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April 20, 2018

Patriot Warns America Is In Extraordinary Danger And Needs An Extraordinary President To Lead Us Out Of The Abyss

- Patriots need to think of prepping and survival and resistance to tyranny…by any means necessary

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline 

I was researching an entirely different article, but I set my notes aside for the moment to say something I had hoped never to have to say. Whether he has been, all along, an evil agent of the Illuminati (or NWO elite or whatever they call themselves lately), or, as seems more likely, he is an impulsive, sometimes even foolish man easily deceived by the neocons, Trump has effectively betrayed his base and led America to the very brink of a nuclear holocaust that could easily have been avoided.

He has, in addition, not even begun to keep his promise to “drain the swamp” and destroy the unholy power of the Deep State and the elites who control it. At one time many of us had hoped that Trump would at least save us from the worst consequences of over a century of misrule, during which time our economy has been plundered, our borders opened to invaders, our best young people killed or maimed in unnecessary wars, our freedoms gradually extinguished, and a large percentage of the American people dumbed down, indoctrinated, and morally degraded.

Many of us never fully trusted him, or even liked his style, but at least he said things that are true and which no other politician was saying. He as much as promised to end our eternal, undeclared wars, and hinted that he might pull out of NATO (an organization that long ago outlived any usefulness it might once have had) and perhaps even get us out of the UN. We couldn’t be sure we could trust him, but we knew we could trust the Witch Hillary…trust her to complete the final destruction of America so ably begun by Hussein Obama.


And Trump has done some good, reducing the regulatory burden on our corporations and fighting back against China’s unfair trade policies. He has at least somewhat curtailed immigration and at least temporarily stopped the invasion of “refugees” from nations that support terrorism. And it must be said that his failures are not entirely his fault, for the Demoncraps and RINO/Neocons have fought him every inch of the way, and attacked him with unprecedented ferocity. In fact, Trump Derangement Syndrome has had the good effect of driving leftists into their final madness and revealing their true nature to those of us with eyes to see.

But, perhaps being too timid (the last thing we would have expected) and afraid of giving his enemies an excuse to impeach him, he failed to move at once to drain the swamp with mass firings and indictments. He failed to issue pardons to the many good people who have been railroaded by the Deep State for political reasons, people like former Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean, although he has at least just pardoned “Scooter” Libby. He could have appointed a true patriot to clean out the DOJ, but he made Little Jeff Sessions Attorney General (I admit, Sessions used to have me fooled too) and has failed to remove him, contenting himself with complaints that Little Jeff is not doing his duty. True enough, but a leader does not tweet; a leader gives orders and fires those who disobey.

Trump fired the despicable James Comey, and Little Jeff fired Andrew McCabe, but the other swamp dwellers in the DOJ and FBI are still in place, including Rod Rosenstein, who appears to be the one really controlling the DOJ. Had Trump begun a real investigation of the crimes of the Witch, Eric Holder, Hussein himself, and others on day one of his Presidency, by now many of the little fish would have rolled over to save themselves and fingered the higher ups, and so on.

That’s how it’s done…but Trump didn’t do it. And now the statute of limitations is expiring on many of the smaller crimes…so why should the little fish cooperate? So now, in the spirit of true Luciferian inversion, Trump (who does not seem to have committed any real crimes) is being “investigated” by the real criminals, like Mueller, who should himself be investigated for a whole series of crimes…including 9/11. As a result of Trump’s failure as a leader, the FBI is carrying merrily on with its false flag attacks, in Vegas and in Parkland.


Not only did Trump fail to clean the swamp, but he filled his administration with CFR types, Bonesmen, and Goldman Sachs alumni. As UN Ambassador he appointed neocon Nikki Haley, a warmonger, and now he has brought in Mad John Bolton as security advisor. Mad John has never seen a war he didn’t like, except the Vietnam War…he joined the Army National Guard to avoid the draft. People like Mad John start wars and leave it to others to finish them. He is a Yale graduate (a Bonesman?) and, of course, a lawyer…like almost all of our would-be masters.

Before being elected, Trump was critical of our undeclared (hence unconstitutional) wars, but after taking office he has kept them going, and even supported Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Then he again stated that he would pull us out of Syria, where we have supported the Islamists who became ISIS and opposed the regime of Assad, a relative moderate. Then he changed his story yet again (this is decisive leadership?) and said we would stay in Syria for the time being but he would get us out as soon as possible. In other words, he is pretending that he wants to do the right thing, but circumstances don’t permit it.

This is right up there with blaming everything on Little Jeff while keeping him in place, or signing the bill renewing sanctions on Russia after saying he was against it, or saying that he would veto the spending bill…and then signing it. And just recently he has launched a massive missile attack on Syria (the second time he has done this) in response to an alleged gas attack for which there is not one atom of proof. This brings us into direct confrontation with Russia and vastly increases the chances of a nuclear holocaust. And for what? The Russians didn’t respond to this attack because Trump gave them and the Syrians advanced warning and carefully limited the attacks so that they would do little real damage. But why attack at all if it will have no real effect?

As of now it seems almost certain that Trump will never clean the swamp, end the wars, or reduce tensions with Russia. There will be no justice, for the rule of law in America died with our late, great Republic, and Hussein, the Witch, and the others will almost certainly never even be indicted, let alone tried and convicted. Even if we avoid nuclear war, the economy will eventually decline or even collapse, due to continued deficit spending. We are in extraordinary danger and need an extraordinary President, but all we have is the lesser of two evils. From now on we patriots need to think of prepping and survival and resistance to 'deep state' tyranny…by any means necessary.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of ANP. 

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