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May 5, 2018

'Cloning Hatcheries' Become Closer To Reality As Scientists Create 'Life' Out Of 'The Void' And Our 'Brave New World' Brings In Emerging Horrors  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the dystopian novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, human beings are 'manufactured' in a laboratory on a eugenics basis, without the need for human sexual interaction. Engineered through 'artificial wombs' in what Huxley called 'hatcheries', we see life once again mimicking art in this new story over at The Express in which they report scientists have created a living embryo in a laboratory, without either an egg or sperm, in what they call 'ground-breaking' but hugely controversial experiments: Life created out of nothing. 

Combining two types of stem cells to create the 'viable embryo' which the research team says will provide an 'unlimited stock' for medical research, critics warn its a huge step taken towards the cloning of human beings and while they report human cloning is at least two decades away, 'Watchmen' such as Steve Quayle have long warned that the technologies that we're openly witnessing today are NOTHING compared to what the 'gatekeepers' really have, still hidden away. 

Both Quayle and Timothy Alberino join David Knight from Infowars in the only video below to talk about Steve's new book "Terminated: The End Of Man Is Here", the rapidly growing 'transhumanist agenda' (which Knight tells us reminds him of the 'transgender' movement years ago that is now being openly thrown by the globalists into everybody's faces) and the technologies that are now being implemented globally which we're warned are birthing a new religion as those with the money to do so seek to 'become God' and human beings are done away with. From a blog called A Brave New World:

The future predicted by Huxley is a dystopia where systematic control of thought and behaviour are conducted through genetic engineering, biological conditioning and predestined genetic stratification. All these processes are carried out using highly advanced biotechnology in the ‘Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre’. Seven key processes occur in this hatchery to produce obedient, efficient and happy citizens.

We take a look below at those seven key processes that occur in "A Brave New World" to produce 'compliant' citizens.  


While transhumanism is still at the very fringe of what most of our society is now talking about, Knight reminds us that only a few short years ago, 'transgender' was also at the fringes of society but now, despite the fact that transgenders are only a very small percentage of our society, it's obviously a globalists 'ideal'. At the center of much of politics, the mainstream media, Hollywood and openly being put on display, will transhumanism soon be the same way? 

With today's technologies already being pushed very hard by the 'elite' with the nation of Saudi Arabia actually giving rights to robots while women are still heavily being oppressed there, Knight, Quayle and Alberino discuss the 'hybrid age' we're moving into where everything is quickly accelerating as we moved towards 'singularity' and what we're warned is the globalists ultimate dream, to have human beings who think for themselves and can disagree with their goals replaced by robots and eventually human clones, slaves for eternity, a boot forever stamping upon their non-human faces.  

 Quayle also warns us we're living in an age of a 'tech-adence',  'technological decadence', where eventually the globalists see our society similar to Huxley's "Brave New World" with no human reproduction. While we're happy to report AI experts have warned govts to NOT give rights to robots as such rights will intrude upon the rights of human beings, it's easy to see the signs in the road ahead, with 'the left' surely to call for robot rights, while most Americans remain totally unprepared for what's about to hit them.


With scientists having already used inanimate chemicals to create a living organism while just days ago, CNET reported researchers are now considering growing a mammoth-elephant hybrid within an artificial womb as they also discuss within this video proving to us just how far researchers are willing to take these new technologies, this February story over at Fox News was titled "Human/AI hybrids and gene editing are going to change mankind in a big way."

With secret societies largely in control of many of these new and emerging technologies, we're also warned that the elite are offering up transhumanism as a replacement to religion. Referencing this March story over at Slate titled "Thinking Outside the Old Religious Box" within which Slate reported it may be time to think about what religion really is (in an attempt to further sell 'transhumanism' as a 'new religion'), Quayle warns us of the potential of AI becoming 'demon possessed' and the potentially unimaginable horrors such AI could unleash upon mankind should some warned-of worst case scenarios unfold.  

Warning also that AI and transhumanism are some of the largest things that the human race will be facing in the future, they discuss "ancient lies and shiny new technologies and the transhumanists 'post human plan', what the technocratic elite have planned for our futures." Also bringing up the science fiction tv show 'Altered Carbon' where a human body is just a machine to use then pass on, life mimics art again as many transhumanists believe they'll be able to create an 'exact copy of themselves', able to transfer feelings, memories and consciousness and virtually 'live forever'. 


