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January 27, 2016

Warnings Of 'Something Bigger And More Sinister' Go Out After Fiber Optic Lines Cut More Than 16 Times Ahead Of What Could Be Most-Watched TV Show Of All-Time


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

On Sunday, February 7th, what is expected to be the most-watched TV show of all time is taking place in real-time in San Francisco, California, as Super Bowl 50 will be kicking off between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. In the 1st video below featuring two outstanding Americans being interviewed by Newsmax TV, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino and former NYPD Detective Thomas Ruskin tell us why we should be concerned about a possible terror plot upon the Super Bowl after fiber optic lines in the area have been cut over 16 times.

We're told that the FBI is now also warning of possible 'lone wolf' strikes upon Super Bowl 50 and warn that the fiber optic cable cuts may be part of 'something bigger and more sinister' than merely cut fiber lines. While we're also told that "there are no credible threats to, or associated with, Super Bowl 50 or related events," as YouTube videographer Spiro shares with us in the 2nd video below, security for the 'big game' will be huge. As we learn in this story from CBS San Francisco, security for the game will include F-15 fighter jets as well as helicopters and everyone from the Coast Guard to the US Air National Guard to the US Air Force getting into the security mix. 

With the FBI having recently announced the arrest of one 'Samy Mohammed Hamzeh' in Milwaukee for planning an attack upon a Masonic temple and consistent warnings going out from authorities that 'lone wolf terrorists' and ISIS want to hurt America, will we soon witness an attempted attack upon what could be the most-watched television show of in history? As these experts tell us in the 1st video below, such an attack would be seen all across the world and surely maximize the effect that the terrorists desire to achieve. 


Back in July of 2015, ANP reported upon about several events where fiber optic cable lines were cut in the same area that the Super Bowl will be taking place and as we see in the final video below, fiber optic cable lines have been getting cut in this area dating back to at least 2009, when that video was made. Our videographer told us why these cut fiber optic lines immediately become such a huge security concern with potentially millions of Californians unable to reach 911, or anybody else for that matter, in the case of an emergency. 

Is it just a coincidence that also in 2009, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the 50th Super Bowl should be held in the L.A. area to commemorate Super Bowl 1, which was also held in L.A., 4 years before the game was officially announced to be held there? Then, coincidentally enough, it was also in 2009 that these mysterious fiber optic line cuts began. 

As Bongino and Ruskin tell us in this video, they do not believe that ISIS is involved in the fiber optic line cuts but possibly a 'state actor' and once again we hear the warning, the fact that these fiber-optic lines have been cut in the same area vicinity as the Super Bowl taking place leads them to believe something isn't right in the San Francisco area.:

Since July 2014, over 16 fiber-optic cable lines, including those for Internet, television, and phone service, have been cut in San Francisco by an unknown perpetrator, leading federal authorities to examine whether the attacks are connected to the forthcoming NFL Super Bowl at Levi’s Stadium. The cable severances have taken place in areas that lack security cameras, and it is suspected that the vandals themselves are disguised as telecom maintenance employees.

The report, which comes from NBC News 4 in Washington, DC, suggests that the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and other experts agree that there are “no credible threats to or associated with Super Bowl 50 or related events.” The same internal memo, however, contends that the string of cable cuttings does introduce “the concern individuals may be using these incidents to test and prod network durability in conjunction with a more complex plot.

“The FBI doesn’t take anything for granted and assumes everybody knows what the targets are,” agent Jeffrey Harp elaborated. “So they put these bulletins together as a reminder that there are terrorists out there targeting infrastructure.”

Another former FBI agent, acquainted with the memo, claims that authorities haven’t found any evidence that suggests an actual threat to the Super Bowl stadium. Meanwhile, law enforcement is doing its best to consider every possible act of malice or subterfuge before any has the potential to arise.

The next video below was actually created in 2009 after a massive fiber-optic cable cut that took place in the same vicinity as these most recent 16 fiber optic cuts in California. Our videographer tells us why these cut cables immediately become such a security concern with potentially millions of Californians unable to reach 911, or anybody else for that matter, in the case of an emergency. 

Will the Super Bowl 50 halftime show contain more occult programming for a future event? Judging by the offical halftime show poster seen below, any such question is well within the realm of possibility. 


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