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January 9, 2016

Federal 'Administrative' Agencies Preparing For Civil War? Locked And Loaded Under Obama 

FDA, EPA, VA And More Spend Tens Of Millions On SWAT And Military-Style Equipment


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While Barack Obama makes the rounds pushing to disarm Americans using executive actions to bypass Congress and the American will, under Obama, "administrative" agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) which are among the dozens of federal agencies listed, are purchasing SWAT and military-style equipment like "body armor, riot helmets and shields, cannon launchers and police firearms and ammunition."

For years we have seen reports of agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security buying up and stockpiling ammunition and weapons as well as the disturbing reports of law enforcement agencies across the country being geared with military equipment used on the battlefield where it has become almost the norm to see it used on American streets, but the agencies listed above purchasing unprecedented amounts of battle gear, could be indicative of a government preparing for a full scale war on American soil.... a civil war.

The practice pre-dates the Obama administration but the amounts spent on this type of military gear, armor, ammunition and weapons under Obama has increased exponentially according to data compiled by Washington Times using facts and figures put together by

For example: Over $200,000 on body armor spent by the Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama administration years, versus just $30,000 in the three previous fiscal years and over $300,000 spent by the Food and Drug Administration on “ballistic vests and carriers” in fiscal 2014.

The $71 million spent by "administrative" agencies on military-style equipment is above and beyond the $330 spent by traditional law enforcement agencies like the FBI, Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration, according to the Times.

Adam Andrzejewski, founder of and author of the oversight report makes the following statement "Spending $71.1 million on body armor outside of traditional law enforcement agencies raises troubling questions. It’s no surprise Gallup found that nearly 50 percent of Americans believe the federal government is a threat to their liberty."


In recent years we have seen law enforcement agencies purchasing practice "targets" which have included armed pregnant women in a baby nursery, armed children and elderly, we have seen military assets pre-positioned across the country in supposed training exercises such as Jade Helm, we have seen 40 percent of "used" US military equipment had been "given" to local and state police departments within the United States as part of the controversial Defense Department’s 1033 program. We have also seen right wing extremists" listed as a greater threat than the terror organization titled ISIS, and in 2013 it was reported that Army training material listed Evangelical Christians, Catholics and some Jews as "religious extremists," alongside "the Ku Klux Klan, Hamas and al-Qaeda."


(The series contains seven targets in all, titled Pregnant Woman, Older Man 1, Older Man 2, Older Woman, Young Mother, Young Girl, and Little Brother. Each of the depicted subjects is armed.)

With the latest news of the "administrative" agencies expanded purchases of military gear, agencies that no combat forces or police style security needs, despite the Washington Times listing this in their "Golden Hammer" category as "wasteful spending," we have to ask if this is "wasteful" at all or if this is part of a larger agenda driven plan where the U.S. government is preparing all federal agencies for an uprising, a civil war on U.S. soil.

The economy is on the verge of implosion and a "financial reckoning" on the horizon, we have seen the worst start of a year in the stock market, we have states like Texas pushing for a "Convention of the States" to take back state rights from the Government, in conjunction with Democrats attempting to pass another "assault weapons ban," with Obama pushing more gun control down America's throat via executive actions and some states already implementing gun confiscation..... and Americans, fed up and angry over the U.S. governments violations to their rights and liberties, are arming themselves in record numbers.


When we step back and encompass all the signs from the past years, all the stories and issues rather than looking at it all one story at a time, we see a government preparing for something huge, stockpiling weapons and ammunition, attempting to disarms Americans, labeling them and targeting Americans as the enemy and creating divisions across the board...... while at the same time we see Americans making many of the same preparations against a government that has gotten out of control and has stopped representing "we the people" and are instead declaring war on "we the people."

This cannot end well.

The video below was shared with us via the comment section of another article, a statement by a constitutional attorney, KrisAnne Hall, who explains that what is being seen in Oregon is not about the Hammonds, nor the Bundy's or the militia groups, but rather it is about a federal government that is "operating outside the supreme law of the land."

Listen below.


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