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January 8, 2016

The Clock Is Ticking: 'It Is Going To Get A Lot Worse' - Act Now And Prepare - X22 Report


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Dave from X22 Report offers and excellent overview of what is being seen in the economy, not just nationally, but across the board as the illusion starts dropping away to show a global economy that is on the verge of implosion stating "it cannot be stopped" as he asserts it will continue to accelerate.

He highlights the recent warnings from the UK of economic disaster on the horizon with Britain's Treasury Chief warning of a "dangerous cocktail" of new threats to the economy before he points to Canada's ongoing decline into depression.

We hear that despite the official unemployment rate continuing to decrease, initial jobless claims are trending upward as those not in the labor force at all continue on at near record highs. People are not working (94,103,000 of them), †have simply stopped looking for work for a variety of reasons, which manipulates the official unemployment record.

Dave then goes on to highlight stores such as Macy's announcing the closure of 40 stores with an expected 4,800 layoffs and Finish Line to close 25 percent of their stores to total 150 stores over the next four years. At the X22 Report website we see a number of businesses from Office Max/Office Depot to Walgreens to American Eagle Outfitters, all planning layoffs and closures in the next couple of years, inidicative of an ecomony that is not recovering despite claims to the contrary, but is instead spiraling out of control.

Pointing to the volatility we have seen since the beginning of 2016 in the stock markets with reports stating that stocks are off to the worst start in history for a new year, Dave says "the stock market is ripping itself apart" as it did prior to the 2008 crash.

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After detailing more high impact news and data, Dave states "We need to understand that it is going to get a lot worse, its not going to get better, its not going to all of a sudden improve out of nowhere."

Links to each of the news reports showing proof of his assertions can be found at the X22Report website.†

His main point is that it is all going to come to a point where the central bankers and the government can no longer hide the truth and will finally admit that everything has collapsed, saying "this is when people are going to get very afraid, when people are going to be scared."

In his conclusion he states "we need to get prepared for what is coming, you need to be ready. You don't want to be out there running around. You want to say 'you know something, I knew this storm was coming and I knew I had to get prepared and this is why I did it and thank God I did. Thank god I had the food, the water, the gold, the cash, a weapon, toiletries, medicines'....."

Get prepared.†


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