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May 27, 2018

With Numerous 'Powder Keg Events' Coming Our Way The Next Several Months, The Most Risky Financial Institution In The World Is Teetering - Will 'Deep State's Last Resort' Trigger Dominoes?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While back in 2008, most financial experts say the collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank was the trigger for the financial crisis that nearly took down the world's financial system and led to what many call the worst financial crisis in America since the Great Depression of the 1930's, this July of 2016 story from Sputnik reported the next global financial cataclysm could be triggered by a collapse of the Deutsche Bank headquartered in Germany that could be the first domino to fall. 

Reporting that back in June of 2016, Deutsche Bank was labeled as the 'most risky global financial institution' in the world, in this new story from the Wall Street Journal they report that this year, Deutsche could be letting as many as 10,000 employees go as we also hear in the 2nd video below from World Alternative Media who asks if Deutsche is about to collapse.

And with Deutsche bank's stock continuing to tank giving us another sign the most risky and dangerous bank in the world is still in trouble, we take a look within this story at many newly emerging signs of a tremendous financial reckoning ahead and the very real possibility that it could be brought on as the 'deep state's last resort' to take down President Trump by taking down our economy on his watch, a prospect even then-candidate Trump warned of prior to the election.  


As this new story over at the Financial Post reports, Deutsche Bank has already axed 7,000 jobs, with the possibility of getting rid of as many as 10,000, 'terminating' about 1 in every 10 Deutsche bank employee. And while the dominoes may not be quite ready to come crashing down, as we hear in the final video below from Bloomberg, Russian President Vladimir Putin has just warned that the world is approaching a financial crisis like 'the world has not yet seen'

And as Jim Rogers recently told RT in this story that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Saturday and we hear in the 1st video below, with America's debt the largest in the history of the world, the US dollar is becoming less appealing for investors and as we hear from Rogers, the US dollar will soon lose status as the world's reserve currency.

Might the globalists/deep state/luciferians who hate America and have long been working to tranform America into a 3rd world nation trigger 'financial armageddon' on President Trump and America to finalize their long planned 'new world order'?


With the blowback from any 'take down' of the global financial system sure to be absolutely disastrous to the unprepared masses, as this April 26th story at The Nation by Nomi Prins titled "At the Fed, the Scene Is Being Set for Financial Disaster: A crash could prove to be Donald Trump’s worst legacy" reported, the Federal Reserve could help trigger the dominoes to crash while also warning we're quite literally being set up for a fall. 

As Brandon Smith reports in this new story over at which was republished at SHTFPlan, "numerous powder keg events are coming our way over the next few months" and the potential for each one of them to help trigger economic contagion are great. Mentioning the upcoming meeting of the Federal Reserve on June 12th and 13th as one of the potential 'powder keg events', Smith also warns "when the mainstream finally admits to a specific fiscal threat which has been gestating for years, we should be concerned, because this likely means a crisis is already upon us."

Also warning of an upcoming international trade war with China that 'will not be denied', he concludes with: "The Summer of 2018 continues to look like a staging period for considerable economic volatility to come, much like the summer of 2008 was 10 years ago."


And we can see the signs of financial armageddon all around us by taking a visit to the dying malls across America. As this new story over at CBS Money Watch reports, the retail apocalypse in America will continue to expand into 2018 as traditional anchor stores such as Macy's and JC Penney are forced to shutter even more doors while internet shopping continues to explode across America. 

As Fox News Business reported back in March, many of the nation's most prominent retailers have been forced to close down stores with sagging sales due to Amazon and other online outlets with their story breaking down for us 24 different retailers closing stores including CVS, Foot Locker, J.Crew, The Limited, Toys R Us, Radio Shack and Payless. 

And this March 19th story over at CB Insights reported upon 40 different retail outlets that have declared bankruptcy since 2015. Warning us within their story that the frequency of high-profile retail bankruptcies in the US has sped up, it's easy to see that the retail apocalypse that the independent media warned of years ago is now here.

With Forbes blaming the retail apocalypse upon the outlets themselves neglecting to embrace the changes that we've seen in shopping trends in America by the 'digital transformation', is this another sign of what lies ahead for America with AI taking away human jobs, jobs that are not replaced, leading to the middle class being even further decimated


As mentioned briefly earlier, according to this new story from Russia Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now warning the world that we're on a collision course with a financial crisis 'the world has not yet seen' as also heard in the final video below. And with Putin's recent remarks echoing those of Jim Rogers who also warned the US dollar is going out the door as the world's reserve currency, we remind you of what some financial experts have warned could happen to America should we lose the world's reserve currency status.

As Michael Snyder recently reported over at the Economic Collapse Blog in his story titled "12 Indications That The Next Major Global Economic Crisis Could Be Just Around The Corner", every day we get more signs of danger ahead and "there have not been so many trouble signs for the global economy in a very long time".

Warning within his story that the world is much more vulnerable to a devastating financial crisis than we were back in 2008, we remind you that back in 2008, US Congressman Brad Sherman warned that had we not bailed out the banks then, martial law may have had to have been declared in an attempt to stave off all hell breaking loose in American streets. From Snyder's story

The mainstream media in the United States almost entirely ignores Europe, but I believe that what is going on over there is the key right now. Italy is a financial basket case, and Europe isn’t going to be able to handle a complete and total Italian financial collapse. If you will remember, Europe could barely handle what happened in Greece, and the Italian economy is many times the size of Greece.

The can has been kicked down the road several times before on the Italian crisis, but now we are getting to the point where it simply won’t be able to be kicked down the road any further. And once things start unraveling over in Europe, we will be deeply affected in the United States as well. The global financial system is more interconnected than ever before, and at this point we are even more vulnerable than we were just prior to the crisis of 2008.

When this thing breaks loose, it won’t matter who is in the White House, who is in Congress or who is running the Federal Reserve. When this bubble bursts there is nothing that anyone will be able to do to stop it. Global central banks have been able to buy a few extra years of time by engaging in unprecedented levels of intervention, but now they are almost out of ammunition and events are beginning to escalate at a very frightening pace.

We shall see if they can pull another rabbit out of a hat in 2018, but I wouldn’t count on it…

With another devastating financial cataclysm likely bringing the US even closer to the shocking population and economic numbers  being forecast for 2025 America by and Deutsche bank teetering on the brink while at least one world leader warns of trouble ahead, as Snyder warns, when this thing breaks loose, it won't matter who is in the White House and could provide the 'criminal deep state' even President Trump warned of just the opportunity they need to escape well-deserved justice.

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