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February 11, 2015

The Ultimate Weapon Being Unleashed Upon Americans! 'Food Manipulation' Will Lead To Chaos, The Destruction Of Civility And Martial Law!


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

The alert (in full below) published on the website of Steve Quayle comes from a man who is on the board of a major national non-profit food bank organization and sends a new warning to those of us who are paying attention. With over 46 million Americans now on food stamps for 39 straight months, the warning this alert sends us is that the time is getting close... a plan that appears to be directly out of the Communist takevoer handbook is well under way and the signs we're seeing now across America and the world see us edging ever closer to total chaos, engineered martial law and a new civil war in America. Is it only a coincidence that, in a response to a request from the Communist government of Cuba, the US recently sent a report to the United Nations BRAGGING about the 46 million+ Americans who now receive food assistance?

With dock strikes and ports shutting down and the situation becoming more dire, rail and trucker shutdowns and disruptions have followed as we see the 'ultimate weapon', food, being readied to be used as an 'agent of control' the globalists know will lead to the destruction of civility and require martial law be brought in to control the hungry horde and to prevent mass rioting and revolution. Civilization is, after all, only 9 meals away from total breakdown and anarchy and we are only days away, we're told, from a complete shutdown of ports on the West Coast if a new contract isn't reached. From Lexology:

On February 6, 2015, PMA President and Chief Executive Officer James McKenna warned that the PMA could lock out the dockworkers from all terminals along the West Coast within 10 days if the two sides did not reach a new contract. According to a PMA press release, spokesman Wade Gates stated,

West Coast ports handle more than half of all international ocean freight arriving and leaving the United States. The slowdown has already affected rail and trucking in and around the ports, and has forced manufacturers, retailers, and agricultural and food service employers to stockpile goods or find alternative means, where possible, to bypass the West Coast ports for deliveries and exports. A strike or lockout that shuts down the ports would have catastrophic effects on the nationís economy. A 10-day lockout in 2002 cost the economy $1 billion per day. Today, such a shutdown would cost†more than $2 billion daily, according to a study by the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Retail Federation.

While the new videos below from Jason A and David Vose provide us with a compilation of recent news reports that point to the coming end of America and the related collapse of the global economy, this alert from Steve Quayle's website is a warning that everyone should be paying attention to...more proof, we see, that it's only a matter of time now.


Hello Steve,
I am on the board for a major national non profit organization. A large component of our ministry is giving out food boxes to the needy. This usually includes the working poor and sometimes homeless people. At this point with the economy we give to anyone who asks. We typically give out between 80-120 food boxes a day. The boxes have enough food for a family of 5 to live on for a week.
Most of the funding for the food program comes from FEMA. FEMA has a budgeted amount nationwide that they give to a handful of non profits specifically for food distribution for the needy. Most food banks get their money from this fund.
The budgeted amount of money we have received over the last several years has continued to decrease. Last week we were told by the FEMA rep that we will receive one more installment in the next couple of months, and then the fund will be terminated- NATIONWIDE! Guess where this money is being reallocated to? Homeland security!! The FEMA rep told us that directly.

They told us that the money that was budgeted nationwide for FEMA for food distribution that funded most food banks, and other non profits that feed the poor was being redirected to homeland security and that these organizations will not be getting money in the future. The director in charge of our non profit looked at me and said "this is on purpose, and will start food riots."

Food banks supply a large amount of food that many non profit organizations rely on to help the needy. Can you imagine what will happen when these major food distribution centers nationwide have no money to buy food to distribute to the organizations that provide food to the poor?

I thought you would be interested in this information that came straight from the source. Feel free to share it however you want, if you want.

There is power in the Blood of Jesus!


Feb 11, 2015

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