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February 4, 2020

Iowa Caucus Chaos Linked To Clinton Lackies & Bernie Bros Infuriated As Democrats Hostility To Sanders Becoming The Dem Nominee

- President Trump's SOTU Address Embedded


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The media absolutely loves to criticize Republicans for "pouncing" on news that reflects badly on Democrats, or conservative commentary that highlights when the Democrat party suffers some type of disaster, while at the same time they and Democrats (same difference)" pounce" on anything that goes wrong for Republicans or President Trump.

Fine, so be it.... consider this me pouncing.

By now anyone paying attention to politics knows that the Democrat Iowa caucuses on the February 3, 2020 were an unmitigated disaster, or as NBC's Chuck Todd was caught on hot mic saying "an effin' disaster," while the Iowa Republican caucuses went off without a hitch. 

The results from the Republican Iowa caucuses was that President Trump won 97.1%, while GOP contenders Bill Weld and Joe Walsh received 1.3% and 1.1% respectively.

The results from the Democrat caucuses... well, there are none yet and most likely won't have a final result today or tonight, because as we pointed out above, they ran an "effin disaster." 

Exactly how bad was Iowa for Democrats? Well a look over at Memeorandum, which details the amount of coverage a particular story has garnered, shows liberals using terms like "catastrophe," "chaotic," "disaster," "shibacle" (love that one!),  and those terms were all from one single article over at The Guardian.

Other articles headlined with terns like "chaos," "debacle" "fiasco," "a Mess," a "cluster," an "epic nightmare," "total meltdown,"  and ... well, I am sure you are seeing the pattern here, but let me repeat, those are the terms being used by liberals, far left websites and the liberal establishment media.

Now imagine how much harsher conservative media is being.... although many are finding great entertainment in being able to point out that Democrats cannot even run one single state's caucuses without total disaster and yet they want voters to give them control of the country.

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Long story short, there was an failure in an app created to report the results of the many caucuses, and it failed spectacularly.

It is noteworthy that going into the Iowa caucuses polling showed Bernie Sanders in the lead and expected to win. As recent comments from Clinton have shown, there is still a lot of bad blood between Clinton and Sanders. Clinton nor her surrogates and former campaign staffers have forgiven Bernie Sanders for not endorsing her sooner in 2016. Clinton herself has publicly claimed that Sanders helped Donald Trump defeat her in 2016.

The interesting.... extremely interesting, part of this story is that the company, Shadow, Inc.,who created the application that caused all the chaos, included multiple people that were involved in the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign.

Initial reports said three, but according to LinkedIn profiles, at least 5 members, including the CEO, CTO, COO, CEO/Chief Architect and the director of organizing and client success, were all part of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

• Gerard Niemira is CEO of Shadow Inc. In 2015, he was senior product manager for Hillary Clinton's campaign, developing tools for field teams to contact voters. And in 2016, he was in charge of the tools used by volunteers.

• Ahna Rao was special assistant to CTO for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.

• James Hickey is COO of Shadow Inc. He was engineering manager for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and worked for Sprinklr, a "customer experience management" platform.

• Krista Davis is CTO/Chief Architect. She was a staff backend software engineer for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

• Sarah Chabolla is the director of organizing and client success at Shadow Inc. She was a regional organizing director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.

Furthermore, Robby Mook, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 presidential campaign, was also involved in the Iowa security efforts according to the Des moine Register and USA Today.



Hat tip to Twitchy for that information. 

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We also know that Sanders' rise has caused internal panic within the Democrat party, creating fears of a "November wipeout," as the LA Times reported on January 30, 2020.

Does all that mean that Clinton lackies deliberately sabotaged the Iowa caucuses because Sanders' was expected to win? No. Can we rule it out with 100% confidence? No.

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The Bernie or bust campaign are Sanders' supporters that are hell bent on Bernie Sanders becoming the Democrat nominee, and willing to either not vote at all in the November 2020 presidential election, write in Sanders' name, or vote for Donald Trump, if Sanders is not the nominee.

They are further infuriated over the recent news that some DNC members want to rig yet another primary against him as they were exposed as doing during the 2016 presidential election.

Below is a small sample of how those supporters feel. (LANGUAGE ALERT)


They have a the #BernieOrbust hashtag on Twitter,  Bernie or Bust facebook pages

In the 2016 election, Sanders' supporters were so infuriated at the way the DNC rigged the primaries against Sanders in order to crown Hillary Clinton as the nominee, that "fully 12 percent of people who voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries voted for President Trump in the general election."

That number is expected to be significantly higher if those supporters think the DNC or any party of the Democrat apparatus tries to rig any part of the 2020 primary contests.


As President Trump gives his State Of The Union address on February 4, 2020, he enters the congressional chambers with his highest Gallup poll numbers, the knowledge that the U.S. Senate is about to acquit him of all charges by the Democrats in the House of Representatives, and an unprecedented fiasco on the part of Democrats just the night before.

Aside from the economic news, low unemployment, trade deals and other successes during the Trump presidency, he walks into the SOTU address #Winning. 

Below is a livestreams of President Trump's SOTU address, which will convert to regular video format after the livestrteaming ends.

Note: Multiple livestreams embedded in case any single on glitches or if readers prefer a different network's coverage.

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