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January 9, 2020

America May Be About To Be Blindsided: We Were Warned Long Ago Of The 'Enemies Within' But Ignored The Warnings 

- In Any Kind Of 'Battlefield America', Silence & Passivity Helps The Enemy


By John C. Velisek - USN Ret. - All News Pipeline

(ANP: The important 'flashback story' below, part 2 in this series by John C. Velisek, takes on greater urgency in light of everything now happening globally. And this January 4th story over at Law Enforcement Today titled "Former Secret Service, CIA officer issues warning: Prepare for Iran sleeper cells to strike rural America" helps conclude Velisek's story. A brief excerpt from the recent LET story before we continue.: 

As a country, we have been blinded by the possibility of a concentrated attack on US soil and many Americans, including our politicians, have forgotten the grim reality of 9/11 and not given our adversaries the respect they deserve. We have allowed our guard to be lowered with debates of human rights for open borders, disregarding threats on social media and handcuffing the hands of our law enforcement officers to protect and serve.

Art Del Cueto, the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Union and President of the Arizona Border Patrol Union, touched on it this week:

We need to take securing our nation’s borders very serious. With the huge rise in individuals claiming asylum, we truthfully don’t know enough about those individuals past, much less their true intentions. Drug cartels are the ones that control our southern borders and they do not care about human lives, it’s all about the money,” he said.

Del Cueto rightfully pointed out that the border opens us up to terrorists walking right into America.

“They would have no problem making deals with terrorist organizations to ensure safe passage into our country,” he pointed out.

Furthermore, intelligence has shown that Iran has embedded terrorist sleeper cells within the US and was proven correct with the prosecution and conviction of Hezbollah operative Ali Kourani and Samer el-Debek in New York City.

The new debate is not a matter of if an attack will happen, it’s a matter of when and where.)

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This 'flashback series' showing us how we got to where we are today was originally published on December 16th of 2016. On January 4th in the first part of this column, we discussed Jamaat Al Fuqra or 'Muslims of America' and the battlegrounds that are being formed throughout the country. Today, we will discuss some of the histories of how this organization is financed and where the money goes.  

They are starting with an investigation in 1983 initiated by the FBI in response to a firebombing in Detroit, intended to force the dissolution of the Ahmadiyya Islamic Movement in the United States. Further investigations were performed, leading to a Colorado Springs investigation that focused on fraudulent claims of worker's compensation. It was found that MOA members used aliases and fraudulent companies to plan and implement the worker's compensation and violent crimes.

In the storage locker that was investigated, a targeting packet was found along with a description of a planned attack on a Hare Krishna Temple in Denver that had occurred five years earlier. The explosives found in the Colorado Storage locker were nearly identical to those used in the temple bombing. Bomb-making materials were found, including switches, timers, 30 pounds of explosives, three large pipe bombs, bomb-making instructions handguns with serial numbers removed, IED's, potential target maps including Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Denver. Also found were documents showing that al Fuqra was performing worker’s compensation fraud, and 54 fake birth certificates from North Carolina.

In the storage locker investigation was also found a list of worker’s compensation fraud cases that were turned over to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. There was a cross-reference of 2000-3000 names that belonged to Al Fuqra members. Charges were brought for insurance fraud, identification fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion. The fraud produced more than $35,000 for Al Fuqra to help fund the terrorist camps.Gateway charter school in Fresno County, California, was another fraud that was run by Al-Fuqra. A charter school system was run by the same members who owned the local Al Fuqra commune if the area. It was found that attendance numbers were inflated in order to receive more money from the state of California, resulting in a $3 million overpayment to al-Fuqra

Also found in the storage locker was a plan to assassinate Rasha Khalif, imam of the Tucson mosque. Two weeks after an interview by the Tucson police department, Imam Khalif was stabbed in the mosque and killed. This was one of the methods discussed in the documents found in the storage locker. One of the frauds that have been perpetrated in the past and is still ongoing is the formation of security companies such as Professional Security Company (PSI), which has close associations with Jamaat Al Fuqra members.

It has been claimed that PSI is a key facilitator of money laundering and money transfers as well as a strategic information source for planned terrorism. PSI has also been able to obtain access to targets and obtain firearm permits and the firearms themselves. The PSI has also been used as a front company to get access to property and information used for white-collar crimes, bombings, and possibly murders. Also a portion of this criminal activity is wire fraud through e mails and telephones.


Not designated as a terrorist organization by the State Department, Jamaat al Fuqra and its subsidiaries such as PSI have negotiated security contracts with the federal government and airports throughout the world. Other security organizations affiliated with Jamaat al Furqa include:

768 Security New York operated by Al Fuqra member Husain Abdallah.
It is suspected the 768 has transported funds through Canada to Pakistan.
Dagger Investigation Service A 786 Securities affiliate organization.
Watchdog Securities A 786 Securities affiliate organization.
Mills Security A 786 Securities affiliate organization.
CCC Carpentry operated by Al Fuqra member Chris Childs. 
RDW Construction operated by Al Fuqra member James Upshur. 
CML Corporation associated with Al Fuqra members. 
R & D Carpenters associated with Al Fuqra members.

All of the criminal activities associated with Jamaat AL Fuqra have identifiable characteristics that have been made plain by the original Colorado investigations. The organization of the criminal activities by terrorist organization differ in some way that other criminal organizations. It is based on a central figure who has an understanding of what the organization is attempting to achieve, with the others in the organization not having more than the information they need to carry out the agenda of which they are a part.

Members are required to undergo a rigorous vetting process, and contractually obligated to written contracts allocating the monies to the organization of any crimes or frauds. It is made clear to them that the money raised in fraud is used for the benefit of the organization rather than the individual. The group members raise money must have a deep-rooted commitment to the cause; they must raise money for food, clothing, housing, and to send a portion back to the founding organization overseas.

Generally, 10% goes to the parent organization in Pakistan and supported by Pakistans ISI services, 50% for land and weapons, and land purchase.Some of the ways this money is accumulated are through worker's compensation fraud through companies they own, public health care fraud, welfare fraud and food stamps, and even student loans. They have also been found to attain monies from false I.D. cards and other forged documents.

Another investigation tied to individuals living at the Colorado compound and storage locker was carried out in Buena Vista, Colorado, and the Trout Creek compound. At the Buena Vista compound were found 30 firearms hidden in a cave and over 9000 rounds of Chinese ammunition. There were other raids conducted in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, at the same time. It was found that the children of those at all locations were homeschooled and had received terrorist training at an early age. It was found that worker's compensation fraud was an integral part of the purchase of the Trout Creek compound.

Counter-terrorism policies and the ability of different agencies being able to communicate and coordinate information a major concern, and will take a considerable effort to reach the ability to find and close down these concerns, while still allowing for citizens privacy in relation to national security. There needs to be more cooperation on fraud and white-collar crime on the local level and further ability to ties this fraud to terrorist organizations.It has been reported that parolees who may be on these compounds have been moved off the campus along with members to areas with no MOA presence before. This was done after President-elect Trump's election and is believed to be setting up safe houses in areas unknown to law enforcement.

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