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July 21, 2018

Civil War Brews Within The Democratic Party As 'New Face' Of Party And Her 'Cult Of Doom' Ignore The Lessons Of History And Venezuela's Current Death Spiral With No End In Sight 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at Zero Hedge, 'Tyler Durden' reports  that former Democratic Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman has just written a scathing editorial over at the Wall Street Journal brutally attacking the 'rising star' and 'new face' of the Democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Just the latest 'mainstream' Democrat to attack the Democratic Socialist for what Lieberman calls her 'radical views', Lieberman held no punches attacking Ocasio-Cortez as not only being uninformed on issues but claiming that her approach of government ownership of private companies would not only decimate the economy but put millions of Americans out of work. 

Warning that Ocasio-Cortez's platform is much more 'socialist' than 'Democratic', Lieberman's story is more proof that a very real 'civil war' is now unfolding within the Democratic party with a huge group of former and life-long Democratic voters walking away from the Democratic party while the radical, pseudo-Marxist agenda becomes the rallying cry of the increasingly violent and hysterical far-left. 


And as we see detailed within this ANP story, while 58% of millenials actually WANT socialism in America according to this November 2017 Washington Times story which quoted the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s “Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes Toward Socialism,” if people such as Ocasio-Cortez and her 'cult of doom' followers actually turned their eyes a few thousand miles south, they'd be able to see exactly what happens when socialism is unfurled and fails in former socialist Utopia Venezuela.

As we've reported previously on ANP, with many people in socialist Venezuela resorting to capturing stray dogs in the streets or hunting down zoo animals for their next meals, is socialism really the direction that America should be turning in 2020, or ever for that matter?

And as we see in a recent story from Human Rights Watch, the abuses being carried out against the Venezuelan people by the government and 'security forces' is growing every day with children being killed and torture being carried out against the people. From this July 4th story over at Human Rights Watch

Since President Maduro came to power in 2013, there has been an alarming rise in the intensity of abuses and the severity of the rights crackdown in Venezuela. Political and civil society repression has stifled dissenting voices. Severe shortages of food and essential medicines have created life-threatening conditions. More than one and a half million Venezuelans have fled the country in response to the human rights and humanitarian crisis. In its report launched during the current Council session, OHCHR highlighted the climate of complete impunity, leading the High Commissioner to comment that “the rule of law is virtually absent in Venezuela”.

In its recent report, OHCHR highlighted that arbitrary arrests and detentions have been used increasingly by the Venezuelan intelligence and security forces since July 2017 to repress and intimidate civil society, political opponents, or any voices that might criticize the government or publicly express discontent. More than 12,000 people have been arbitrarily detained since 2014, with at least 570 people, including 35 children, detained in the period of 9 months between August 2017 and May 2018 alone. Many who have been detained have been held incommunicado, and have suffered cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment which clearly amounts to torture, including electric shocks, severe beatings, asphyxiation, and sexual abuse including rape.

Many of those who protest against the government have been summarily executed by security forces. The Bolivarian National Guard has actively blocked attempts to identify perpetrators, creating a climate of impunity. Between July 2015 and March 2017, 505 people including 24 children were murdered by security forces in ways that could amount to extrajudicial killings. In February, ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda announced that her office is opening a preliminary investigation into the use of excessive force, including killings and unlawful detentions.


Is that what the far-left wants to bring to America? As we reported on ANP back on July 12th, socialist governments throughout history have left behind them a trail of death and destruction and for some reason, those who clearly haven't learned the lessons of history are pushing for such a government here in America. 

As Walter Williams reported over at WND back in 2012, the death toll at the hands of socialist/communist government ranges well into the hundreds of millions in not much more than the past 100 years alone. From the 45+ million murdered at the hands of Mao Zedung in China over a 4 year period to the millions murdered via the forced famines of Joseph Stalin, mass purges by socialist government have been carried out upon the masses throughout history. Yet the far left wing of the Democrats is pushing for just that. Once again, from the Human Rights Watch story we see that, as throughout history, food is now being used as a weapon in Venezuela.  

Severe shortages of food and medicine are making it increasingly difficult for many Venezuelans to feed their families and have access to the most basic healthcare. The population lost an average of 11 kilos in 2017. Most Venezuelans go to bed hungry, and moderate to severe malnutrition among children under age 5 increased by more than 50 percent in 2017. Venezuela’s then-health minister released official data last year indicating that, in 2016 alone, infant mortality increased by 30 percent, maternal mortality 65 percent, and malaria cases 76 percent. Days later, she was fired.

The UN special rapporteur on the right to food has said that strategies to cope in times of crisis have “dramatic longer-term effects, particularly for women and children”. Stories such as Kim’s - a nurse who worked two jobs to provide for her children, trying to cure the sick amid the country’s shortages of basic medicines and supplies, but at the cost of barely seeing them – tells of how the crisis has disproportionate effects on women, who remain, in many families, the primary caregivers for children or other family members.

Earlier this year, a group of Special Procedures, including the Special Rapporteurs on food, health, adequate housing and extreme poverty issued a joint statement, saying: “Vast numbers of Venezuelans are starving, deprived of essential medicines, and trying to survive in a situation that is spiraling downwards with no end in sight”.


And while thankfully to this moment in time, America has dodged the increasing calls for socialism and kept Hillary Clinton and her 'open borders' policy that would have led to the end of 'America' out of office, as we've reported previously on ANP, Venezuela is a warning that 'there but for the Amazing Grace of God go we'. 

It's long been warned that civilization is only 9 meals away from total anarchy and the spreading violence in increasingly lawless Venezuela should be seen as a huge warning to the American people, especially to those who somehow never studied true history and somehow believe that socialism in America is 'the answer'. 

While this July 19th story over at the LA Times was titled simply "Americans Like Socialism Now", very few younger Americans remember the 'real cold war' nor the fall of the Soviet Union and what is happening in Venezuela never shows up on the radar of those who are actually calling for socialism in America. 

But yet many in the younger generations embrace socialism as if some long-sought 'Utopia', the answer to all ills, free stuff for everybody. All the time not considering somebody has to pay for it nor the kind of governments that are inevitably built up around socialism, often resulting in all-out totalitarianism and dictatorship. 


And while for most Americans, getting money out of the bank is as close by as the nearest ATM machine, as we see in the image above taken from this recent France 24 story,Venezuelans have to wait in line, quite literally having to queue up along with many others, in the hope of withdrawing cash from their banks.

Proving to us once again that its the banks that own our money once we put it in there, the hyperinflation rate in Venezuela is expected to hit 13,800% this year. Still hoping for socialism in America, Ocasio-Cortez? 

In the first video below, Infowars takes a look at the candidacy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and comes to much the same conclusion that we have, Ocasio-Cortez has not learned one of the most important lessons of history. In the 2nd video below, videographer 'Alltime Conspiracies' takes a look at the Venezuelan crisis from several different angles while the final video below from June of 2017 takes a look at how food is being used as a weapon. 

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