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January 17, 2020

Media Melts Down Over Senator Calling CNN Journalist A 'Liberal Hack' As The Federalist Proves They Are All Liberal Hacks 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The liberal establishment media has once again made total fools of themselves, showing they; 1) Are complete hypocrites; 2) Are so quick to jump on any story that they think reflects badly on Republicans they do not even do any basic research before reporting fake news, and; 3)  Are such little snowflakes they cannot handle any criticism or the truth as half the country sees it.

Manu Raju over at "Hacks R Us" better known as CNN, was "attacked" according to the liberal media, by Arizona Senator Martha McSally, when he asked her a question about impeachment to which she responded "Manu, you're a liberal hack, I'm not talking to you." Then after he asked her if she wasn't going to comment, she again called him a "liberal hack."

Claiming McSally's comment to Raju was an "attack" against the poor snowflake who took to Twitter to whine about McSally, claiming she "lashed out" at him, is none other than Politico's Kyle Cheney. Cheney also appears to be outraged over the fact that one hour after McSally called Raju a liberal hack, the domain "" was purchased and is now selling shirts for Donations, which read "YOU'RE A liberal hack BUDDY."

Cheney, proving once again that it is not just CNN pundits that report fake news on a regular basis, claimed that McSally registered the domain an hour after calling Raju a liberal hack, because he had a screen shot of McSally's Senate Twitter account promoting the T-shirt.

Unfortunately for Cheney, it wasn't McSally that registered the domain, it was WinRed, who is a conduit PAC with a donation platform and according to the disclaimer right on the website, "Paid for by WinRed. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee."


McSally also responded to Raju on Twitter, after he complained about her "lashing out" at him for calling him a liberal hack by saying "A: You are. B: Here's the video" and she attached a video from another angle.

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While we will discuss the fact that multiple CNN employees all rushed to defend Raju from this horrible, violent "attack" against him (yes, sarcasm!), Chris Cuomo's reaction happens to be the most hypocritical of them all, as he went on air and called McSally a "punk."

This from a man that completely lost his mind in  public, caught on camera, when someone dared refer to him as "Fredo," referring to the weak, stupid brother from the Godfather movie. As you will see below, Cuomo claimed that calling an Italian "Fredo," was like using the N-word (Nigger) for African Americans, before threatening the to throw the man that called him Fredo down the stairs.

So, what is more "punk" behavior, calling a CNN journalist a "liberal hack," or Cuomo threatening to throw someone down the stairs for calling him Fredo?

Other CNN employees that rushed to defend Raju include Anderson Cooper, Andrew Kaczynski, Astead Wesley, (NYT and CNN analyst), Wolf Blitzer, Don Lemon (who discussed it with Cuomo), Chris Cillizza, and more.

If Cuomo should get the punk award, then Cillizza gets the Trump Derangement Syndrome award because he thinks that McSally's comment is President Trump's fault, because ..... ORANGE MAN BAD!"


From the reaction of not only CNN pundits and employees, but other liberal networks, like Washington Post who called McSally's comment a "vicious outburst," The Daily Beast, The Hill, New York Times, TIME, and many others, one would think McSally killed someone or something.


Polls show the American public sees the liberal bias from the establishment media. The last three years proved that bias beyond a doubt as the media, the largest outlets to the smallest, all hyper-ventilated over the "Russian collusion" hoax, and after the nearly two year long Mueller investigation gave them nothing, and determined there was no collusion established, that same media moved right on to the next "impeachable" story claim without ever apologizing for their fake news about Russia.

While all the outlets are guilty of doing that, CNN holds a special place among those that reported inaccurate, false and outright fake news.

Interestly enough, the same day that McSally caused the media to melt down by hitting them with the harsh truth, Sean Davis from The Federalist offered the proof that that CNN is full of "liberal hacks." Davis started a Twitter thread where he linked to all the Federalist stories detailing CNN hackery.

Twitchy has links to each piece and tweets, but the basic theme of what each article is about is described by Sean, listed in the bullet points below:

• CNN Contributor: Media Mistakes Are Why People Should Trust The Media

• CNN Still Hasn't Corrected False Story On Comey's Classified Memos

• CNN Settles Lawsuit After Defaming Pro-Life Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann

• CNN Falsely Claims Merkel Chose G20 Location To Hurt Trump

• Nunes Sues CNN For Defamation Following False Vienna Collusion Story

• Did CNN Lie About Ted Cruz Being 'Afraid' To Talk About Guns?

• 61 Hacks Who Peddled Collusion And Should Never Be Trusted Again

• Report: James Clapper Leaked Dossier Briefing To CNN, Lied About It

• 10 Times CNN Told Us An Apple Was A Banana

• CNN's Favorite Con Artist Indicted For Stealing Stormy Daniels' Book Advance

• CNN's Latest Retraction Is Just The Tip Of The Fake News Iceberg

• CNN Just Published A Fake Quote From Abraham Lincoln

• CNN's Chris Cuomo: Saying I Make 'Fake News' Is Just Like A Racial Slur

• Parkland Student: CNN Canceled Me Because I Retweeted Clay Travis

• CNN Cut 540 Words To Frame Trump For 'Favor' He Never Requested

• CNN Botches Basic Gun Fact, Then Refuses To Correct The Error

That is quite a list and thanks to Sean and The Federalist for putting it all together in one thread.


Rather than soul-searching and determining to do better, media pundits, employees and so-called journalists continue to push false narratives, selectively edited clips, and outright fake news, with every single mistake showing a liberal bias, never wrong reporting about the other side of the political aisle. Yet when called out on it, publicly, on camera, the entire lot of them get up in arms, screeching about how "vicious," those calling them out are, and how they are being"attacked."

Maybe if they looked into the mirror now and then and noticed their own "attacks" on conservatives and President Trump, they could start to rebuild their credibility, but at this point, no one is holding their breath and waiting for honesty from them.

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