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July 5, 2015

WW3 On Rise As Global Disorder Trends Upward And Genocide, Plagues And Destruction Lay In Wait Upon Horizon


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With this linked  story from July 3rd on telling us that China is now blaming Morgan Stanley and other 'evil forces' for the panic that swept over the Shanghai Composite after $3.7 trillion was wiped out of the Chinese market soon after the US State Department accused hackers working for the Chinese government of hacking into the personnel records of millions of US government employees, we take a look at conflicting recent warnings given by a US General and the richest man in China that World War 3 is near. 

Jack Ma is the owner of the website Alibaba and the richest man in China. According to Ma, the Chinese billionaire, World War 3 is coming, but it will be a 'good thing'. While Ma foresees a WW3 that will pit China and America fighting TOGETHER against 'societies ills' (is the 2nd Amendment an 'ill' of society in China's eyes?), US General Martin Dempsey looks at WW3 much differently and in fact tells us that the probability of the US fighting a war against Russia is growing and China is only making matters worse due to their cyber spying and actions in the South China Sea.


Meanwhile, US General Martin Dempsey has released the 2015 National Military Strategy for the US as shared in the 1st video below in which he warns us that China and Russia both pose a military threat to the US and that a US war against another major power is quite probable. Dempsey quickly warns us that 'global disorder is trending upwards' while some of our 'comparative advantages' are beginning to erode.

This Market Watch opinion piece by Paul B. Farrell shares with us that General Dempsey isn't the only person concerned that World War 3 will likely be here, in fact, according to Farrell, World War 3 with China is dead ahead.

An American military report has warned of a growing probability of the United States fighting a war with a major power, Russia or China, with “immense” consequences.i

The report released on Wednesday by General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, singles out Russia and China as aggressive countries and a threat to US security interests.

“Russia’s military actions are undermining regional security directly and through proxy forces,” it says.

Russia is the only country in the world that is able to destroy the U.S. with a nuclear strike six times, according to the director of Russia’s major think tank of political sociology, Vyacheslav Smirnov.

First of all, Russia poses a psychological threat to the U.S. as it is the only country in the world that is able to destroy the U.S. with a nuclear strike six times. Just like they can destroy us. And Russia will pose a threat to the U.S. as long as this kind of proportion is present,” Smirnov added.

“China is a long-term threat to the U.S. Everybody knows that in 50 years China will be a serious and formidable threat not only in terms of economic, but, first of all, military might. And where might this military might lead after the modernization of the Chinese army is a question to the U.S.,” Smirnov concluded.

YouTube videographer David Vose tells us more about what potentially comes along with World War 3, genocide, plagues and destruction worldwide. We should all pray that General Dempsey and Vose are wrong about what is likely coming.

According to billionaire Jack Ma, World War 3 will be a 'good thing' and will likely feature China and the US fighting together against societies ills. With China demanding that Americans be disarmed, would they consider the 2nd Amendment one of 'societies ills' and is Ma actually warning Americans that the US government, along with China, will soon be coming for Americans guns?


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