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November 13, 2018

Uncomfortable Fact For Liberal Feminists: Women's Suffrage Was A Republican Achievement, So Quit Bashing 'White Women' For Voting Conservative

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Since the midterm elections all I have been seeing is liberals, specifically women, attacking conservative "white women" for daring to think for themselves and choose the candidates they wanted to support, then voting for those candidates. I, for one, am getting sick and tired of seeing their ignorance on display day after day.

(Actress Tweets this to her 30K followers)

Liberal Hollywood continues to show a distinct lack of class as the screen shot of the now-deleted tweet shows, but the arrogance and ignorance of history here needs to be addressed.

Here is another one that the actress (who I actually had to look up because I had never heard of her), retweeted from another blue-checked liberal feminist: "Hey White Women. Get your sh*t together. We will keep having uncomfortable conversations because you are making life hard for everyone when you curl up at night with patriarchy to find your comfort."

Really...... ok, they want a "uncomfortable conversation," so be it.

The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, passed through Congress in 1919 and was ratified in 1920, and states "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex."

Notice it says nothing about "how" women should vote, that was left to their individual choice, no demands at all as to what party those women should vote for, and the assumption that I am seeing in article after article, that to be a conservative "white women" that automatically makes our vote, if we vote for a Republican, a vote for "patriarchy," is utter and complte bull manure.

Here is a bit of history that those liberal feminists never seem to mention, or even acknowledge, if they are even aware of it: Women’s suffrage was a Republican achievement.

Some key points here were made in 2010, via R.W. Johnson:

• When the House of Representatives passed the 19th Amendment in May 1919 it did so by 304 votes to 89, with Democrats only 104 to 70 in favor but Republicans 200 to 19. In the Senate, Democrats were in favor only by 20 to 17 but the GOP voted for it by 36 to 8.

• Once it had been passed by Congress, the amendment had to be ratified by three-quarters of the 48 states. Of the 36, 27 were Republican and two were non-partisan.

• Women contributed heavily to the huge Republican landslide in the 1920 elections. In strong Republican areas in the North voter registration increased by well over 100 per cent as women registered en masse but in the Democratic South only around 35 per cent of women voted. Most of them voted Republican.

Perhaps these liberal feminists, rather than demanding conservative women change their thinking, should ask themselves why they consistently vote for a party that actively fought against their right to vote!



Only one thing annoys me more than seeing a bunch of white Hollywood snowflakes bemoaning and attacking "white women" for voting for Republicans, and that is seeing the amount of pompous, racist black women (and men, yes, looking at you Don Lemon), spewing hatred and bigotry, along with an unhealthy dose of outright racism against those white women.

For example, someone that describes herself as a "black feminist historian" over at Vox, thinks anyone really cares that she is "disappointed by the ways white women vote."

A couple of key paragraphs from Treva Lindsey's hot mess of a piece:

As exit polls roll in from some of the high-profile races of 2018, it appears that black women voted overwhelmingly — specifically, 92 percent nationwide — for progressive candidates. In three key races where Democrats challenged conservative incumbents, such as Florida’s Andrew Gillum, Texas’s Beto O’Rourke, and Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, black women turned out in similarly high numbers for these progressive candidates. The election of black women such as Massachusetts’s first black woman Congress member, Ayanna Pressley, Lucy McBath in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, and Connecticut’s first black woman Congress member, Jahana Hayes, were also important outcomes carried by black women. In all the races in which exit poll data exist, black men were not too far behind in turning out for progressive candidates.

But nationally, white women were a much more divided group. Forty-nine percent of white women voted Republican nationwide (49 percent voted Democratic too). Forty-seven percent of white women voted for Gillum, while O’Rourke only received 39 percent and Abrams 25 percent of the white female vote. This early exit poll data follows a disturbing recent political trend: The majority of white women have not been part of a Democratic voting bloc throughout the 2000s.

What I would consider the disturbing part of this is how Lindsey doesn't seem to have a problem acknowledging that the majority of the black community votes according to identity politics, while by her own acknowledgment, white women are more diverse and split evenly between the two political parties.

The rest of her screed continues to perpetuate the utter fake news that Republicans, and therefore white women voting for them, "choose to uphold white supremacy and patriarchy." 

Calling out white women’s continued support of conservative politicians isn’t excusing or ignoring white men’s commitment to electing these candidates. It’s an assertion of a profound and perpetual sense of betrayal. Far too many white women are willing to throw women of color under the bus — and, indeed, vote against their own best interests — in favor of white supremacy and, often, misogyny.

What a bunch of cow dung.

First off, who the heck does she and all the other racist black women think they are to even attempt to tell anyone else, of any color, what is "best" for them? I support candidates for the specific reason that they represent my best interest, my community's best interest, and my family's best interest. 

That is what the 19th Amendment is all about, a movement Republicans pioneered, the right to support the candidate of MY choice, not Lindsey's, not the Hollywood snowflakes, not the modern day "feminists."

While I am done quoting Lindsey's nonsense, I will mention she also goers after Latino's for not voting "progressive" enough.

How about Lindsey and her ilk, mind their own business regarding how other people vote. One would think they never heard of the 19th Amendment.

The reason racial divisions continue to get worse in America is because people like Lindsey continue to publish anti-white racist screeds.



The examples above are just a drop in the bucket, as we see at The Guardian, a headline "Half of white women continue to vote Republican. What's wrong with them?" This is type of arrogant mindset and attacks against white women are being seen all over liberal websites, all across social media, and being spewed by liberal media outlets.

RelatedLiberals blame white women for Democrats’ failures in midterm elections — and they’re vicious

Here is a news flash to liberals, especially those attacking conservative white women: All your pontificating, your accusations, your attempts to control "white women" are going to do, is drive more way from a party that thinks they have the right to tell others what to do. Attacking "white women" is not likely to bring them over to your way of thinking.

In fact, just the opposite will happen as we "white women" tend to gravitate towards the party that respects our vote, or to be more precise, respects our constitutional right to vote as we please.


Every single time a liberal attempts to claim that women voting for Republicans is supporting "misogyny," or "patriarchy," it should be countered with the fact that it was a Republican majority that gave women the right to vote, therefore women supporting democrats are supporting a party that tried to keep them from ever being allowed to vote.

Counter their inaccurate, false rhetoric, with the facts. They may not acknowledge those facts, but some observing the discussion may actually go look it up and #WalkAway from the Democrat party when they learn the truth.

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