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November 4, 2015

Are Chemtrails Dispersing Ebola & Plague Infected Web-Like Substances In Order To Initiate Pandemic Across The US?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Cobwebs tend to take on a particular menace at this time of year, but military scientists have been conducting research that turns them into something deadly. Researchers working for the UK's Ministry of Defence have been spraying spider webs with diseases including Ebola and the Black Death."  Daily Mail October 30, 2015

On November 2nd, after ANP reader Stacy White emailed us several photographs, Susan Duclos published a story called Mysterious 'Substance' Falls From The Sky In Texas And Arizona - Exclusive Reader Photos.

Since her story was published, we have been made aware of a disturbing number of similar incidents across the country including in Ohio as reported by Intellihub, a new video of mysterious fibers floating in the sky as well as a recent note republished below from a Steve Quayle reader who has seen this mysterious, sticky web-like substance falling from the skies in Tennessee. Are chemtrails used as a 'delivery system'?

Even more disturbing is the possibility that these webs could be used to initiate a 'pandemic' across America as was brought to our attention by a well-trusted source. Just as disturbing, we learn that according to recently uncovered weather modification documents from 1979, weather modification can be used in the 'gun control agenda' and is tied to it according to this new story from Chemtrail Planet, explained in great depth in the 4th video below. Is this why the NWS, NOAA and Commerce Department are now being gagged by the federal govt? What do they know that the govt doesn't want the rest of us to know? Much more below.


The recent story at the Daily Mail proved to us that 'mad scientists' are hard at work right now spraying spider webs with deadly diseases such as the horrific 'black death' as well as with equally horrific Ebola. Why scientists would do such a thing is quickly answered, or so they say - they want to know how long such diseases can survive in the environment after being left behind by the victims, or the weapons of mass death carrying them.

However, as Susan Duclos pointed out, once military scientists begin using such materials in experiments, it becomes indicative of future military applications.:

"Make no mistake, we are not saying these "webs" in Texas and Arizona are sprayed with Ebola or the plague, but the very fact that military scientists are using webs to experiment with Ebola and the Plague, is indicative of plans for a military application at some point.

We have seen much discussion about terrorists planning to weaponize both Ebola and the Plague, so it wouldn't be any great leap in logic to imagine that governments across the globe would be experimenting with the same type of biological weapon utilizing chemtrails in a manner to distribute a biological weapon over a vast area."


We know for an absolute fact that chemtrails have been found to contain “Aluminum”, “barium” and “strontium”, (See reports here and here with article by Intellihub here detailing the test results). Why would it be beyond possible to lace them with fibrous weblike Ebola and Black Death when we know they're already testing the use of such materials in spiders webbing?

We also know that several times recently, US Military labs have 'mishandled' deadly biological agents such as the bacteria that causes 'black death'. Why so careless with a disease that wiped out close to 60% of Europe's population during that time?

We've also just learned that in the Spring of 2016, monumental air tests will be done that will examine chemtrails according to this story from Fox 29 Will it be too late by then to get any results worthy of being utilized to bring about change, the end of these deadly chemtrails?

Mike Adams over at Natural News yesterday published magnified photographs of Stacy White's 'mysterious fibers' as seen below and more of them can be seen here. He has also told us he hopes to get a total chemical breakdown of what these webs contain via his forensic science laboratory before the end of the year. 

These filaments were as high as approximately 35' to 50' above the ground, gently floating from west to east. I didn't see any floating past me below the trees. The sky was blue and cloudless, except for some wisps of contrails or chem-trails. The previous 3 days in this area we were HEAVILY chem-trailed, especially at night. (Fibers seen below magnified at X200)


In the 1st video below from Lori Buelow our videographer takes a look at Susan Duclos' recent ANP story about these mysterious web-like substances that are falling from the skies in Arizona and Texas.

What do we see falling from the skies in this new video from borealmaple? These appear to be the same web-like substances seen in other locations - chemtrails, morgellons in what had begun as a clear sky with mysterious webs floating in the air.

In this next video, Spiro tells us all about the Daily Mail story for those who missed it. Could the military seed Ebola, black death and biological agents into chemtrails? Would they?

In this final video, Professor Doom tells us exactly how weather modification can be used for gun confiscation. These documents uncovered by Dane Wigington at GeoEngineering Watch are from the US Senate and should finally end all 'troll' arguments against 'weather modification'. Once again, why are our public servants in the National Weather Service and NOAA being gagged? This video is a real eye opener about weather modification and documents our videographer speaks of can be found here and here.

Could chemtrails be used as a biological weapons delivery system? We know for a fact that spraying has been done upon the US populace in various experiments and goes back may decades. Would our government do such a thing again to a totally unsuspecting population? Are these webs a 'test run' prior to a real event using such deadly diseases, whether here or in another far away land?

The note below from a Steve Quayle reader.:

Just read the link on your site about the Chem-Webs in Ohio.
I also saw them here in East Tennessee Tuesday morning, but just light
flurries, and not heavy concentrations. This is the first time I have seen
the webs here. I touched one myself, and saw it up close. It was the same
stuff shown on the other photos shown on your site links.


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