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January 31, 2016

'Zombie Ships' Another Sign Of 'Dark And Dangerous' Days Ahead As Shortages Mount - 'The Situation Might Be About To Get A Lot Worse' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

A story over at the Australian Financial Review tells us that 'Zombie ships' are now cluttering ports and coastlines; we're told "they sit there empty, chewing up money, the ships that signal what's happened to global trade". The story over at Ship & Bunker tells us that Allied Shipbroking warns that 1,430 vessels will need to be laid up to restore balance...almost 15% of their current fleet we're told. Seeking Alpha tells us companies may need to consider layoffs after record lows in the Baltic Dry Index while the Canadian Cattlemen tells us commodity shippers are wondering how much lower the floor can go as declining rates are causing some companies to dock their ships while other companies go completely out of business.

The signs we're now seeing everywhere that dark and dangerous days are ahead are outlined below and they include two recent SQAlert's from readers who share with us their own recent 'shortage' experiences that we should all be paying attention to. We also share several recent news report videos that should be enough to convince every American to become a 'prepper'. First, from the Australian Financial Review.:

The shipping industry is facing its worst crisis in living memory, as years of rapid expansion fuelled by cheap debt have coincided with an economic slowdown in China.

"People are struggling to remember an era when it was this difficult. We've gone through what it was like in the 1990s, the 80s and the 70s, so expressions like 'living memory' start to apply," Jeremy Penn, the chief executive of the Baltic Exchange in London, says.

Fears about the global economy have caused the Baltic Dry Index to fall more than 20 per cent in 2016, to its lowest level since records began in 1985. The Baltic Dry, compiled by the exchange, is an indicator of the cost of shipping dry bulk goods such as coal, iron ore and grain and finished goods such as steel. It is renowned for predicting the world's financial fortunes.

"What is damaging shipping is a zombie fleet, which accepts freight at maverick prices just to keep going," Kidwell says. A zombie ship is one that can make some contribution to interest payments on its debts, but has no hope of repaying the capital. The situation might be about to get a lot worse.  


An overlooked story on CNBC a couple days ago told us that in 2016, anywhere between a half-a-million and a million people will lose their food stamps this year as states across the country revert back to a strict 3-month limitation on benefits. With so many Americans now unable to find jobs while many existing companies are closing plants and cutting jobs across the board, how will millions of Americans find food when warnings of widespread food shortages worldwide have already been going out from many different sources?  

As ANP has previously reported, the only thing standing in between civilization and anarchy are 9 meals. As the 1st video below shows us, many Washington DC grocery stores had empty shelves after merely a snowstorm, leaving customers asking what happened to all the food and amazed at how quickly what was in the store was all gone. What happens when economic collapse, war or worse arrive and the chain of instant food and supplies nearly completely dries up? We're clearly heading in that direction and the answer to what may happen then is clear.   


It was aptly pointed out this morning on the website of Steve Quayle that this latest Baltic Dry Index drop coincides with reports coming in across the country of food shortages and empty store shelves as shared in the several SQAlert's republished below. 
Like a slow-moving but unstoppable freight train barreling down upon us that only picks up more and more speed once it gets moving, these alerts help to tell us the story not being told in the mainstream media news.

The new videos below include a look at how drug shortages are forcing some medical doctors into unethical practices; this drug shortage has only just begun, what does this say for what is down the road for us? The 3rd video below looks at the nationwide retail collapse and how all of this is tied together and why Americans should be concerned. 

Steve, I got ready to inform you of the shortages I was seeing at Lowe’s & Home depot, but at first I thought it might be my imagination so decided not too, but after reading your webpage about others I decide to let you know.

Steve, I got ready to inform you of the shortages I was seeing at Lowe’s & Home depot, but at first I thought it might be my imagination so decided not too, but after reading your webpage about others I decided to let you know.

The other day I was looking for a new router and started at Lowe’s, and seeing as they only had two of the more expensive models I went over to Depot to find they only had one of the more expensive models and one disassembled floor model. I started looking around for other items in the tool department, thing you would normally see on display and noticed most of what they did have were of a more expensive line and even those were spread out to make the shelves look full. Now I don’t know if this just happens to be the time of year they change what they stock for spring, but I don’t recall seeing this in the past. As a side note: the grocery shelves are definitely in steep decline, and not just one but all four stores where I shop


Hi Steve, I work at a grocery store, part of a huge chain. Normally, when we are out of an item that is in our flyers, we can write a rain check for the customer to purchase within the month. There have been a few times lately, when we have an item on our flyers, the distributor is totally out of the item and we can't write rain checks as they don't know if we will be able to get that item again. One time last week the actual company (not just the distributor) had no more of this item in stock. So there are shortages up here in Canada too


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