporting the Deep State – powerful and utterly corrupted members of our government who see themselves as rulers and elites, and not as representatives of the people.


While many on the left believe that they are fighting for socialism and true equality, as we read in Davis's conclusion, such hope will eventually lead to a dictatorial police state in America.  As we've previously reported on ANP and has been well documented by history, socialist governments more often than not lead to total government barbarity, widespread injustices, mass murdering campaigns and all opposition shut down and silenced. 

While some have claimed that we here at ANP are 'anti-government' or 'anti-LEO', as those who've long read us clearly know, nothing could be further from the truth. We are simply anti-CORRUPT-government and we stand strongly against any 'dictatorial police state' which said 'corrupt totalitarian government' would seek to bring into America.

As we see in the absolutely outstanding conclusion below from Julienne Davis, America was rapidly headed in that direction under President Obama and what would have been 'President Clinton' (We convulse just thinking about that possibility). It is very easy to be 'pro-government' and 'pro-law-and-order' while being ANTI-corrupt-government and ANTI-dictatorial-police-state' in America despite what seem to be obvious contradictions.

Thankfully, America hasn't quite reached what actress Davis warns us would be the 'end game' if we keep rushing headfirst into where we are being herded by freedom-hating ISIS, antifa, and those who provide them seemingly unending funding in their last-gasp attempts to take down President Trump and this great country. They will fail. From Davis.: 

For progressives this sounds great – it’s the path to the utopian future they so desire (with John Lennon’s “Imagine” piped through loudspeakers ad nauseam). However, because big government is required in order to attain this global egalitarianism, it is only a matter of time before socialism, communism or fascism will follow.

Military dictatorships tend to also be part of that package. How will a dictatorship come into play? Disarm the citizens and abolish their right to keep and bear arms. Make sure that only the elites, the government, the police and the military are armed. This achieves the goal of ensuring that citizens are helpless to fight against a tyrannical ruler.

For the leftist #Resist movement to be fully realized, freedom and liberty will have to go. It sounds crazy. But to those who believe in leftist groupthink, egalitarianism is more important and noble than liberty.

The self-proclaimed Resistance is the antithesis of resistance. It is anti-freedom, pro-establishment and part of the Deep State. I hope the American people can see the #Resist movement for what it actually is and treat its agenda with the derision it deserves, so we can survive this threat to the freedom and liberty of our great country.

So it's true. President Trump supporters all across the country are the new 'counter-culture', the REAL anti-fascists, fighting for freedom and liberty for all Americans and future generations while the left fights to silence those who they disagree with, sometimes forever.

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