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September 20, 2018

Retired Prosecutor Explains 'California Crazy' Perfectly In This One Conversation And Weighs In On US Supreme Court Fight: Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind As Pamela Piles On Kavanaugh


By Robert Kirk - Retired Prosecutor - All News Pipeline

My head was throbbing. Normally I’m out the door with my trusted canine Ripper at zero six hundred. This morning was different. A depressive malaise had set in after reading on the internet the night before about the Judiciary Committee agreeing that it was a swell idea that Kavanaugh’s accuser, that leftist apparatchik Christine Blasey Ford, should testify on national television about her alleged encounter 36 years before with, according to her story, a drunken 17 year old who had groped her on the outside of her clothing before almost “inadvertently killing” her by clumsily trying to cup his hand to her mouth.

Never mind that Kavanaugh has lead an exemplary life for the past 36 years; is an upstanding member of his church; the father to two wonderful teenage girls and an accomplished jurist. Feinstein held on to the information till the last possible moment. Sure, that aged witch was convinced that Kavanaugh was really a pathological rapist. What she had in her tight little hands was sure evidence that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was in imminent danger of sexual assault should that fiend be nominated to the Supreme Court. Of course. That’s why Feinstein and the Washington Post hung on to the information for two months, only springing it at the last minute just before the confirmation vote.


Ripper, my trusted canine, looked up at me wagging his tail. It was well past time to head out the door in into the back country for our morning sojourn.

I gripped the leash and pushed out through the garage into the rising sun.

Ripper and I were keeping a fast pace. It was good to get some exercise to take my mind off the fact that the Senate of what is supposed to be the greatest country on Planet Earth is composed of a bunch of lunatic amoral spineless buffoons.

Sure, Senator Flake (yes, God does have a sense of humor) gave an interview where that bumbling nincompoop stated, “Well, we’ll just have to hear from both sides and then decide which one is telling the truth. If it is Ford, I’ll just have to vote ‘no.’” But how can you decide, in a ‘he said – she said’ controversy that is 36 years old with no corroborating evidence who is telling the truth? You can’t. What this boils down to is, except for a few Republican flakes, a vote along partisan lines to derail a well-qualified but conservative nomine.

I’m a former prosecutor who has tried rape and sexual assault cases. In seeking to prove an allegation of sexual assault you look for and need corroborating evidence. Usually that consists of “excited utterances” made to others, like close friends, describing the evidence while the event and the emotion is fresh in the victim’s mind. No, none of that here. Not only did she not tell her parents (perhaps we could understand that) but, this horrible attempt rape event, which scarred her for years, was something that she did not even describe to her closest friends. Yeah, sure. What a coincidence that she’s part of the resistance and had to scrub all her social media posts before “coming out.” I’m sure it’s just another coincidence that Kavanaugh’s mother was the judge who decided against Ford’s parents in their foreclosure action.

But as Dennis Prager rightly noted, even if the claim were true – a drunken 17 year old paws a girl on the outside of her clothing – even if Kavanaugh committed that “sin” is he to be condemned for the rest of his life after leading an exemplary life for the following 36 years? And so, according to Feinstein, et al, what justice and morality requires is that we abandoned the presumption of innocence and due process of law and convict that man in the court of public opinion – this man with two teenage daughters who will ever after be asking their mother – “Why wasn’t Dad confirmed?

Enough. As usual this whole thing is not a search for the truth. It’s all about raw politics without regard for what is right or just or fair. I’ve witnessed plenty of the same insanity at the state level. I live in a fourth dimension in that parallel universe known as California the governor of which is affectionately known as “moon beam.”


As I reflected on these things, I suddenly came across my neighbor Pamela who was walking her two dogs, Stiletto and Tofu.

I was hoping she wouldn’t talk about politics. Fat chance. It wasn’t many steps down the trail until she launched in about what a “despicable rapist” that “Kavanaugh” was.

Pamela”, I responded while maintaining a calm veneer, “Even if we assume the allegation is true, and I have every reason to believe it is not, do you condemn a person, for a drunken indiscretion at age 17 who thereafter has lead an exemplary life for the subsequent 36 years?

Come on, he’s a monster! This is typical of the nomine that you would expect from that pussy grabber Trump!

Pamela – do you detect a little hypocrisy here? I don’t know. From my perspective, a drunken 17 year old kid groping some girl on the outside of her clothing is not exactly in the same league as biting a woman’s lip and raping her like Bill Clinton did as an adult to Juanita Broderick.”

Oh sure”, Pamela spat back, “I’m sure you get all those fake and distorted accounts from sources like Breitbart! I only get my news from trusted sources like NPR!

Let’s just hope”, she continued, “that this revelation will keep that rapist from being nominated to the Supreme Court. Can you imagine? He wants to overturn Roe vs Wade!

And that’s a bad thing?” I asked.

Don’t you understand? He wants to outlaw the right of a woman to have an abortion!!” she shrieked.

No, Pamela, that’s not correct. Overturning Roe vs Wade will simply mean that killing the unborn is not a ‘constitutionally protected right.’ It will then be up to each of the states to decide if, what you euphemistically refer to as ‘a woman’s right’, should be illegal or not.”

Paah!” She exclaimed.


Ripper started to tug on the leash as he eyed my signal hand.

A thought came to mind. I recalled her future son-in-law Rudolpho from our last encounter on the trail.

Is Rudolpho still adamant on not ever eating red meat or having children in order to save the planet from excess carbon footprints?” I asked hopefully. “Oh yes”, Pamela chortled.

I’m so proud of him” I relaxed my grip on the leash and placed my signal hand into my pocket as I again congratulated Pamela on Rudolpho’s determination to end her genetic line.

Robert Kirk, a retired prosecutor, suffers from a rare malady that afflicts only a tiny percentage of his fellow Californians: commonsense conservative thought. To contact or to follow his current politically incorrect project, go to

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