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February 11, 2020

'Crazy Runs Rampant' Among The 2020 Democrats With Democrats Choosing Human Extinction Over President Trump's Re-election 

- A History Lesson All Americans Should Learn


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Perhaps you are mowing your lawn. With no warning there is a brilliant, searing flash, and, if you are looking at it, you feel a searing pain in your eyes and then you are blind. But you feel agonizing pain all over as you are burned over most of your body, and then you are knocked to the ground by the shock wave, suffering multiple fractures. As you lie there, screaming in pain, you can hear your children screaming also; they were playing in the back yard. Your house is collapsed, and your wife is shredded by broken glass from a window and then buried under the rubble.

Or, if you are “lucky” enough to be near ground zero of the thermonuclear blast, you die instantly. If you are in a rural or small town area far enough from the blast you may still die of radiation sickness, or, much later, of cancer. If you escape that fate you face the consequences of economic collapse and the destruction of the electric grid…rest assured that an EMP will be included in the attack. The entire nation will be devastated, and only a handful of rural people will survive, and the same disaster will take place in Europe and in Russia and China. Western Civilization will end. Welcome to World War Three.

And the tragedy is that this end could have been avoided. For many years now the Demoncraps, the Neocons, and the slimestream media have beat the war drums against the imaginary Russian menace and the arch-fiend Putin. Yet Putin, although a ruthless strong man, is not a war-mongering madman intent on conquering the world. Russia is our enemy only because we make Russia our enemy. And Russia is an enemy with an immense nuclear stockpile and technologically very, very advanced weaponry. In addition, we have pushed Russia into an unnatural alliance of sorts with Islamist Turkey and with China.

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(ANP: With Democrats choosing human extinction over President Trump's 2020 re-election as reported in this College Fix story and heard in the final video at the bottom of this story, one could argue the Russian collusion hoax long pushed by Democrats and the msm and 'Trump derangement syndrome' have gone just a bit too far!)

For most of our history save for the period of communist rule in Russia, the US has had very good relations with that nation. And why not? We share no real border with Russia, although it is possible to walk on ice in winter between Little Diomede Island (US) and Big Diomede (Russia) in the Bering Sea. We have no real reason to quarrel with them. And we have much in common…Russia is an eastern extension of Western Civilization and we are a western extension. Russia went as far as Alaska, and a Russian fur company even established a fort in northern California and the cannons, originally taken from Napoleon’s invading army, are still there.

There is a fort in Sitka, Alaska, where the Russian flag was lowered and the US flag was raised in the ceremony marking Russia’s sale of Alaska to the US. Few Americans know that the Czar Alexander II supported the Union during our Civil War, and actually sent six naval vessels to New York and six to San Francisco, with the approval of the Lincoln administration, to protect those cities from the Confederate Navy and to dissuade England and France (they had been Russia’s enemies during the Crimean War) from attacking in support of the Confederacy.

The Russians frequently put into those ports and bought supplies and gave their sailors shore leave…in effect, New York and San Francisco were Russian naval bases. In 1871 the Czar’s younger son, Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich, toured the US, even going on a buffalo hunt with Buffalo Bill Cody, George Armstrong Custer, and the Lakota Chief Spotted Tail. He became good friends with Custer and they corresponded until Custer’s death at Little Big Horn. The history of the American West (and of US/Russian relations) is stranger and more fascinating that any work of fiction.

During the Russian Civil War in 1918 and 1919 the US and our WWI allies (Russia had also been on the Allied side until the new communist leaders signed a treaty with Germany) invaded Russia, and US troops landed in northern Russia and the Far East, even fighting a few skirmishes with the Bolsheviks. We had no clear purpose or mission there (sort of like our contemporary wars in the Middle East) and eventually withdrew.

During WWII Russia was our ally against the Axis powers, but after the war ended Stalin continued spying on the US and orchestrating communist subversion here, especially in the government, the media, and the film industry. Much of Eastern Europe including part of Germany came under the rule of communists subservient to Stalin’s Russia. The huge Russian army and the armies of its Warsaw Pact allies seemed to menace Western Europe.


In response the US and the nations of Western Europe created NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the US kept military forces in Europe, especially in England and West Germany. But late in the twentieth century the Soviet Union more or less collapsed and the Warsaw Pact nations became truly independent. West and East Germany were reunited and the Berlin Wall was brought down. Even several states that had been part of the USSR itself became independent and separate from Russia proper. Much of the Russian military went into decline.

With no credible military threat, with no Warsaw Pact, with no Russian troops stationed in Germany or Eastern Europe, you might think that NATO, no longer necessary, would have been dissolved and the US would pull its troops out of Germany. But they are still there, defending Germany…against what? Putin has shown no interest in a costly and bloody war of conquest, which would also risk a nuclear holocaust, and the power of the defense is great in modern war.