Also bringing up transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, who in this story over at Reason titled "Becoming Machines Is Part Of Our Destiny" claims he'd happily chop off one of his arms if he is able to get a 'robot arm' replacement and this April story over at the Daily Mail about 'self-styled transhumanist' Russ Foxx from Vancouver, Canada who has over 100 body modifications including horns on his head and a forked-tongue as we see in the photos above, Alberino warns that transhumanism is fundamentally luciferianism, satan offering a panacea as man merges with machine in an attempt to cheat death. 

With the elite believing transhumanism will allow them to become like (false) gods upon Earth with technology that they believe will allow them to live forever, the increasing use of crispr technology and other gene splicing technologies to create monsters once again reminds us of Huxley's dystopian novel and the 7 steps to 'creating' obedient, 'happy' citizens

STEP 1 : COLLECTION OF REPRODUCTIVE MATERIAL The first step involved is acquiring the necessary tools to produce an embryo – sperm and egg. In the futuristic society depicted by Huxley, the Hatchery obtains its sperm and egg through donations from the 30% of the citizens from each class that are left fertile.

STEP 2: FERTILISATION The next step in the process of reproduction is the fertilisation. This occurs in the fertilising room of the hatchery. The fertilising room contains 300 workers who carry out the process of artificial breeding.

STEP 3 : SOCIAL STRATIFICATION (BOKANOVSKY’S PROCESS) Bokanovsky's Process Immediately after fertilisation, the process of stratification of embryos into different class begins. The embryos of the Alpha and Beta classes remain in the incubator till the bottling process. Howe ver Gamma, Delta and Epsilon embryos are removed 36 hours after being re-incubated to undergo the “Bokanovsky’s Process”. The Bokanovsky process involves one egg budding and proliferating up to 96 times to produce 96 identical healthy adults from one egg. The process takes up to eight minutes where the egg is exposed to harsh X rays , the eggs that survive are then chilled and dosed with alcohol to enhance budding. The highest success rate is achieved when producing 72 clones

STEP 4 : THE BOTTLING ROOM The Bottling Process All morula (including Alpha and Beta) are then transferred from the incubators to the bottling room where they are transferred to larger containers lined with peritoneum from pigs. This is to imitate the abdominal cavity that lines all viscera . Once morula are placed in these lined containers, saline solution is poured in, the bottles are labelled with their date of fertilization, heredity, and of which Bokanovsky group they came from.

STEP 5 : SOCIAL PREDESTINATION ROOM From the bottling room, the morula pass through the Social Predestination Room . (Little detail is provided in the novel about the events that take place in this room.

STEP 6: EMBRYO STORE Mofications carried out in the Embryo Store From the social predestination room embryos are transferred into the embryo store which is described as a a dark and red environment akin to mother’s womb. It is here that majority of the engineering of embryos take place.

STEP 7: INFANT NURSERY The final stage in the development of the foetuses is the c onditioning that occurs in the nursery where these children are “raised”. Here children are taught key social rules and regulation though powerful methods of conditioning and hypnopaedia. Delta children are taught to hate books and are electric shocked at the sight of them. Alpha and Beta babies are taught moral lesson through hypnopaedia where they are told they should be glad “ they are not gamma” and “everybody belongs to everybody

Sound familiar? 


In Steve Quayle's new book "Terminated: The End Of Man Is Here" he takes a look at what tomorrow may bring using the news headlines of today and warns us that the road signs are quite easy to read for those paying attention but most are blinded by 'the ultimate seduction' that these new and emerging technologies bring to the table. 

And while Elon Musk's warnings of AI potentially becoming a lifelong dictator and human beings slaves to it forever sound just like the warnings given in George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 of the boot stamping forever upon a human face, the fact that most people are welcoming AI in with open arms reminds us of the European Union welcoming in immigrants with open arms, a trojan horse that has left the face of Europe changed forever and America not too far behind it.   

With more than one AI expert warning AI could be one of our final inventions that ultimately leads to our own destruction, we see the warnings of Orwell and Huxley coming true before our eyes as we mess with forces we cannot possibly fully understand, with AI experts now warning of AI autonomy, AI weaponry and AI 'sentience' as 'reality' begins to look like something straight from a science fiction movie.

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