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October 12, 2019

 List Of Companies Ripe For A Boycott For Censoring Free Speech To Cater To Communist China - Big Corp Bowing To Tyranny Is A Major Alarm Warning Where America Is Heading! 

 'China’s model of scientific state-run evil is the world's greatest threat to humanity' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Although this new ANP story may cause an 'international incident' of some sort, maybe it's about time.

We're now witnessing a perfect example of how globalism stifles free speech and freedom here in America, with the National Basketball Association caving to the totalitarian nation of China with the almighty dollar sign looming large in the NBA's eyes and the Communist nation of China making the league well aware it doesn't appreciate mere paying US customers having the right to voice their opinions over what's now happening in Hong Kong. If China had their way, NO American would be able to speak freely about their tyranny. 

And with China's mass surveillance and 'authoritarian police state' clearly a 'model for America' and the unfolding nightmare here, it's clear that present-day 'Communist China' is close to the exact reason America's Founding Fathers incorporated the 2nd Amendment into the US Constitution, with all such totalitarian government's which dominate and abuse their people to no end deserving to fall. So we'll be taking a look within this ANP story at all of the ruckus now surrounding China and the NBA at a time when many US companies are joining the NBA in stifling the freedom of Americans to speak freely and interestingly, these events have also served to bring some Democrats and Republicans together.  

We'll also take a look below at a lengthy list of US companies that have already given in to Communist China censorship, companies that are clearly 'ripe for a boycott' with most of them started right here and based in America.  As The Federalist reports in this new story, "China's ultimate goal is to control American culture, and companies should resist it". But with most US companies also bowing to the bottom line, we don't expect that to happen and with US companies caving to tyranny a sign of where America is headed, it is absolutely up to 'we the American people' to do the 'resisting'. 

But first, to anyone from the totalitarian government of China who might happen to be reading this story right now and are on the edge of blowing a 'brain gasket' over the content it contains, all we can say is, if you don't like what we have to say, you don't have to read us, but we certainly aren't going to tone down our stories on the part of China and we absolutely bow to no man nor government. 

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According to this new story over at Mashable, the following companies have caved to China's requests for censorship, proving that it's not just the NBA that has already bowed to the Communist nation on the 1st Amendment here in America but many others which Americans use every day. 

With those companies bowing to China and censorship already numbering over 20 major companies and more likely to be added to the list every day, this has been going on since at least 2017. Interestingly, this censorship is also happening at a time when 'big tech' is censoring Christians and Conservatives. Just a coincidence? From the Mashable story we get a list of companies that should be boycotted by freedom-loving Americans while we still can for cowardly bowing to China's censorship over the 'almighty dollar'. 

Major global companies have been bowing to both direct and indirect pressure from China's political leaders to control how the economic powerhouse of a country is portrayed for some time.

To put all the cowering in perspective, one Redditor posted a list recognizing censorship orders and complaints against some of the most prominent companies that have yielded to such requests both recently and as far back as 2017. The list was later copied and shared widely on Twitter, making its way into a Twitter moment.

We've pulled some of the biggest brands from the list and added more context here:

  • Activision Blizzard: The gaming company suspended a professional player of one of their card games following the player's stated support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong protests began in June in response to an extradition bill that would have subjected Hong Kong residents to China's rule of law; in effect jeopardizing the civil and political rights afforded to the city's residents as a legacy of its colonial era.

  • American Airlines: Changed descriptions listing Taiwan as a country following pushback from China's Civil Aviation Authority. The Chinese government in Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan, which is self-governed.

  • Apple: Removed an app from the Apple Store that aided Hong Kong protesters in tracking police and removed the Taiwanese flag emoji from Hong Kong iPhones.

  • Audi: Used a China map at a press conference that excluded Taiwan, South Tibet, and parts of the Xinjiang region; a company statement, then apologized for their "incorrect geographical map."

  • Cathay Pacific: China ordered Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong-based airline, to suspend staff who support and participate in the pro-democracy Hong Kong protests.

  • Coach: Referenced Hong Kong and Taiwan as individual countries on a shirt, then later called the design a "serious inaccuracy."

  • Disney/ESPN: An internal memo distributed to ESPN employees prohibits reference to Chinese politics when alluding to a supportive tweet for Hong Kong protesters from the manager of the Houston Rockets.

  • Delta Airlines: Listed Tibet and Taiwan as countries on its website, and was ordered by China's Civil Aviation Administration to make an apology. Delta called their listing a "grave mistake" with no "political intention."

  • Gap: After selling a shirt that featured an "incorrect" map of China by not featuring Taiwan or South Tibet and receiving negative comments on Weibo, Gap apologized and removed the shirt from its stores.

  • Marriott International: In a customer questionnaire, Marriott listed Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau as separate countries; Marriott was ordered by the Shanghai's Cyberspace Administration to take down its website for a week.

  • Medtronic: Listed "Republic of China (Taiwan)" on its website, then changed it and issued an apology following pressure from Chinese authorities.

  • Mercedes-Benz: Posted an Instagram photo accompanied by a quote from the Dalai Lama, then deleted the post, and offered a public apology to the Chinese people.

  • Muji: Eliminated maps in their store catalogues deemed "incorrect" by China's National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation.

  • NBA: The General Manager of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, tweeted — then deleted — support for Hong Kong protesters; Chinese companies revoked sponsorship and the issue sparked controversy within the NBA.

  • Nike: Merchandise for the Houston Rockets was removed from Nike stores in large cities in China following Morey's tweet.

