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January 26, 2020

UPDATES! 4th Coronavirus Case Confirmed In The US - Like Scenes From The Walking Dead, Chinese Doctor's Twitter Shows Chaos Unfolding - Photographs & Videos Show Food Gone, Checkpoints Everywhere & People Dropping Dead In The Streets

- This Is Why We Prepare


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

ANP received a reader tip on Saturday from 'Logical American' who has been following the FluTrackers website as well as the twitter pages of several people from China, including a doctor who has posted numerous photographs, videos and updates of what's happening now, and with this new Reuters story confirming a rapidly strengthening virus, things appear to be much worse in China than we're being told.

While the Chinese government immediately hit back at a video by a nurse believed to be in Wuhan who claimed that 90,000 people in the city were already infected as the Daily Mail reports in this new story, posts being made over at FluTrackers as well as by Harry Chen PhD on twitter seem to confirm the nurse's reports of things being much worse there than government and media are letting the people know. That video is the 1st video at the bottom of this story. 

So we'll be taking a look within this story at numerous photographs, videos and updates that we've found on twitter, FluTrackers and elsewhere online which we hope helps to paint a much better picture of what's happening now in China, and with the world interconnected like never before, thus across the entire planet.

UPDATE! 4th coronavirus case confirmed in the US in California. 

With confirmed reports now out that there is a 14-day incubation period for coronavirus with the Wall Street Journal reporting that means it could take roughly two weeks for someone infected with the virus to develop symptoms although it's possible they could be contagious before showing symptoms, Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding warns that not only is he "deeply worried about this new coronavirus outbreak because the virus seemed to have an upward infection trajectory curve much steeper than SARS" but "this is thermonuclear, pandemic-level bad".

So while some claim that this is all a massive hoax, as ANP reader 'Icy Peacemaker' mentioned in a comment on this ANP story on Saturday"It should also be noted that this is a manufactured virus whose patent is owned by Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. There are those asserting this is a hoax. Would you be willing to bet your life on that? That said, and the globalist train of thought, I'm considering that the banksters who've been wanting a war to mask their perfidy, this may be the perfect opportunity to crash the system. In any event, it would behoove us all to keep an ear to the ground and be vigilant. Prepare to hunker down for at least a month or more."

So the rest of this story will be taking a look at pictures, videos and updates posted online by people in China which paint a much different picture of what is unfolding there now than we are being told by authorities.

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With checkpoints like the one seen above being rolled out across parts of China while in other locations such as the two seen in the photograph at the top of this story showing the Chinese people having to step up to prevent coronavirus carriers from coming into their communities, as we had reported within our January 25th story, we should all be prepared to self-quarantine ourselves here in America should this outbreak explode here.

With another case of coronavirus confirmed in Orange County, California and US hospitals absolutely NOT ready for coronavirus as the Wall Street Journal reports in this new story, we'll be on our own should this beast arrive here in its totality.

And not surprisingly as we see from the next image from Dr. Chen below, food is being bought up like there will be no more food tomorrow, giving us all another reason to purchase long term survival food that will get us through a 3 to 4 week 'self-quarantine' just in case SHTF arrives in America as well. 


Those who are taking medications should also stock up on as much as possible as we see in the next image below, what Dr. Chen calls a 'swarm of crows' has lined up to buy medicine as the virus spreads there. Though as he also points out, millions are completely unprepared in China and soon to be 'sitting ducks'as the entire city is quarantined. Something out of an apocalyptic disaster movie?



And the next 2 photographs from China help to confirm the 'apocalyptic disaster movie' theme with Dr. Chen claiming the photographs look just like scenes from The Walking Dead as transportation between cities is banned, with many places having no power and no food. Just imagine that same scenario unfolding here in America! Would you be prepared? 



A bizarre phenomenon that Dr. Chen has pointed out in numerous posts on twitter show people simply falling dead in the streets of China as seen in the photo below and the 2nd video at the bottom of this story. 

So we shouldn't be the least bit surprised that armed guards are being stationed at hospitals there.


While ANP is unable to confirm the numbers being thrown around in the FluTrackers post seen below, there have been reports of a death rate from this outbreak of a staggering 40%, a number also reported in this SQAlert and a number which would be not only 20 times higher than the 2% death rate of the Spanish flu but almost guarantee that the virus was weaponized. With a death rate of even 38%, as the poster mentions, he doesn't expect the CDC to reveal the true numbers due to that possibility causing mass panic though as he also points out, "the fact the CDC is not revealing this number scares the bejesus out of me"


So with it looking more likely that coronavirus will be something that could spread in America and it possibly being a weaponized virus, we urge all of our readers to prepare to self-quarantine at some point in time in the days ahead, especially with a 14-day incubation period and potentially alarming consequences for humanity as Mike Adams reports in this new story over at Natural News. Many more photographs and videos of what's unfolding now in China from Dr. Harry Chen's twitter account here.

And in another update, trucks apparently full of villagers escaped roadblocks in Wuhan, China. 

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