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September 30, 2015

'Beyond Insane' And 'Getting More Extreme Each Hour' - Tens Of Millions Of Americans Now In Path Of Floods And Potential Devastation - Are We About To Witness A Weather War Attack Upon America?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story on Foot's Forecast is called "The Return Of Isabel?" and in it we learn that huge swaths of land, where tens of millions of Americans live, will soon be getting between 6 to 10 inches of rainfall and that's only IF Hurricane Joaquin NEVER touches land - if it makes landfall somewhere along the East coast as now appears likely, we have a totally different story. As we learn in this linked story and the videos below, 20 million people are now under a flood watch and some are already warning that this could be an unprecedented, extremely dangerous and totally unpredictable coming storm. 

Foot's Forecast isn't an 'alarmist' website and to hear them using terminology such as what we see here to describe this approaching storm puts everything into proper perspective: 
As our team continues monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Joaquin, today's run of computer models is getting more extreme with each passing hour. Some projections we've seen internally for this storm are beyond insane and would, quite literally, be a disaster that by some interpretations could exceed Isabel (2003), Irene and Sandy were these to come true. 

However, those words of warning from Foot's are literally just the tip of the weather iceberg with a nearly guaranteed 6" to 10" of precipitation coming to much of the East coast and the final path of Joaquin's wrath still undecided. One potential track for Joaquin brings the eye of the storm directly over the top of All News Pipeline while another track brings the storm directly over the Washington DC area while another finds it leveling New York city. Either way it's looked at, and whether or not Joaquin even touches land, the East Coast of America is ready to get walloped. Is this weather modification that we are now witnessing? We know quite well that Weather Wars and Un-Natural Disasters have been around for a long time now and the 2nd video below examines some Atlantic Ocean anomalies happening recently.

Once again from Foot's Forecast.:

Those who know us well and have been on this page a while understand we do not not hang our hat on just one model map and say, "there's our forecast, done!"  We prefer to be honest and upfront about forecast uncertainty, especially when accounting for erratic tracks of tropical systems 1,000+ miles away. So, herein lies the challenges we all face with this storm:
1) The rain falling now will be a MINIMUM of 3-6" now to Thursday, with another 3-4" on top of that this weekend, even if Joaquin never touches land. These rainfall forecasts may exceed what Sandy did in 2012. Areas of southwestern Virginia are already seeing major flooding and washed out bridges, before a tropical system arrives. Consider this rainfall forecast from NOAA for the next 7 days. That orange is 8-9" of rain. Have you ever seen a map with that much rain forecasted from North Carolina to Maine? (ANP note: Map seen at top of story.)

While at ANP we are not certified meteorologists nor weather people, we know all too well what happens very quickly when the weather gets crazy. With FEMA's National Preparedness Month coming to an end today and this massive storm that could potentially be the most devastating storm to ever strike the mid-Atlantic region bearing down upon us, there's never been a better time than now to make sure that we're prepared for whatever might come our way, and this one could be huge for everyone in Joaquin's path. 

Was Joaquin created by man and our weather war machines? 

Several video reports on Joaquin below from both the mainstream media as well as the alternative news weather followers including this 1st video from hurricanetrack who talks a bit about preparedness and maybe more importantly, reminds us that with devastating hurricanes that have the potential to reshape reality, it only takes one, and for the East coast, Joaquin could be that one.

In this next video, J7409 asks if we are now witnessing some kind of weather modification at play with Joaquin in the Atlantic Ocean and points out some anomalies that others may have missed. 

WeatherOptics tells us that all eyes are on Joaquin and for very good reason. 

We learn here that Joaquin has put 20 million Americans under a flood watch.

The Associated Press let us know that Joaquin is supposed to become a major hurricane.

The next video below is from thornews and it contains one of the best compilations of mainstream weather reports about this upcoming event combined with his own perspective in his own unique delivery style. 

Which possible track for Joaquin will play out? Either way, the East coast is going to get hammered with 6 to 10 inches of rain nearly guaranteed in large swaths of this area even if Joaquin goes out to sea.


While the cone right now shows this potential, we know the track can change at any time. 


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