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April 3, 2016

'Days Of Rage' Coming - Elite Declare War On We The People - Plan Revealed To Fight Back And 'Stop The Steal'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For months a variety of news outlets including New York Times, WND, Wall Street Journal, and many others have been reporting about the plotting and planning  by the so-called political elites to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the GOP nominee for President, so it shouldn't surprise anyone to see that the TN GOP is planting anti-Trump delegates into the July RNC convention lineup, according to the Trump campaign.

An email sent by the Trump campaign to supporters in Tennessee argues "a small group of Tennessee establishment insiders pulling a fast one."
"We won the votes," it reads. "They are trying to steal them."

At issue are the 14 at-large Republicans delegates of Tennessee's overall delegation of 58 who are appointed by the Republican Party's Executive Committee. Trump handily won Tennessee’s GOP primary. In turn, 41 of those 58 delegates were approved by Tennessee Republican primary voters during the primary to be delegates committed to specific candidates. The remaining three are selected by the Republican National Committee.

Trump won Tennessee's primary with 39 percent of the vote. Because candidates needed to meet a 20 percent threshold to earn delegates, the Tennessee Republican Party announced last month that 33 of the 58 delegates (57 percent) are to go to Trump, 16 to Ted Cruz and nine to Marco Rubio.

Morris said the Trump campaign advised the Tennessee Republican Party on individuals for their share of seven of the 14 party-appointed delegates that the Trump campaign says it's entitled.

"A few of those names are still on there," Morris said. "Most of them are not. Most of them are very anti-Trump people. In fact, I've been told a few of them are very much anti-Trump and they're there to do the bidding of the RNC."

One might try to argue the Trump campaign is blowing this out of proportion, but those arguments are countered by the countless "stop Trump" public campaigns being waged by the party elite.


If Donald Trump does not walk into the July convention in July with 1,237 bound delegates, then the first round of voting will have the bound delegates vote for who they have to and if no candidate gets the 1,237 on the first round, they go to the next round. Some states require the bound delegates vote for the candidate that won the state even in the second round of voting, but other states do not have that same rule, so the delegates then can go against the will of the voters of their individual states and vote for whoever they want.

Stacking the deck with anti-Trump delegates is the GOP political elites' endgame plan to "stop Trump." 

The game plan is to prevent Trump from obtaining the 1,237 and to that end, we see that two fund managers who made billions for George Soros contributed $588,375 to GOP presidential candiate John Kasich, despite the fact that Kasich has absolutely no path to the nomination, leaving some to believe the sole reason Kasich has not suspended his campaign is in order to bleed just enough delegates from the upcoming primaries/caucuses to ensure that Trump does not have the magic 1,237 when he walks into the convention in July.

Also note that Marco Rubio, despite his suspended campaign, asking that his delegates not be reapportioned, in order to "withhold them from Donald Trump. Note that NBC News called this bid by Rubio "unprecedented."


The RNC, GOP establishment want a brokered convention, which hasn't 'officially' been witnessed since 1952, although a few have come close to being contested.

All one has to do is a simple search on whatever search engine they use for the keywords "Stop Trump" to see how the RNC and GOP operatives have been conspiring for months to prevent Trump to getting the 1,237 delegates needed in order to broker the convention and "select" a candidate of their choice.


Longtime Trump ally, Roger Stone is now calling on Trump supporters for what he is calling "Days of Rage," which is a "Stop the Steal" march on Cleveland, where the RNC convention will be held. Stone states "It’s vitally important that the grassroots of this country show their outrage at the idea that the vote of the people, the votes of Republican voters and those brave Democrats and Independents who crossed over to vote in the Republican primary are being disallowed. The party bosses, the king makers, most of whom are lobbyists, as you know — that’s the second hat they all wear — are determined to steal this nomination from the people and from Donald Trump."

He adds "I am urging Trump supporters of a nationalist agenda, as opposed to all the other candidates, who are globalists, to come to Cleveland. Take a bus, hitchhike, drive, fly, walk if you have to, we need you in Cleveland."

BuzzFeed offers more from Stone on his "Stop The Steal - #Days of Rage."

Stone said the campaign was not involved in organizing this, instead saying the protests will be “organized by Trump nation,” but said that “we did inform them.” He said he had “issued the call to action” on Infowars, the Alex Jones-run conspiracy show, on March 30, that they “will stage protests at hotels of state delegates of states supporting the BIG STEAL,” and that he and Jones would be speaking (Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul are both invited).

The RNC has "selected" weak presidential candidates in both the 2008 (McCain) and 2012 (Romney) elections and we all see where that got us.... eight years of Barack Obama as president.


None of the RNC/GOP tactics have worked in the 2016 campaign cycle, where despite their constant opposition with the medias' complicity, Trump has risen in the polls and has won more primaries and delegates than either of the other candidates, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Marco Rubio (who has now suspended his campaign)... combined.

It is time for the GOP/Republican National Committee (RNC) to get out of the voters' way, to stop plotting and planning to overturn the will of "we the people," and to allow the voters to decide who the nominee will be.

In previous election years the political parties, both the Democrats and the Republicans, have led the public, like sheep, to the candidate of the "elites' choice, assuming that when all is said and done, the "loyal" party voters will vote for the ultimate candidate that the specific party "selected," rather than let "the other side" win.

No more...... the Republican leaders have been so blatant in their stated plans for a contested convention which would disenfranchise those that have voted to date, in order to deny Trump the nomination, that we are hearing an unprecedent amount of chatter from voters that are planning to teach the GOP a lesson, simply walk away from the party in 2016 and refuse to participate in the general election, guaranteeing that the "selected" Republican candidate lose to the Democratic nominee.

Would that be good for the country? No. It would, however, teach the political elite that when they declare war on their base, their voters.... "we the people," will fight back.

Whether it is Trump or Ted Cruz that walks into the July convention with the majority or even the plurality of votes, if the RNC "selects" someone that had  hundreds of thousands less votes, to be their nominee, or someone that suspended their presidential campaign already, or even someone that hadn't even participated in any primaries at all..... they will then understand what "Days of Rage" really is.

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