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August 26, 2020 

Deagel Goes Nuclear: America's 2025 GDP Forecast To Be Less Than Mexico's In Rush To 3rd World Nation Status As Current Events Implore Us To Prepare For Pandemonium Ahead

Dating all the way back to 2002, the website has published news articles about defense systems and military equipment along with publishing extensive reports of military equipment/defense system purchases made by countries across the world and as we've reported numerous times on ANP, part of their reports have included forecasts for the year 2025 for each country based upon data Deagel had analyzed from groups such as: The United States Coast Guard; Department of Defense; the United States Government; the United States Air Force; the United States Army; the United States Marine Corps; the United States Navy; the US Department of Defense; the US Department of State; the CIA; and globalists the World Bank and European Union. 

As we had pointed out within this August 2nd ANP story titled "More Astounding Evidence The Takedown Of America Was Engineered Long Ago As We Rush Towards 2025 And Deagel's Forecast Of America As A 3rd World Nation - '3 Months Of Hell' Bringing Shockingly Low GDP To America Another Sign Of What's To Come", up until very recently, Deagel's 2025 forecast for America was showing us a Gross Domestic Product of only 2.4 trillion dollars, a drop of more than 18 trillion from our GDP of $20.54 trillion in 2017. 

And while we pointed out within that story how catastrophic a $18 trillion drop in our GDP in less than 4 years would be for America, as ANP reader 'Jack' recently pointed out to us in an email to ANP, 'Deagel has just gone nuclear', not only completely changing the design of their website for the 1st time in years but dropping America's forecast 2025 GDP to a stunningly low $1.6 trillion. With that number less than the forecast 2025 GDP's of Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico while just ahead of the forecast GDP's for Iran and Pakistan, we're witnessing more and more signs the globalists expect America to be a 3rd world nation by 2025. 

And although America would need to go through either a major war, a devastating economic collapse or some other catastrophic event to get our population down to Deagel's 2025 forecast of America at just over 99 million, a drop of more than 227 million from our 327 million population of 2017, as Mac Slavo warns in this new story over at SHTFPlan, with our 'globalists overlords' now warning of 'a famine of Biblical proportions ahead', there's a very real chance of the globalists taking down the entire system.

Those plotting the totalitarian takeover of humanity are now warning what’s coming next. A United Nations chief is coming out and saying that we will be facing a “famine of biblical proportion” due to the reaction to the COVID-19 scamdemic hoax. 
“All the data we have, including WFP forecast that the number of people experiencing malnutrition will grow by 80 percent by the end of the year, … points to a real disaster,” David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Program (WFP), said. The UN is forgetting that Americans, although largely obese, are also malnourished thanks to the addiction to food-like products manufactured to make people sick. 
“Obviously social tensions will grow, migration will increase, conflicts will escalate and hunger will likely affect those who didn’t experience it before,” the NWO official told the Russian news agency TASS. This all a broadcast of what they plan for us. We will be starved until we accept the NWO and become slaves. Then we’ll be allowed a pittance when it comes to their new digital dollar and fake food. 
Self-reliance is the solution here. If you cannot grow your own food and harvest it, you’re going to be facing a difficult time. They need you to depend on the system for everything. 

So with the growing and very real possibility that by a year from now by August of 2021, America will look much different than it does right now, especially with the horrific chance that Biden/Harris might somehow steal the election in November and the fact that Democrats keep on pushing the Covid-19 lockdowns and tyranny, we continue to serve our families and loved ones best by preparing for utter madness ahead, especially with Democrats/globalists now 'telegraphing their intentions' as Slavo warns us. 
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As Michael Snyder warns in this new story over at The Most Important News titled "We Should Mourn For What Is Happening To America", if America keeps moving the direction globalists/Democrats are now herding us, there may be nothing that can stop the violence and chaos that's quickly spreading across the country short of other Americans rising up and putting Democrat terrorism down. 

As Susan Duclos had warned in this August 24th ANP story, with social justice 'protesters' going way beyond what is moral and even legal by venturing out into the suburbs, harassing residential neighborhoods and peaceful outdoor diners, there's a very real chance of another Civil war breaking out in our nation with Democrats clearly having lost control of their 'favorite terrorists'

With Snyder warning within his story that we are literally watching the meltdown of our society, and that process is going to continue no matter what happens in November, as Snyder warns, "I have never seen so much anger in America, and the frightening thing is that the level of anger seems to just keep growing." 

And that anger Snyder speaks of isn't just being felt and displayed by Democrats and their 'social justice warriors' but by Conservatives as well who are sick and tired of Democrats burning down and 'canceling' everything that is America and our history while they work to completely gut the US Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendments. 

And with big tech censorship now rampant across America and the world and the globalists/democrats doing everything in their power to keep 'the masses' dumbed down to the crimes they continue to perpetuate upon us all, in this new story over at Natural News, we get another sign of just how deeply democrat treason goes in 2020 with Nancy Pelosi calling the President of the USA and half the country an 'enemies of the state'. From that story.: 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Demon-Calif.) has just declared Republicans to be “enemies of the state” and “domestic enemies,” further admitting her plan to seize the White House by force, followed by mass arrests of all GOP members and Trump supporters. 
During an MSNBC interview yesterday, she claimed, “the domestic enemies to our voting system and honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States.” She then went on to call them, “Enemies of the state.” 
Coming from the Speaker of the House, these are words of treason against the United States of America. It shows that Nancy Pelosi’s plan is to seize the White House by force, declare all Republicans to be criminals of the state, and have them all arrested and imprisoned, if not executed. 
It also shows that even when Trump secures an election victory on November 3rd, this constitutional republic is not safe from the insurrectionist schemes of lawless Democrats who plan to carry out a military coup against America and forcibly remove a duly elected President while claiming power for themselves. 
The obvious upshot here is that millions of armed, patriotic Americans will be needed to secure this election against the nefarious schemes of treasonous Democrats who will try anything to seize power for themselves and destroy America as we know it. 

Yet with any 'rising up' by Patriots across America to 'secure' President Trump and America sure to be met by more leftist insanity and more mainstream media inspired bloodshed in US streets, America is being rushed quickly by the globalists towards the dark period of time which Deagel warns us of, and Deagel's been warning of this 'collapse of America' long before President Trump got into office. 

With the leftist media talking heads continuing to call any talk of the 'globalists depopulation agenda' a 'conspiracy theory', this February of 2020 story over at NY Mag offered us a slightly different look at the globalists agenda. Titled "Experts Simulated a Coronavirus Pandemic Last Year and It Killed 65 Million", their story took a look at 'Event 201' and how a simulated virus called CAPS, for Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome, started out very slowly before eventually spreading across the planet and killing more than 65 million. 

How did humankind fare in the simulation? Not well. The scenario ended after 18 months with 65 million people dead. The Event 201 website sums it up that state of the pandemic a year and a half in: The pandemic is beginning to slow due to the decreasing number of susceptible people. 

The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80–90% of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease.

With that exercise actually hosted by globalist 'depopulation enthusiasts' Bill and Melinda Gates, and Bill and Melinda heavily involved in the democrats political agenda, as we hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, in a breath of fresh air, President Trump has actually come out and dropped a major truth bomb upon the American people by telling us that the Democratic party in America is completely controlled by America's enemies.  

And in the eye opening 2nd video below our videographer takes a look at all of the current day events that are unfolding across America and the world while warning that many of the signs now before us suggest we have arrived at Biblical End Times. From Covid-19 to the bizarre 'weather events' we've been witnessing to the massive orchestrated chaos and riots from the East coast to the West, we're once again urged to be prepared for absolutely anything in the days, weeks and months ahead.

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