  • Ray-Ban: Changed website location listings from "Taiwan" to "China Taiwan," Unlike other cases, it is unclear whether or not this decision followed pressure from China.

  • Swarovski: Listed Hong Kong as a country on its website then apologized on their Facebook page for "misleading communication on China's National Sovereignty."

  • Tik Tok: The platform, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, told moderators to censor videos featuring references to Tiananmen Square and Tibetan independence, as well as references to the banned religious group Falun Gong. These requests became public following the release of leaked documents from Tik Tok's moderation guidelines.

  • Vans: Eliminated Hong Kong protesters' entries in their annual Vans Custom Culture competition. In a statement, Vans said: "As a brand that is open to everyone, we have never taken a political position and therefore review designs to ensure they are in line with our company's long-held values of respect and tolerance, as well as with our clearly communicated guidelines for this competition."

  • Versace: Described Hong Kong as a country on a shirt that went viral. The fashion brand then tweeted an apology from Chief Creative Officer Donatella Versace apologizing for the shirt.

  • Viacom / Paramount Pictures: Trailers for "Top Gun: Maverick" censored the Taiwan flag in a jacket shown in the trailer, worn by Tom Cruise.

  • Zara: Listed Taiwan on a country list on their website; received an order from Shanghai's Cyberspace Administration to publish an apology.


Though some have warned what's happening now in Hong Kong could be another 'color revolution', and we've grown weary of the endless string of CIA 'color revolutions' in nations around the world, we also find it interesting that 'big media' here in America is also mostly backing China, helping to prove the direction America had been moving, pushed by the msm, has been towards tyranny as well.

This NBA incident has also made some strange bedfellows, with none other than AOC joining Ted Cruz and a number of other US politicians who fired off a letter to NBA Commission Adam Silver, condemning the NBA for 'betraying American values'. Yet as Breitbart reports in this new story titled "ESPN: Quick To Criticize America, Silent On China's Real Human Rights Abuses", those on the left who are now condemning Communist China for their censorship don't see that they've been doing the exact same thing to Christians and Conservatives here in America. From the Breitbart story.: 

Over the last decade, ESPN has been quick to attack America for not being progressive enough on rights for minorities, women, and gays. However, the NBA’s flap with the oppressive Chinese government and ESPN’s reaction to it, has cast a harsh light on the sports network’s lack of credibility on those issues.

ESPN has repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump, Republicans, and Americans for reputed violations of rights for transgenders and gays, supposed endemic racism, and a general air of oppression.

But the network’s overt support of the NBA in the league’s haste to smooth the feathers of the Chinese communists in the face of criticism of that country’s move to quash a pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, stands in stark contrast to ESPN’s past proclamations about its support for progressive issues. As Breitbart News reported on Tuesday, for instance, ESPN even told its staffers to avoid discussing the political situation between China and Hong Kong.

But ESPN’s commentators were entirely unrestrained when attacking North Carolina for being “homophobic” and “transphobic.”

Both proving what utter hypocrites ESPN is and giving us another reason to never watch them again, as the Breitbart story also asked, "So, why the silence? Why is it so easy for ESPN to attack America while turning a blind eye to far worse conditions in China?" As they answered their own questions, "It seems to be all about the money, not the principles." Sadly, far too many US companies have abandoned their principles. 

There is little disagreement on the international stage among left and right when it comes to China’s terrible human rights record.

The world’s premier watchdog organizations, Human Rights Watch, says China is still one of the worst abusers of human rights in the world. In its 2018 report, HRW reported that China has “dramatically stepped up repression and systematic abuses against the 13 million Turkic Muslims, including Uyghurs and ethnic Kazakhs, in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region.”

“Authorities have carried out mass arbitrary detention, torture, and mistreatment of some of them in various detention facilities, and increasingly imposed pervasive controls on daily life,” HRW wrote. “New regulations in Tibet now criminalize even traditional forms of social action, including community mediation by religious figures. In Hong Kong, a region promised ‘a high degree of autonomy’ under the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the Chinese and Hong Kong governments hastened their efforts in 2018 to undermine people’s rights to free speech and political participation.”

The organization also cited China’s oppression of its homosexuals, refugees, asylum seekers, women, and girls, and that is not to even mention its actions against Tibet.

Medical journal Lancet, has also criticized China, home to one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the world, saying that the communist country commits serious persecution and discrimination against its gay population. LGBTQ children even face serious oppression and abuse by parents for being gay, while Chinese authorities turn a blind eye to such abuse.

Despite China’s abuse of its LGBTQ citizens, the woke ESPN has been silent about all these abuses in a country the NBA is courting for its big-dollar deals.

In the first video below, facebook whistleblower Christopher Wylie warns that America is now heading in the same direction as communist China when it comes to censorship while in the 2nd video below from videographer Tim Pool he warns that China's censorship has crept into America with numerous companies founded in the US bending over to Communist China as seen in the list in the section above.

Asking within his video "As Trump's trade war escalates and companies are forced to choose sides, could all of this be the tipping point toward full scale conflict between the US and China?", we'll continue to pray that a full-scale conflict with China is avoided but something is clearly coming to a head.

And in the 3rd and final video below from Infowars, we hear that corporate America's surrender to 'Red China' is helping to awaken even some leftist Americans with China’s oppression extending far beyond just censorship – their model of scientific state-run evil is the greatest threat to humanity. As the world awakens to the threat of expansionist ChiCom tyranny, everyone must pick a side.

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