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February 12, 2015

Mysterious Murder: DC Lawyer Found Dead Had Ties To Greece And International Banking World


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

A Washington DC area lawyer who was found stabbed to death in a glitzy DC area hotel room had ties to the country of Greece and the international banking world and in this particular mystery, authorities say they have a suspect as shared in the newly released video below.

While not every mysterious murder is part of a 'conspiracy', a look into Messerschmitt's past gives us reason to believe this latest murdered lawyer may have known something that others didn't want him (and the rest of us) to know with Greece possibly soon leaving the Euro and the financial world falling to shambles.

Back in 2012, Messerschmitt got married and traveled to Greece on his honeymoon as shared on this wedding guest registry; the Washington Post points out this connection of Messerschmitt to Greece as well. While it is not known at this time if the lawyer did business in Greece, a look at his deleted but cached DLA Piper profile page and LinkedIn page show us he was deeply involved with 'multinational Fortune 500 companies', financial services, investment banking, technology, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, energy and much more.

David Messerschmitt focuses his practice in the area of intellectual property and technology,†sourcing and procurement, licensing, technology transactions and general corporate matters.

David has experience negotiating a variety of complex commercial and technology agreements, including professional services agreements, license agreements, consulting agreements, SaaS agreements, cloud computing agreements, and domestic and global outsourcing agreements involving information technology, facilities management, human resources, data center, finance and accounting, and other business process services.

Additionally, David assists with M&A, joint venture, and strategic alliance transactions, including advising clients on technology-related purchase agreements,t ransition services agreements, and other intellectual property and technology issues.

David has represented clients ranging from startup to multinational Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including financial services, investment banking, technology, retail, consumer goods, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, food and beverage, energy, and chemicals.


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