Germany could easily defend itself, even if it had enemies…which it doesn’t. And we not only continued NATO; we expanded it into Eastern Europe, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Baltic States. Counting our nuclear bombers in Turkey and our forces in Korea and Japan, we have Russia surrounded by our forces and by an alliance that clearly seems directed against Russia. And we are surprised that Putin and the Russians are suspicious and resentful? How would we feel if Canada and Mexico joined an alliance with Russia and allowed Russia to establish airbases just to the north and south of us?

We are continually told that Putin is a tyrant who has had his enemies murdered and even poisoned two dissidents living in England. We are told that he is worth billions and lives a life of luxury…rather like our own elites. There is no proof he had the two dissidents poisoned. Maybe he is tyrannical, but, unlike our own masters, he is not forcing his subjects to fund abortion, nor is he forcing the twisted Glibett (GLBT) agenda on school children. Grotesque transvestites do not read to toddlers in Russian libraries.

He defends Russia’s borders against immigrant invaders, but our own government refuses to stop the influx of Moslems, drug traffickers, and illiterate parasites into our country, and the same thing is happening in Western Europe. As for the people he allegedly had killed, did he murder JFK and MLK and Robert Kennedy? Did Putin kill Karen Silkwood, Danny Casolaro, Gary Webb, James Forrestal, Vince Foster, Ron Brown and a planeload of people, Mary Mahoney and her co-workers, Seth Rich, and Jeffrey Epstein? Did Russian police shoot a woman holding a baby at Ruby Ridge, or burn eighty people alive at Waco, including some twenty children? No, their killers came from right here and the orders were given by powerful people in this country.

On 8/8/2008 Russia invaded the neighboring country of Georgia, once part of the USSR but now independent. Russia was supporting the pro-Russian separatists in two Georgian provinces, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The war was soon over, with relatively few casualties on either side. Russia murdered no civilians, bombed no cities, and tortured no prisoners.

The two provinces were detached from Georgia and became “independent” under strong Russian influence. Russian forces withdrew from the rest of Georgia, making no effort to conquer that nation. Almost certainly an added reason for the invasion was Russia’s concern that Georgia, an “aspiring member” of NATO, would actually join that alliance. We can debate whether or not this invasion was justified, but the withdrawal of troops is certainly not the action of a would-be world conqueror.


In 2014 Putin annexed the Ukranian province of Crimea, with its port facilities on the Black Sea. The US Government and our slimestream media immediately began howling about Russian “aggression,” and our heroic neocons began beating the war drums. Today, Shifty (Schiff) Bugeyes raves about how Ukraine is our vital ally against the Russian menace, fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. This is utter madness, and we need to remember that Shifty Bugeyes has never been known to tell the truth about anything.

In fact, Crimea had been a Russian province, and Ukraine itself was part of the Russian Empire since the eighteenth century. The Soviets transferred Crimea to their Ukranian province, which became independent in 1991 with the breakup of the Soviet Union. Putin only annexed Crimea when pro-Russian Ukranian President Yanukovych was ousted by the pro-European Union Euromaidan Party, who installed President Poroshenko.

Putin feared that Ukraine might join NATO and deny Russia the use of Crimean port facilities. Since then, Russia supported pro-Russian separatists in some eastern Ukraine provinces. Again, we are seeing Putin waging bloodless or almost bloodless “wars” for very limited aims on Russia’s borders, motivated by a legitimate fear of NATO expansion. Contrast that with America’s endless and bloody wars all over the Middle East and elsewhere, including our bombing of Christian Serbia during Slick Willy Clinton’s reign.

Syria is ruled by Bashar al-Assad, son of President Hafoz al-Assad, who had been our ally in the First Iraq War against Saddam Hussein, whom we had supported until we turned against him. It is very dangerous to be an ally of the US. Assad is no saint, and Syria is not “free,” but, by Middle Eastern standards, he is a relative moderate, and actually protected Christians and other minorities against Islamists. But Sunni terrorists, whom we supported, began a bloody war against Assad, who was informally more or less allied with Shiite Iran, a nation we pretend is our second most evil enemy (after Russia). Russia has supported Assad, perhaps in hopes of being given a Mediterranean naval base. Russia is also friendly with Iran. It is hard to see how Assad or Russia’s support of Assad poses any threat to the US.

Trump hinted before being elected that he would improve relations with Russia, but Trump promised a lot of things, like all of them. He has continued the senseless economic sanctions against Russia, has done nothing to counter the Neocons’ dangerous rhetoric, and has sent US forces into Syria, risking a confrontation. The danger is that a skirmish anywhere could lead to Russia and the US putting strategic forces on alert, with paranoia feeding paranoia, and tensions ratcheting up until someone launches. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

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